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  1. because the more FPS, the more responsive the aircraft will feel. Also if you have a 60hz monitor, having the FPS as close as the monitor refresh rate is always better.
  2. KJFK at the gate is pretty harsh. 35-40fps on the ground. As soon as you taxi away from the terminal I go back to 50fps. PMDG DC-6 is the worst if you don't use the NanoVG XML option.
  3. it's 3440x1440p. If you are gaming at 4K in MSFS, you will be GPU bottleneck before CPU.
  4. I will tell you the truth but you won't like it. Your CPU is holding your 3080 back. It's not fast enough to drive it to the point where your FPS will get better. The trust is that MSFS is very cpu intensive but add the 3080 on top of it and yes Mainthread limited is what you will see all day. That being said. Asobo KJFK is pretty heavy when photogrammettry is active. I can get around 35fps while at the terminal but that's with an AMD 5800X3D which is the kings of FPS in MSFS. If I go into an airport like CYVR, I get 60fps or more with the same graphical settings. If you want more FPS in the DC-6, enable dev mop and check NanoVG XML option. That will give you another 10-15fps. This is an example of what I am getting in the Maddog MD-82 with my setup. This is all because my CPU is the best on the market for MSFS. If you really want to take advantage of the great GPU you have, Either buy an Intel 12900KS or switch to an AMD 5800X3D. You will get more FPS on AMD than Intel.
  5. Not at this moment as there is no real multi screen support yet in MSFS
  6. Enable developer mode and display FPS , you will see exactly what is causing your stuttering or bottleneck. It's impossible for us to help you without your PC specs.
  7. Concorde sure. A320 ,way too late to enter the game.
  8. That's not true at all. Almost any version 1.0 software as bug. To blame MSFS for every issue that are most likely on the PMDG side is not the correct representation of the situation.
  9. I didn't complain about the vanilla version but do seem clearer and of higher quality without any FPS decrease. At least on my system. I don't have time to do a flight right now.
  10. Don't forget I got the 5800X3D. My performance is unmatched
  11. I had a CTD on the first load. Retrying again.
  12. ok first one to download. I will let you know
  13. I would chose to ignore Ray's comments all together. According to him MSFS is not mature enough but yet we got the Maddog, Bae-146. PMDG 737 , the Milviz C310R and the impeding release of the Fenix but yet MSFS is not "Mature" enough. The goalpost always keep moving.
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