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  1. grandfred29

    JetStream Design´s Paris Orly LFPO Released!!!

    Very great scenery indeed friendly fps Really happy with it!
  2. grandfred29

    JetStream Design LFPO Paris Orly Released

    Yes Very nice and friendly fps scenery
  3. out since today only for P3D V4.x
  4. grandfred29

    New ZBAA scenery

    good day is there a fix somewhere for the dynamic light too bright, or non existent when i parked at gate 214? Bought the scenery on simmarket yesterday. Thanks in advance
  5. grandfred29

    PFPX 2.0 OUT
  6. grandfred29

    Playing around with PBR in 4.4
  7. grandfred29


    peux tu l installer comme une version pour p3D classique? si oui fait le, apres tu vas trouver un MOD sur la librairie d avsim pour le rendre compatible pour la V4. Voilà
  8. grandfred29

    First reactions to P3Dv4.4

    PBR demo play by FlyTampa, awesome
  9. grandfred29

    In other PBR-related news...

    PBR in action with demo play by FT
  10. grandfred29

    How to get the correct Departure Runway ?

    you can check the departure of worlwilde airports
  11. grandfred29


    no news maybe related to NDA for next update of P3D...
  12. grandfred29

    p3d fail to load startup

    good day, each time i want orderly my addon with P4AO, save and clear scenery index, i have the problem with p3d hang . what could be the problem with the function up or down? Thanks
  13. grandfred29

    Windows10 Networking???

    I had this problem too, with the help of certain video on YouTube i can see my pc in network. The only problem i had now is i can t access to my network folders, while 10 min before i could... don t understand the problem
  14. grandfred29

    Windows 10 October update. Ver. 1809

    New nvidia driver install, w10 up to date, and always these black flash when you put fps to unlimited with or without vsync active
  15. grandfred29

    Windows 10 October update. Ver. 1809

    For me too...