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  1. nope. I mean the OP can create an new xbox live account. they are free.
  2. you can buy on steam but you need a xbox live account in good standing to use the game. it's mandatory.
  3. The activation process is still a pain. Can you not move to an online DRM registration process ? why do I have to email ?
  4. What ? You can't provide us with the whole list of simvars you are using on your aircraft ? I am using an external program for my logitech panels. It would be great to have a list
  5. Even if RXP and I debate often. I vote for this as I believe every 3rd party developer who want to make content for MSFS should had a voice.
  6. Well...the community managed to escalate AIG request to have a conversation with Asobo. So I guess there is always that avenue if you gathered enough pull.
  7. well. let's see how Working Title improved the IFR instrument in the sim. hopefully they also contribute to improved the SDK with their knowledge.
  8. for those who are interested. This is the whole list of the FBW A32NX Simvars : https://github.com/flybywiresim/a32nx/blob/master/docs/a320-simvars.md
  9. I think this whole issue is about keeping the xbox and pc platform uniform. I don't think they will ever let people do what you can in P3D or XP11 with third party injection. It not in their plan.
  10. Yes. If you install the LVAR bridge for MSFS 2020 (beta branch), you can also control the CRJ using the multipanel. If you need help with Spad.next don't hesitate to reach out to me. I am getting pretty familiar with it.
  11. my gpu was at 77c and my cpu at 63c. Way from from TJ max and throttling.
  12. I tested this last night with a 787 and 3 hours flight. By the time I reach my destination I was about 10 fps lower on approach.
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