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  1. SWS have absolutely NOTHING to do with the sound, that was an entirely different developer. Jerome
  2. A short update from me. I'm very happy with the progress being made on the PILOT'S Dash 7 soundset. One of the major hold ups of the project is that the developer originally tasked with taking care of the sounds for us decided to abort the project before final delivery and left us in the lurch. I have no idea why, all communication suddenly ceased, emails and phone calls unanswered, and at the end of the day money paid for nothing. A real shocker that such developers continue to exist! Here is a short video for you: The video shows prop RPM run up to full, then I add full throttle turbine power, then back to idle, and I think you will agree that the prop beta range sounds exceptionally good as the propellers are put into reverse thrust. The interior sounds are also almost complete now, I will continue to keep you informed on progress and thank you all for you continued patience. Please rest assured that at PILOT'S we are as eager to see the Dash 7 released as you all are! Jerome
  3. Hi Rob, Yes, some wild speculation going on, not sure why. Nothing "happened" with regard to SWS, they did their bit of work on the Dash 7 and PILOT'S is completing the Dash 7 project for it to be release ready, that's all there is to it. Jerome
  4. Rob, I'm not sure I understand the question. What happened with SWS with regard to what exactly? Jerome
  5. A short update from me. Work on the PILOT'S Dash 7 continues at a steady pace. After integrating the GTN 750 in the cockpit, we have now completed full integration of the GNS 530 too. This means that the PILOT'S Dash 7 features custom made 3D assets for a GNS 530 that are fully animated and textured, these directly hook up with the Working Title GNS 530 code. We are fully aware that you are all very eager to fly the PILOT'S Dash 7, we are trying our best to work towards a release date that is sooner rather than later. Jerome
  6. We are diligently working to get this released as soon as we can, hopefully by then at the latest. Jerome
  7. Thank you all for your continued interest in the PILOT'S Dash 7 that we are still getting ready for release! Please rest assured that development is still on-going, some things just take a bit longer that expected sometimes. I leave you with a short video of a small detail I recently implemented, as we continue to fix bugs and work towards release. Jerome
  8. In case you’re not already aware, we have now released another update, PILOT’S B-314 - The Clipper v1.55 is now available! The PILOT’S B-314 for MSFS is now also available via Aerosoft, JustFlight and simMarket. The B-314 is now in the Marketplace cue, I’ve been pressing the Marketplace Team for a release ETA, and at present they are unable to commit to a specific timeline. I would like to extend a big thanks to FlyingsCool5650 for the suggested overhaul of the camera views, these how now been incorporated in this latest update! Through much trial and error we discovered that there is a bug with the Center fuel tanks. I have now recoded the fuel tank logic and replaced the two Center fuel tanks, the B-314 engines will now no longer suffer from any sudden fuel starvation due to the Center fuel tanks not feeding the engines correctly. I have also modified the Fuel Tank Gauge logic, for some reason these had originally been coded to a percentage value instead of a gallon value and thus behaved incorrectly. Many thanks again for all your valuable feedback, I trust you will enjoy this very latest update, our 6th since the initial release 6 weeks ago. I leave you with some shots of the B-314 moored at the magnificent Hamilton Island. Jerome
  9. I'm not sure why you're having trouble installing the B314 Pro. I would recommend the following: Create a temporary folder, something like C:\b314temp. Create a Windows Defender exclusion for that folder. Download the B314 Pro ZIP file again and copy or move it to the C:\b314temp folder. Now unzip the B314 Pro ZIP file into the temporary folder and run the PILOTS.Setup.exe to install. Please let me know if that now works for you. Jerome
  10. I’m pleased to announce that PILOT’S B-314 - The Clipper v1.5 is now available! For all those eagerly awaiting release on the MSFS Marketplace, this is our Marketplace release candidate, and as soon as we have a more precise idea on when it will be available there, I’ll make an announcement here. The focus on v1.5 has been to overhaul the exterior detailing, some of the screenshots below illustrate this, and of course ready the Marketplace release. The pitch bug on the Captain side attitude indicator has been addressed and fixed too. Thank you again for all your valuable feedback, we hope you enjoy this very latest update, our 5th since the initial release 5 weeks ago. Jerome
  11. The issue should now be resolved. Please try the download again. Jerome
  12. I have forwarded the info and the ZIP will be checked and verified. We have had no reports of any issues since that file went live over a month ago, so it seems most odd that there is a sudden issue now. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Jerome
  13. I recommend you create a temporary folder somewhere, something like: C:\b314temp Then go into your Anti-Virus software and configure an exclusion for the above folder. After you've done that, move the downloaded ZIP file to that folder, then unzip it there, run the installation EXE afterwards. It's also possible that your downloaded ZIP is corrupt, in which case re-downloading the file might also remedy the issue. Jerome
  14. Thank you all for the very positive and productive feedback we've received since release! I’m happy to announce that PILOT’S B-314 - The Clipper v1.3 is now available! With the help of Asobo’s input I have been able to work around the issue of LVAR values not being properly passed through to animate certain switches and dials. I have recoded the fuel dial logic and the fuel dials are now in their correct position, both when you start from Cold & Dark or from a water runway position, as per the screenshots below. The flight model has also seen some minor changes, mostly to enhance the overall heavy feeling of the Clipper, both on the water and when airborne. We hope you enjoy this latest update, our 4th since the initial release 4 weeks ago. Jerome
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