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  1. It seems crazy for ASOBO to want to put MSFS 2024 into us when it hasn't even been able to fix this Dx12 problem. Like many here, we have a 4090 that we cannot use at its maximum because MSFS does not yet have full Dx12 support. Sad. Very sad.
  2. Have you been able to correct this problem? I've had it for months, but I thought it was something that would be corrected in an update but it hasn't. Please can you give me your feedback. Thank you
  3. of course. I will try to follow the instructions and post my results here.
  4. To end my comment, I have bought the FENIX a320 and I must say that it is the best thing I have ever done. I can state with complete certainty that the FBW was unfortunately to blame for the stutters. As other pilots in this same thread say, some of us have this problem, and it is something that does not happen to everyone. But the FENIX has given me back my joy since I made an expensive investment in a 4090 to have an exquisite fluidity and with the FBW I was not achieving it. Now I can say that it is the best moment of my Simulator in 25 years. For those wondering: I'm running FENIX with DX12 (Beta) and TAA with DLSS and it works very, very well. The FENIX is in Quality mode and the rendering is on the GPU.
  5. It is very curious, because before having the 4090, I had a much inferior Radeom and the stutters were not so evident. But now they are unbearable. And no, it is not a bottleneck with the CPU, I have already tried many other planes and with none I have stutters, only with the FBW. And if you go further back in the explanation that I give about the tip so that this does not happen, you can realize that it is the FBW. It's a shame, because it's a great product and it's also free. I think if you don't have any problems, go ahead with the FBW, it's a great development and the developer guys one way or another deserve a round of applause.
  6. wow, it's a shame to hear this. I've always had FBW but when you pay for a GPU like the 4090, you want everything to be really smooth and when I pick any other plane, everything is really smooth. Tomorrow I will pay for the FENIX, the only thing I have to worry about is that I have a VRinsight MCP COMBO II hardware that with Linda goes very well with the FBW, but I think someone has already made some profiles for the FENIX and the AAO with the Bridge to the MCP COMBO II
  7. I thought I was the only one with this problem. Same problem over here. I have a high end PC and now that I have the 4090, I have noticed that the stutters with the FBW are excruciating. So I gave myself the task of doing all the tests that can be imagined. Since eliminating all the components of the community and flying only with the FBW and effectively, the stutters are there every 20 or 30 seconds, regardless of being in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean above 38 thousand feet. I discovered something interesting. As some have said, when the Simbrief flight plan loads, it already feels a bit less fluid. As you taxi to the end of the runway stutters are noticeable and when you are about to land, they are much more noticeable. But once you get to the disembarkation gate and turn off the engines, everything is smooth again. This is very strange, because you're not even exiting the simulator or the main menu or anything. I found somewhere and I'm sorry I didn't save the link, someone who had this problem and indicated that it was a known error and passed the following Tips that I have done and I can attest that it works: With the FBW off, turn on the external power supply, press the battery buttons and immediately exit the MSFS menu, activate developer mode and in the menu you recharge the FBW, exit developer mode and that's it, you can now load your plan flight etc. etc. What difference this makes, I have no idea but in my case it works. But logically this kills realism and should not be a good practice. By the way, how are you doing with the FENIX? Since I have this problem with the FBW, I am evaluating moving to the Fenix.
  8. hi Could you please help me, I don't know what else to do. I have a VRinsingt Airbus MCP Combo II that I have used since the FSX days and now with MSFS with FSUIPC and Linda, but now I want to switch to AAO. I'm a bit lost and I think I'm missing some things. I have removed Linda and disabled FSUIPC. I raise the Lorby Axis executable (2.60 b20 MSFS) I raise MSFS Then I pick up VRItoLorbyAAOBridge (At this point I see the Lorby ads on the MCP screen, then they are deleted and the digits of a defauld A320 screen appear. All good so far) But nothing happens if I manipulate the buttons of the physical MCP. However, if I manipulate the airplane controls with the mouse, they are reflected on the physical MCP screen. I have enabled in Tools of the AAO screen, "Enable WEP API on Port 9080" I have doubts if in the Hardware > Hardware Change option, the MCP Combo II should appear, since I can only see my Thrustmaster devices. In the Lorby VRI device Bridge I have loaded a template MSFS Standard What am I missing?
  9. Agree with you. Those of us who have overcome a few years, perhaps we are missing some things. What we have today is something incredible compared to what we had to deal with in the first flight simulator. And not to mention the FSX, we spent 80% of the time making configurations to be able to optimize and 20% curing the fingers so that a CTD did not come.
  10. I have it in Performance mode, that's how it came from the factory. I haven't tested how much of a difference it can make. Actually, the GPU is hardly ever so hot or so compromised as to raise its fans to the maximum, so it goes unnoticed.
  11. I have 64GB of Ram, how much virtual memory should I configure?
  12. Yes, need HAG https://support.insomniac.games/hc/en-us/articles/9826511684365-How-to-use-NVIDIA-DLSS-3-and-DLSS-Frame-Generation
  13. I forgot to mention that during these stutters, the FPS is still stable and high and that the CPU also looks stable and large spikes.
  14. UPGRADE Well it looks like the ghosts of halloween are taking over my FS. I have been testing long-duration flights (more than 3 hours), in different scenarios, from the most populated like New York, to the remote and desolate Islands of the South Pacific. When I'm at the departure gate (EJ: KJFK with all its high traffic), everything is fluid for more or less the hour it takes me to board, plan the flight, and take off. After at least 2 hours of flight at cruising speed and FL380, the stutters begin. Very noticeable outside the cabin, inside the cabin, etc. At the beginning of the desender the stutters continue a little more uncomfortable, as if it were heavy scenarios, but it is not, since I am reaching NSFA, Samoa (Or any other scenario without any heavy load of graphics). And here comes the best of all. When I barely reach the landing platform and turn off the FBW engines, the MSFS window "END FLIGHT WHEN AIRCRAFT SHUTS DOWN" immediately appears, I give the option to continue the flight and that simply returns me to where am. And what do you think? Everything is fluid again. I don't understand what's going on, it's as if everything restarts when this window appears (but it doesn't). Any suggestion?
  15. To all this we must add that the 4 cables of the connector are hanging and their own weight makes them exert some kind of downward force. This plus the heat that expands and the cold that contracts, can generate a problem in the medium term. I have an ASUS rog strix helios case with enough space that it will never hurt the connector, but what I indicated above can be a problem. Definitely a different connector is needed, which gives greater strength and security to the connector, after all, the current that passes through it is important.
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