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    I think I have the deluxe version with SP1 and SP2. I hope your DVD problems can be overcome because I have found it a good and stable installation.
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    BlueSkyScenery.com is worth a visit too if you have the HD space🙂
  3. Sennheiser do really great wireless headsets but they can be a little pricey.
  4. Of course now that you decide on which version you should decide on what type of scenery to use. Mega Scenery Earth or Orbx? 🙄 A more difficult choice I am thinking.
  5. I have the Deluxe on my Laptop and added the SP1 and 2 to it. You do not need to do that with the Gold one but usually update it with the acceleration dvd that is with it.
  6. Hi folk, I know this is not steam but I have the FSXSE version and also have the XPlane and AFS2 steam versions. My problem is that I keep getting notifications of new discussions for XPlane and AFS2 when I no longer play those sims. How do I unsubscribe to a discussion stream and just leave it for my FSXSE? I have tried doing search for this information but get hundreds of seeming irrelevant answers. I am obviously not asking the question the right way. Any pointers appreciated thanks. 🙂
  7. I do not know about the the upcoming sim from MS. I think we will have to wait and see. The fact that they are saying there is plenty of scope for third party developers tells me that a lot of us are going to disappointed in the base product. There is still much about AFS2 that I like.
  8. What a really good plane! Just cannot believe it was free. Thank you.
  9. Selling for 50% off at the moment as a download from Justflight. Best buys are always discounts if you want one. ☺️
  10. I have FSX SE, XP11 and Aerofly FS2. Despite having spent an awful lot on Orbx for my FSX I mostly fly AFS2. I must say though that I never experienced OOM errors once I switched from boxed FSX to FSX SE. So maybe it might be your hardware?
  11. I did not know Hobart has any part of that monorail operating! Sydney is an interesting place. I worked in the Sydney GPO in the late 60's and remember when Goldfields House was built. As you come into Circular Quay on a ferry you could see the AMP building on the left of all the ferry docks and the new and similarly sized Goldfields House construction on the right. Goldfields House has now been torn down in yet another redevelopment project. To me the monorail was an attractive and neat way to see the city sights and I lamented its passing in 2013. City skylines are forever changing these days.
  12. I was wondering after yesterdays announcement that ORBX have put our Sim on hold for further scenery releases whether IPACs have anything in the pipeline for us? Be nice to get another state such as Texas in our world.
  13. To those who have bought it.. Did you have to uninstall Colorado DLC or did it just install over the top with no adverse effects?
  14. I see this is for sale at Simmarket.com . I wonder if it is any better than the free Colorado DLC that includes Telluride? Also if anyone bought it would they have to disable Colorado DLC before using it.
  15. Lets be positive guys. It was threads like this that preceded the demise of Flight sim World! I would really hate to see AFS2 go.
  16. It is very easy to criticize. I was looking at some real vs sim pictures here this morning and the glaring obvious fault was the water in the sim vs real photo. That said, AFS2 is still my go to simulator and will be for quite a while I think.It has too many good points.
  17. Very nice it is too. I just installed mine and added the airports from fs.cloudport.com Installation went well once I worked out where to put them in my directories. 😎
  18. Not into naming names but it was an existing product converted to our AFS2. Money wise I was thinking of my idea of a comfortable income. Our national minimum wage is $13.31 USD per hour.(business.com.au) by the way. I will buy it as I love AFS2 and supporting devs but from what was said it seems there are no rich devs out there.
  19. I read on another site about how a dev has worked 200 hours on producing a soon to be released plane for AFS2. That got me thinking .... I no longer work, but 200 hours of pretty focused work should be worth around $3350 USD to give a modest living to someone. That equates to about the sale of 80 copies at $42 USD per plane. Tack on another 20 copies to cover production costs and any overheads and a minimum of 100 sales would be needed to make the effort worthwhile. Do you think that producers sell that many for AFS2? Not sure how many real users are out there. By real users I mean those who are willing to support the AFS2 sim by buying the products for it.
  20. I realised the other day that I still have FSFW95 on my old laptop. That program must be 23 years old now? Amazing how it still runs well. It had some good features like X for land me, Y for slew etc. Anyone else using ancient FS programs out there?
  21. Probably a bit slow but I just realized that if you download and use this app from flight-sim.org you can import weather from a place and then change all the variables. If you save that mcf file then whatever you have set up will be the current weather for anywhere you choose to fly. I imported the weather for Denver, fiddled with the clouds and visibility and it was just the same in Kathmandu! What a great add on. 😊
  22. Krzysztof has released the 787 for us over at Github. https://github.com/krzysk1?tab=repositories Thanks Krzysztof. 😎
  23. We got Extreme Lukla Nepal, FSX got Australia V2.0, XP11 London Airport. and True Earth Washington. ☺
  24. Ahhh.... I am Dumbo! Just looked at another add on scenery and realised that I should make a new sub directory called images and put all the photo stuff in there. Now works really well and look fantastic. Well done to the authors!
  25. Hi Silver, With those photo scenery files .... Are we meant to copy all 3 folders to the Aerofly FS2 directory please?
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