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  1. AOB

    Add ons

    Yes this post is pro AFS2. I did not express myself too well either sorry. Probably a bit naive of me but I was also thinking if Orbx said no more 32 bit stuff after 2018 then more users would turn to AFS2. More revenue would mean more development could be funded.
  2. AOB

    Add ons

    I meant that it takes 30 seconds minimum from clicking on the fsx icon to getting the free flight screen up where you can select things (30 seconds to 5 seconds for the equivalent screen in AFS2). I have an i5 6600 cpu @ 3.30 ghz 16gb of ram. GTX 1060 vid card with 6gb of ram. That rig handles AFS2 much better than FSX for me. To be fair I just timed FSW and it took 80 seconds ........
  3. AOB

    Add ons

    Well I will answer that anyway. On my own system with FSX boxed I find odd issues with runway elevations, drawing scenery where sometimes black tiles appear, load times of 5 to 10 times that of AFS2 and sometimes I have to select any country to enter US airport scenery code selection as USA does not show all states. Other times it works fine but slower and not as smoothly as AFS2. I probably should have stressed that it was an obversation based on my system and my experience that AFS2 runs a lot better.
  4. AOB


    Taking dog for a walk around local GA airport yesterday I spotted an MB339 taxiing about. Oh for a decent camera and a telephoto lens!
  5. AOB

    Add ons

    I bought KEGE from Orbx direct this morning and was very impressed with it. AFS2 is a great sim and advancing with each new add on. Really looking forward to PNW. I find it hard to fathom why Orbx persist in doing 32 bit versions as well given the long load times and erratic performance issues of older sims. I think they should just do 64 bit sceneries in future. Releasing 32 bit add ons is holding back progress imho.
  6. AOB

    Problems with water textures

    I had the same experience. My solution was to get rid of REX everything fine now. Seems REX and Orbx products not a friendly mix.
  7. AOB

    No major Orbx projects for FSW in 2018?

    Trying hard not to buy more FSX Orbx at the moment in their sale. The lack of immediate news re FSW is making that harder.
  8. AOB

    No major Orbx projects for FSW in 2018?

    I think DTG is going to die without Orbx. I have bought a heap of Orbx in the last month or two nearly all for FSX with one for AFS2. Next year I am planning on buying a lot for AFS2. I cannot see myself playing FSW much at all unfortunately.The truly frustrating thing is that FSX Orbx is so nearly compatible. Textures are great but houses without walls etc.
  9. Nice review. Thanks for posting the link.
  10. I have boxed FSX installed and steam FSW so I can use path statements in FSW scenery.cfg that point to some FSX scenery. That mostly works fine. If I bought FSXSE then I can see all sorts of problems coming up with those .cfg files.
  11. Just out of curiosity does anyone know what the Windows update actually does? I am assuming a lot of people thought ut was a good idea too. I used to marvel at the way they kept upgrading MS Office when the version they replaced had no problems. Change for the sake of it? Justifying jobs? Seemed stupid and annoying to me.
  12. AOB

    the sim - game dichotomy

    I am retired and glad to be so after 51 years of paying taxes. I think many of us retired folk actually have more disposable income than the younger ones and forget that they have to be more discerning and careful with their money. So always good to hear from them and if we old codgers can answer any questions they might have on any products before they spend their money that is good too. The thing is not to grand stand or give unsolicited advice I reckon. Young ones are our future.
  13. Do not know about old guard but I am old I guess. I have 3 civilian FS at the moment, This one, AFS2, and FSX and am looking forward to seeing where it all ends up in the future. For the life of me I cannot see FSX 32 bit dying as they keep releasing add ons for it! I have all the US Orbx regions and am still buying new aircraft add ons for it. Logic would say 64 bit world is here go with it but ..... I like all 3. This FSW one I think desperately needs Orbx on board in a big way with the release of Regions not individual airports that can follow later. It also desperately needs a more balanced aircraft hangar. AFS2 is the odd one. Orbx has done a couple of sceneries for it and they are brilliant but it is more photo real than anything else and the frame rates are phenomenal even on an average machine. It is also the only one of these 3 that is Android friendly with top of the line VR support as well. Competition is good.
  14. AOB

    Not Again - DLC Simulator

    Why is needing lots of add ons necessarily a weakness? Surely an open sim that enables improvements is better than a closed one?
  15. AOB

    the sim - game dichotomy

    I like thinking of my FSX, FSW and AFS2 as games. To me calling them simulators gives an impression that they are real life related and that could lead to fatal overconfidence for budding real life pilots.There is no substitute for reality. Just imagine a scenario where the pilots of a 747 are incapacitated and the call comes for anyone who can fly a plane ...... YOU have 200 hours in a game/simulator..... it is up to you