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  1. Just a short note to let everyone know that we have finally released Alicante Airport for MSFS! This scenery features extensive custom mesh, we'll post more details and screenshots here over the weekend.
  2. In order to do a whole cabin, one would need reference material to support such an endeavour. If you are able to source such material with great detail for the areas in question, please send me a PM here or contact us via pr@fly2pilots.com.
  3. To all of you enjoying our B314 in P3D and those of you wanting to fly her in MSFS, we are actively working on making this beautiful flying boat available in MSFS, here an early shot:
  4. Subsequent to the issues reported after last week's release, we're pleased to announce the availability of a HF1 patch! HF1 of the B314 addresses the following: Fixed: - comm radios tuning from mouse correctly - fuel transfer working correctly when driven from the handpump - all fuel transfer and handpump action ceases if the sim is paused - wrong normal map showing under the Passenger signal switches (FO's kneepad) - VC gyropilot heading tooltip - fuel pressure drops to 6psi at idle (950 - 1000 rpm) and goes to 7psi when the engines are throttled up Added: - mooring buoy behaviour changed so that aircraft no longer drifts when moored - if the mooring buoys are drawn in, any open doors are closed - weather station check for thunderstorms. If a storm is detected, the RDF needles will behave erratically
  5. Good morning Jürgen, Thank you for the detailed info. That sounds very much like a localised issue. Please re-download the latest version and compare the hash value once downloaded with the one indicated at our shop download page. Also ensure that the previous version of the B314 is completely removed before installing the latest, new version. Please also make sure that P3D isn't running somewhere in the background as a still active process while the B314 installer is launched. Ideally the B314 setup should also be run with admin rights by right-clicking and selecting "Run as administrator". Cheers, Jerome
  6. We at PILOT'S are very pleased to announce that our KCDK Cedar Key Airport scenery for MSFS is now also available at the MSFS Marketplace!
  7. Good evening, Could you kindly also post screenshots of your individual P3Dv4.5 settings. What video card does your PC have, and what driver version are you using for it? Cheers, PILOT'S Support
  8. Yes indeed, that is the plan. Unfortunately we are dependent on Microsoft for a MSFS Marketplace release, and so we are forced to play the waiting game. The price at the MSFS Marketplace will likely be higher than at our own webstore, as we have to factor in whatever commission is taken by Microsoft. I would encourage those that are really interested in purchasing Cedar Key Airport, or in fact any MSFS add-ons, to prioritize a purchase through the developer's own webstore if one exists. Not only will the price structure usually be lower, but it really helps to support a developer directly.
  9. You quoted me on "the process of custom colourization and image correction takes up a huge amount of time" and then suggested "It only takes ages if you have no idea what you're doing, and frankly, it's not up to a customer to pay over the odds for something because a manufacturer isn't professional enough to get things done in an expedient manner". This is an insult, pure and simple and I would have expected more from someone of your high standing here at AVSIM! Your statement is based on assumption, as you have clearly never worked with satellite imagery, for otherwise you would heed to suggest that developers at PILOT'S are not professional enough, despite all your Adobe qualifications. There is so much more involved in working with satellite imagery than meets the eye. I'll let you entertain the thought though that we are unprofessional and therefor charge more for our scenery. 🤦‍♂️
  10. Who am I to say what is good enough, all I know is that your statement "But this about colour correcting stuff and tweaking an image is nonsense." shows blissful ignorance despite all your qualifications.
  11. Jose, I seriously would have expected you to grasp this concept way sooner, of course, who else can tell all their friends that they have a really cool MSFS airport with an eagle sitting on a windsock! 😁
  12. Interesting observation, and this is based upon what real world experience? I'm always amused by how many experts there are here at AVSIM, particularly those who seem to know it all and are absolute experts in the field of development, yet have nothing to show for their apparent experience and level of expertise. PILOT'S has been developing FS Add-Ons since 1995, we are not new to the game and we do not make up things, such as what is being castigated as nonsense.
  13. I guess the level of quality of the default satellite imagery and the level of quality a developer would like to include with their scenery ultimately determines what a particular scenery add-on will include. For the Cedar Key region the default quality is rather poor in our opinion, and if you fly over the default Seahorse Key, which is just south of Cedar Key Airport, you will find that some of the Bing tiles for that area are actually missing. The fact that the default tiles are missing there in fact causes a CTD with custom satellite imagery for Seahorse Key, which we have had to exclude until Asobo/MSFS patch this. They have been made aware of this and will hopefully fix this in the very near future. It is a misconception to think that default satellite scenery in MSFS is mostly perfectly adequate in general, there are very many areas that have very poor coverage and/or show anomalies such as clouds, there are also colorization and water masking issues. To provide a high-quality rendition of Cedar Key Airport with a large custom 64 sq km of satellite imagery coverage, we felt it was necessary to provide our own custom-crafted satellite imagery, and this never comes cheaply.
  14. You underestimate the cost of custom-crafted satellite imagery, not only is the acquisition of such imagery expensive, the process of custom colourization and image correction takes up a huge amount of time. As far as I'm aware none of the recently released FSDT scenery packages for MSFS feature any such custom-crafted satellite imagery.
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