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  1. Why do you need to reinstall? Just move your main folder to the SSD and you're done.
  2. For those getting good FPS, how does it compare to other aircraft like pmdg/fenix?
  3. This thread has gone on way too long when the solution to the problem is literally the first post. This is a classical example of CPU bottleneck. No your CPU or GPU isn't the problem. MSFS is just heavily CPU bound, and the only solution is to get a significantly better cpu.
  4. I mean it looks good in the video, but again the DLSS3 was frame generating from like 60 fps in the video which 60 FPS is already very smooth. In MSFS you can be bottleneck to like 20-30 fps and I don't think frame generating from that low of a FPS would look good.
  5. Pay for a vpn and try connecting to a different country.
  6. Do you have gamepass? Do a quick test, download Jurassic World Evolution 2 and see if you can play it. I had an issue once where I cannot play any microsoft store games, but i managed to fix it. Was wondering if you have the same problem as me.
  7. I think the true lesson here is to buy MSFS on steam, and don't buy from the windows store.
  8. It could not be MSFS it self, have you had gamepass and tried playing other microsoft store games? And did they connect/work?
  9. So looks like its an external program causing the issue. Nothing to do with GPU, CPU or drivers. Weird issue though like why would an external program affect current running programs.
  10. Download Xbox Console Companion and launch msfs from there and see if it fixes your issue.
  11. Umm they don't? Using Fenix I have no issues with pause for substantial time like 1 hour-30 mins, but maybe its more of a PMDG thing?
  12. No? That was because MSFS was using clouds as an alternative to fog. Now we have fog.
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