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  1. I use toga when efb calculate conf 3 for TO. Maybe iae is less power than cfm
  2. Your olod is set to 1000 ? No diff in term of performance ?
  3. You don't have two scenery active at the same time ?
  4. Last flight with without auto olod check gave me better flight, no or less stuters, OLOD is set to 200.
  5. Now you should share it on fs.to because this software deserves to be offered coffee or something else
  6. Hello In ms setting i use unlimited fps and under nvidia app fps are limited to 100. Your software take in count my 100 fps when auto fps is use? Thanks
  7. RT has been updated to v2.0.2 "RealTurb CAT Areas Global for MSFS v2.0.2 released, now supporting in-cloud turbulence effects as well"
  8. Since i limit my fps to 100 instead no limit (130 fps) i don't have stuters during push back, that was the only cas when gsx gave me stuters. This was a recommandation from umbertto on gsx forum.
  9. Alpha floor with iae during take of flaps 3 you can easily have this protection alive I found iae was less power than cfm after lift of, and if you don't aware of that speed decrease strongly
  10. Captains, A quick NOTAM on the 737 that is important enough that I felt it should be separated from the usual announcement cycle: UPDATED 2230Z/07MAR24: We have released the updates described below for PC users who purchased from PMDG directly. Please see the PMDG.com/PMDG Operations Center Users tag below to get your 737 updated. PMDG 737 for MSFS: Update 3.00.0091 is Pending: On Friday, we anticipate releasing update 91 for the entire MSFS fleet of 737 products. This update is primarily focused on stability improvements to eliminate some problems causing cockpit freezes that have become more problematic since the introduction of SU14 and the SU15 beta. A significant amount of work has gone into locating and correcting the issue causing this disruption and we are bringing this update cycle forward specifically to address this issue. It is important to be clear that this is a stability update that carries a number of changes that are specifically designed to improve stability of operation, but few-if-any changes that are unrelated to stability. Areas that received attention include memory use, TCAS target handling, system initialization on scenario loading, a few drawing functions and some data parsing routines. Effectively, we have been focused on some very technical areas to provide greater protection against issues that might disrupt your flight and thus your enjoyment. PMDG.com / PMDG Operations Center Users: If you purchased from us directly, you will receive this update on Friday via the PMDG Operations Center. VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR OPERATIONS CENTER USERS: We recently pushed an update for OC2 that you unfortunately have to trigger manually, otherwise OC2 will not be able to connect home to handle the 737 update, among other tasks. To update OC2, simply navigate to C:\Users\<YOUR USERNAME>\AppData\Roaming\PMDG\PMDG Operations Center Once you have this folder open, execute the program: 'OpsCenterUpdater.exe' You should then be all set to run normally. (This requirement was a design flaw in the OC2 that we have corrected effective with this update, so you won't have to do this again in the future, fortunately!) Marketplace-PC Users: If you are a PC user who purchased via MS Marketplace, we will submit the new build to Marketplace for intake today. We anticipate it will be the week of 18MAR24 when the updates complete the intake/validation process via Marketplace and ultimately become available to you. (We don't control the speed there, sorry!) Marketplace-Xbox Users: If you are an Xbox user, we have not yet submitted these changes, but anticipate doing so before the end of March. Currently we are pushing multiple test updates onto the Xbox beta process in order to see if we cannot get the tablet fully running on the Xbox platform. Currently the tablet runs, but we are unable to get keyboard input to the tablet either from it's own keyboard, a hardware keyboard or the on-screen keyboard native to Xbox. Keyboard entry to the tablet is important to nearly all of it's functionality and we have requested help from the platform developer to see if we cannot crack this nut and thus clear the last obstruction to getting our Xbox users up-to-snuff with their PC counterparts. We cannot run an Xbox beta build and an Xbox release build through intake at the same time- so we need a few more weeks on the Xbox side. If we are unable to get the tablet working properly with Asobo's input- we will suspend beta builds of the 737 to Xbox and push a release build to bring Xbox users up-to-date and then return to the beta build process on Xbox. (The testing and intake process for Xbox testing is painfully slow- but it is the best we have...so we are leveraging it the best we can.) Okay- that is all for this NOTAM. We are directing the testing team back to 777 and preparing another new build for them just in time for the weekend. I'll have more on that topic under a dedicated header, sometime later.
  11. This airport updated iniBuilds New York John F. Kennedy v1.2.0 is now available for Microsoft Flight Simulator! 🏙️ This update addresses performance issues and adds the option to completely disable detailed interiors and instead, replace these with parallax windows 🪟 We’ve also adjusted LOD values, material resolutions, reduced the material count and removed some duplicate elements. Download and install the update via the iniManager!
  12. Auto target fps is only available in VR mode?
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