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  1. Flightsim.com still doesn't have 1.3.5 posted. Last time I buy from them.
  2. and all the little people...
  3. I hope some SH modder will do a STOL mod for this wonderful bird.
  4. Let me know if you figure out a way to mute the gear warning. Cheers!
  5. Update: It seems to work fine using Addons Linker. I'll take Bijan at his word that the seasons won't automatically update. I've been doing it manually all along anyway, so no harm, no foul. If you're reading this Bijan, it looks great!
  6. I just installed it to my add-ons folder and activated in MS Addons Linker. Now I'm curious to see what happens as I don't see any reason why it shouldn't work. If I crash and burn, send the rescue chopper. More to follow.
  7. The last update totally killed my Bravo trim wheel functions. I checked out all the mappings. finally logged completely out of FS and logged back in. This, for some reason, caused an immediate CTD. After restarting, I discovered that all my control settings had been reset to “Easy” but, miracle of miracles, I have my trim wheel function back! My suggestion, to anyone experiencing a dysfunctional trim wheel is this: Log out, log in, go to controls and see if they’ve reset to 'easy." Go through your controls and set them all to “Default.” Close and restart the sim. Yes, t was a pain to redo a bunch of settings but it was worth it to get the wheel functioning again. Caution: While this worked for me, your mileage may vary. Attempt this option at your own risk. Cheers!
  8. There are many flight plans here. Browse through them and I'm sure you'll find something to pique your interest. https://flightsim.to/c/user-content/flight-plans/ Also, check out GotGravel's Discord page. There are a number of group flights weekly, including bush planes and warbirds. Happy skies!
  9. Problem solved. FYI, Old or obsolete liveries in your community folder can prevent your (re) download from appearing in your hangar. Cheers!
  10. On 12/20/21, I purchased the Carenado C170B and the Asobo JU-52. These both seemed to download OK but when restart did not appear in may Aircraft list/hangar., even after restarting. I am using Steam version of MSFS I deleted through Content Manager and re-downloaded/installed them both. They appear in Content Manager as “installed” but do not show in my aircraft selection screen. It may be of note that I owned both of these aircraft in a previous non-steam installation of the sim. I am trying to rebuild my content after a catastrophic crash of the sim, that I could not resolve, even after hours on phone and online with support teams from X-Box and Windows staff. I’m open to suggestion as to where I go from here. Thank you.
  11. I used to have a cockatiel who was fascinated by my computer. He would fly down and land on my keyboard. Cockatiels have eight toes and can depress eight keys simultaneously. I'll leave the rest to your imagination. 😁
  12. The offending file was a Luftwaffe variant of the JU-52, "Ju 52 4V+HL." The file contained a corrupt Manifest.JSON file. It has been corrected at Flightsim.TO according to the publisher.
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