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  1. Yeah well I spent $170 AUD myself but now have all the Orbx Oceania stuff. I figure I get my monies worth by spending so many hours exploring all these great places. By the way if you have the reefworld scenery then you might want to get the Reefworld added scenery by projectzero3923 at flightsim.to It adds some static items to enhance the original AUScene one and it is free.
  2. A day late and a dollar short but I am assuming you had a version of MSFS before your upgrade?
  3. Given the length of a flight stick cord I would imagine you would stuff your eyes up by sitting too close to that monster. 😀
  4. I bought the Oceania sceneries I did not have from Orbx this morning. They have a 40% sale if anyone wants anything.
  5. The answer to your question IMHO depends on what sort of flying you want to do. If you want flying with full real settings and ultra graphics enabled then probably not. If like me you are happy with medium settings and not so much into the study level planes then yes I would say your setup should be fine. I have an i5 laptop with 8gb of ram and a dual video card set up of 2gb for regular work and a 3gb nvidia. With medium settings enabled I get mid 20's FPS. One thing, I see you are from New York and the bridges around the island are borked in photogrammetry. You will need to buy the all 29 bridges scenery supplement from Simmarket to get ones that look like they do not have curtains hanging down underneath. If I flew around there every day or even a few times per week I would buy that.
  6. When I tried this it looked like I got correct looking single story houses around my area with Bing and two story not real looking ones using Google. I also noticed that tree height was better with google. I now use Rex Accuseason and the 75% height tree mod which makes bing look a bit better.
  7. I did a reinstall yesterday because I want to start fresh with that addon manager app. Just picking uninstall in steam does not do it. I found that I had to manually delete the Microsoft Flight Simulator folders on my machine. Then I was still a bit bemused to find that my steam folder on my PC still had 130gb left in it!
  8. AvAngel has reviewed both of them on her youtube chanel.
  9. Thanks I have an external HD so will will get the linker and use that. I was just getting a bit nervous with all these updates we are getting, and with ORBX on sale too right now .... 🙂
  10. 70, still got FS95 on CD but have not played it for a while. 🙂
  11. I was wondering ......... Please forgive my ignorance but is it possible to have your community folder on the or in the cloud? If they keep releasing these compulsory updates, SU's and WU's then my laptop is going to run out of storage space. Allowing that I have bought most sceneries from ORBX for Australia/NZ my folder is 130GB.
  12. Another user mentioned potential problems in New York so I took a flight from Laguardia and yes the bridges look like they have curtains hanging down underneath. I might see if I can get unload this update.
  13. I have the P40 from Big Radials and dare I say it .... the Yak 9. I use the Yak for my Moscow landmarks scenery flying.
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