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  1. Yes, AIG OCI is the best you can get. Urmel also made a comprehensive FAQ about AI and OCI:
  2. Antivirus and Firewall should normally not affect the SODE installation. Actually I would be very hesitant to deactivate those for any flight-sim add on. Best place to go now is the developer's forum: https://sode.12bpilot.ch/?forum=support Jeffrey is very helpful and will surely find the problem. Some more things to check before you post there: 1) Is SODE listed in the add-ons.cfg in X:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4? This is how it should look: [Package.0] PATH=X:\Program Files (x86)\12bPilot\SODE\P3Dv4 TITLE=SODE ACTIVE=true 2) Have you used the SimConnect version that comes with P3D? You find it in: Prepar3D v4\redist\Interface\FSX-SP2-XPACK\retail\lib 3) Is there a SODE.log in X:\ProgramData\12bPilot\SODE\log?
  3. Wow! Again some very welcomed improvements. Thank so much, Roland! Would it make any sense to include a maximum AI approach speed in addition to the minimum AI approach speed? This would slow down AI that is faster than the desired approach speed.
  4. Have you already registered SODE in the sim again with the SODEPlatformManager (X:\Program Files (x86)\12bPilot\SODE)?
  5. Thank you for the update, Roland. The new push back is a welcomed enhancement and I really like the landing brake scalar setting.
  6. Thanks for considering this, Roland. Might be worth to try it but only if your time allows it. My understanding was that the software does actually consider the taxi nodes. So, I assumed that you could extend the push to the first taxi node and then the aircraft would only need to do a 90 degree turn. But now it makes a lot more sense to me and you are absolutely right about the extra fuss.
  7. Roland @Clipper Ocean Spray, Thank you very much for those tools. After trying them out in the past weeks I have to say that they work very nicely and that they are a real enhancement for AI. Two ideas/observations for AI Ground that I came up with during my tests: 1) Could the control surface check be made optional via the ini? Right now, some models like the FSPXAI's will deploy their reversers during the check. 2) Could AI Ground also improve the pushback phase and extend the push to the taxiway. This would suppress the awful 180° turn of the AI aircraft.
  8. That is the reaction one would expect from Simmarket. Atco, a user who is active at Alpha India Group and at Avsim, reported the same problem. After disabling the AV-software he got an infection with Win32/Jeefo; a virus that attached itself to every exe on the C drive (Source: https://www.alpha-india.net/forums/index.php?topic=33356.msg332013#new) Right now I would stay away from the Calvi update and NOT disable the AV-software
  9. Haha, and you can ignore my PM, Ray. Glad it worked!
  10. Yes, that is correct. Just rename the bgl to trafficAircraft.off.
  11. Hi Ray, To make it compatible with HF2 you need to set it to: RW05R Takeoff: No Landing: Yes RW23L Takeoff: Yes Landing: No RW05L Takeoff: Yes Landing: No RW23R Takeoff: No Landing: Yes Your desired configuration (closing of 05R) will not work with HF2. But you can try to make the runway shorter in AFCAD, which allows aircraft to land closer to the exit.
  12. Well, the question is if JustSim does only make the product compatible with v5 or if they also update features (PBR) and ground layouts like in their last updates. For a feature update I find 5,- Euro a fair price. However, mere compatibility of a v4 scenery does (mostly) only require two changes: 1) Added exclusions to the AFCAD file 2) A tweak of effect files (DL, smoke...) Most updates like the ones from FlyTampa or FlightBeam only measure some kilobytes for the new AFCAD and effect. Issuing those via a zip file should be possible at Simmarket, where I got frequent notifications of updates.
  13. AIG OCI or JF's traffic global? For AIG OCI, it does already work in v5. Only some models have anomalies with their dynamic lights as the default landing light effects that come with P3D are missing a setting that is necessary for PBR compliance. Ironically enough the SDK demands that setting. But Kai from AIG already informed LM about this issue. However, official compatibility will only come after the issues are fixed. FSReborn is not yet compatible. But Simbol is working on a free update and he worked hard with LM during the beta to allow even more and better effects in v5. AI Sounds that come with OCI are not on a TSS level. But this would be an overkill for AI. But there are 55 unique soundsets for the common types and engine variations. Thus, CFM powered aircraft will sound differently than the IAE version. And FSPXAI payware models? Well, it is a preference of taste. I own them all and like their shape/model/paintkit variations a tad more. You also get frequent and free updates and I somehow want to support the modeler, who worked in the past for Posky and also made the Level-D 767 models. However, all of the freeware counterparts got massively updated in the last months. They got new antennas, domes, wingflex, PBR, etc. So just give the freeware a try first and see if you like them.
  14. This is what LM's Rob McCarthy says about the longer AI loading times: "In previous versions the Select Vehicle UI, entering multiplayer and SimDirector, and a few other various cases would cause long loads due to populating entity lists. We moved this to startup and also cache this list to improve the speed of accessing these parts of the system. Large numbers of AI could be impacting this initial load. We'll investigate this more on our end." (Source: https://www.prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6312&t=136947 )
  15. AIG OCI (the first link in this thread postey by Urmel) will give you the models, textures, flightplans, and sounds. You only need to press a few buttons and the program even comes with a bulk installer. This is pretty much the equivalent to Global Traffic but just on a far more evolved and detailed level. And the best? It' is freeware. Everything else that is explained here by Urmel (thanks for this well done and comprehensive explanation btw!) is somehow a bonus that can further improve your experience. But to get you started, you only need the AIG OCI installer. OCI also includes a freeware alternative to the mentioned payware models. Only the A330-900neo is not available as freeware.
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