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  1. Don't have the problem with pmdg and fbw
  2. They didn't solved tcas problem with Real live traffic 😟
  3. Have you try to setup in fms page 3 juste where you have setup throttle levers ?
  4. You can't do it from fms as reverser is not an axis. I don't use it now but i already set them with fs20 controller setting for fbw. Reverser on the bravo is a button not an axis unfortunaly
  5. If the plane is loaded the fms will not see any new flight plan. So each time i must think prepar and create my fp with SB before start fs2020 With fbw i Can load direct from SB in the fms
  6. The only thing who is boring with flight plan and simbrief is you must import fp and wx before loading the aircraft or maybe start fs.
  7. When you pass tod , plane descent himself if you change altitude before, intv is only if you have a step climb or descent. And you can use descent now on fms if controller ask you to descent early.
  8. More expensive because with p3d the basepackage had 800 and 900, now each aircraft have is own price, and 800+900 msfs will cost more.
  9. La seule fois où j ai mis les pieds là-bas entre 86-90 pour un baptême de l air, deux heures plus tard le pilote se tuait en final avec son élève. Mais la scène est belle!
  10. Personnaly i don't fly with ATC for the reason you see like a problem. Plus i use realtraffic so when i build a fp with simbrief i check on flightradar24 how plane takeoff landing at my two airports. Maybe you can do it with ATC too.
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