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  1. Problem solved. Somehow real wx got unselected. Working now. Thanks!
  2. Well, my live weather is is dysfunctional. Whenever I go to start a flight, the wind @ my starting point is always the same 270 degrees @ 4kts. I don't recall this being an issue before the most recent patch. Anyone else having this issue? Any Ideas for a fix?
  3. I had issues with the pitch tension when pulling it back. Following a tip I saw on one of the forums, I replaced the curly ethernet cable with a slightly longer straight cable. You'd be surprised how much tension that little cable adds. Now I don't worry about popping it off the mount and it flies much easier.
  4. I found MSFS in the start menu and dragged it to my desktop. Right click the DT icon and you'll get an option box. You can run as administrator from there.
  5. How long will it be, I wonder before someone develops pilotable ships for MSFS?
  6. Thank you, I neglected to mention that. TrackIR works better for me in this sim than in P3D or FSX.
  7. Or just zoom in/out with the scroll wheel on the mouse and use the up/down arrows to adjust height.
  8. I had some issues with this initially where the only key that would work to start the sim was the right mouse button. Somehow, it seems to have resolved itself. Go figure.
  9. Mine actually works better than it did in P3D 4.5
  10. LOL! That was supposed to be 15 year old. Dang Tyops!
  11. I refuse to feel guilty for enjoying the daylights out of the new sim even flying with my 152 year old CH stick and pedals. Yhen again, I'm a low and slow kind of gut anyway.
  12. Hi Rudi, Did you sell your GoFlight throttle quadrant? For some reason I am unable to reply to classifieds. LMK, Thanks.

    1. RudiJG1


      I just sold it. Hope you can find the gear you want. 

    2. rexbo47


      OK, thanks!

  13. The "end" key toggles the cockpit/outside view.
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