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  1. Wooo!!! You're right, I haven't used LNM since early FSX. I had completely forgotten. I also did not know that it could show the RT planes. I have downloaded it and am testing it. Thanks
  2. I know this is another RealTraffic issue, but maybe someone knows if it is possible to load the flight path on the Real Traffic screen. Or if there is any way to connect Flightradar24 with MSFS to be able to see my plane on the Flightradar24 map. Anyway, what I would like is to have a single screen where I can see my flight path and the real traffic. Any suggestion is very welcome.
  3. Hi, very interesting. What has happened with your work, will it be possible to have a beta to test it in MSFS?
  4. Good luck with that. Please keep us informed, I'm already anxious
  5. Very well. Can your app be downloaded from any website? Will you work for MSFS?
  6. I am really impressed with your work and willingness to listen to suggestions. Thank you very much.
  7. Kiek, I'm noticing something strange with Lerner. If I put check in Day and I put more than one airport with some duration time, when it changes to another airport automatically, the check Days is eliminated. Example: Airport: (x) Days Airport code(-s): LCLK,LHBP Duration: [5] minutes per airport It starts 5 minutes with LCLK and Days check, but when moving to the new LHBP code, the Days check is removed. EDIT: It seems that this happens the first time doing Learner about an airport. Once it is checked into Days, the next time it reads that airport file, it will keep the check.
  8. Hi Kiek, One question, with the new Day option, can I still use the Learner files (parked_updates) that I already had? Will Learner put the day on the lines that were already there or should I make new airport files?
  9. Really? wow. That's great news. Thank you very much
  10. I have a doubt with the recently implemented option in version 31.6.0. The files that are generated with Learner and that are going to be registered in the folder learner_files, are they going to replace the airport files parked_files? I have been in favor of airport files having, in addition to the time, the day of the week that a plane and airline park at a gate. That would be very real and I don't know if with this new change, this day of the week option already fulfills it. EDIT: I misformed my question. Now that I have seen what it does, my question would be: Is there any way to use the information in the file in learner_files so that PSXT understands the planes and airlines parked according to the day of the week?
  11. Excellent work!!! AVIANCA and HAWAIIAN AIRLINES please 🙏
  12. I have a doubt, what should be done with the text lines of "Missing variations", should they be added to the same Regcodes txt file?
  13. God job. I have uploaded it to the folder: https://ln5.sync.com/dl/b1c0bfb80/r3mmnmza-9abrskw2-5t4unh8r-2iuycpdx
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