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  1. And wait when aerosoft a330 will be out...same team same fight !
  2. Have the same problem with 13900k and 4090, now is Rolling cache automatic re-enable with update ? I remember had solved this stutter by deactivated rolling cache
  3. Never had a ctd there with à 4090 ultra settings and 4k
  4. With different beta update for traffic, asobo solved speed traffic problem during flight ?
  5. Yes today Paris orly clouds and metar are good
  6. I a agree with you, but recently I learned in real life a320 captain spend lot of time to fly his aircraft by anticipate speed or decent sometimes fly 220 knots before a descent constraint because the plane will accelerate, number of time where the path is cut during star so the plane is to high… there is a good vidéo YouTube channel where the purpose of these videos are the descent and the approach. since I drive my plane with more anticipation when I reach TOD, descent and approach
  7. Use a good thermal paste and no the word not allowed paste already apply on the cooler
  8. How do you past the cpu? i see you should use 5 cross X points for this generation of cpu and that I use with last grizzly extrem past for my 13900k be careful with default motherboard settings too
  9. Faib B738 are affect with this default speed a320 goes a the right speed
  10. I don’t know if all traffic have the same problem but certain of them fly at ias instead gs speed second time I see a 777 flying at 240 knots when I fly at 436 knots my ias is 274 knots with this last update I have more stuttering, if I close the program that is really better setting is not high at all
  11. Good day at this time I am flying above Pacific Ocean from RJAA to PANC, there is no much traffic here, but I follow my flight on FR24 approximately and I can see more traffic but there are follow with some satellites, will be a way in a future to have them in real traffic and psxt ? thanks
  12. Yesterday I landed by night at Athens with Fenix a320 without any stutter, I don’t use cache and I uninstalled navigraph in game just for try landing was better than other with traffic
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