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  1. Gaya has done LGKO Kos: https://orbxdirect.com/product/gaya-lgko I know some users are unhappy with the performance of said scenery. However, I have not faced issues so far (but only using a 1080p resolution). If you go for Kos, it can be extended with a freeware photoscenery: http://eyalsimdesign.weebly.com/freeware-scenery.html
  2. Finally! I was really waiting for this airport. Just installed it and had a brief look: Visuals are excellent and performance is very good (day + night). I do really like the Airbus plant with all the custom static models. Moreover, the scenery does blend very well with ORBX's OpenLC Europe. To sum it up: Well worth the money, for what I could even redeem a few Flightbeam Points, and a lot new destinations within Europe. 👍 I think I know the first flight that I will be doing to Toulouse...
  3. Hi Tim @timest , Reed @rstough , I know you guys are working hard on Technical Update 2.6 and Weather Force, for which I am very thankful. Just wanted to check back with you if you could already look into this bug regarding REX SF's stratus clouds and the shadow anomaly? Knowing that this is not you official support channel I am more than happy to open a ticket with you if you wish so. We can also hook up a Zoom/TeamViewer session to troubleshoot the problem if you wish so. More than happy to help to finally solve this longstanding issue. Please let me know if you need any further information. Thanks and best, Christoph
  4. Hi Ron! A minimum weight was something we had in our minds during the design and testing phase, but with limited time on Federico's side was the priority the maximum weight. Maybe something for a later update. Hey Alex! Never saw something similar during testing. Is there any airport where I could check the weird taxi patterns? The taxing into each other-issue could be related to the taxi speed. Most AI FDEs have too weak breaks, which will show such behavior on long and straight taxiways. But the config.xml you posted is outdated. Federico included a <TaxiSeparationMultiplier>2.3</TaxiSeparationMultiplier> for me, which increases the distances aircraft will keep between each other on the ground. This should help a bit to reduce the problem. I will need to take a deeper look into the FPS problem, as I could not recreate it on my end now or during testing. Could you or Balint give me a time and airport where I can recreate this? Thanks.
  5. Henning, Could this be VATSIM/IVAO traffic you are seeing? Some of the codes (e.g., OEO711) look a lot like virtual airlines one will find in the networks.
  6. The tweak is still working. Add the following lines to the [GRAPHICS] section of your P3D.cfg: [GRAPHICS] DAY_THRESHOLD=55000 NIGHT_THRESHOLD=4096
  7. Tim @timest Thanks for chiming in. I have done my own research and I can definitely attribute the cloud shadow problem to REX Skyforce. In the early days of Skyforce, I had already pointed the problem out at your forums with a vanilla P3D installation. I have recreated my litte experiment with the default scenario and a 6/8 stratus layer at 2000ft.No external weather engine was used and shaders are default (EA on, volumetric clouds off). Video 1- REX Skyforce Cloud Models: 1.511 items in Prepar3D v5\Weather\clouds CloudArtFiles Header: "XML file for locating cloud art files. Created by REX Studio: Sky Force 3d 2017" Video 2 - Default P3D Cloud Models: 351 items in Prepar3D v5\Weather\clouds CloudArtFiles Header: "XML file for locating cloud art files. Created by Niniane Wang, 09/2002" Disclaimer - for Video 2 (default cloud models) I only changed the cloud models. The textures should be still the REX SF textures (Array/Nuance), as I only had a backup of the Weather folder available. Thus, this is definitely in some way related to the REX Skyforce 3D cloud models. Video 1 - REX Skyforce Cloud Models: Video 2 - Default P3D Cloud Models:
  8. There is nothing you can do about it. It's a bug of the REX Skyforce 3D models. I reported it twice to REX (back when they still had their forum, and on Discord) but to no avail. I saw that @disco79stu had a similar problem and he uploaded a video. If your problem looks similar to Stu's clip than you know it is related to REX Skyforce: https://forums.flightsimlabs.com/index.php?/topic/30332-strange-ground-“shadows”-changing-with-view-angle/ But maybe Tim @timest or Reed @rstough have an idea how to fix this?
  9. Bernd, Any chance you are using REX Skyforce? Stratus layers show this anomaly since the introduction of REX SF in P3Dv4. But it was never fixed.
  10. Many thanks for this mod! The cockpits look much better, while the exterior keeps the EA v5 feeling. I still need to find a good balance for the nighttime, which is still a bit bright with higher values. But I am sure that I can find a good balance between the exterior and the cockpit with your suggestion.
  11. Amazing! Simply amazing. Where do we need to sign you up at LM for a generous bonus?
  12. Thanks Guys! Glad I can help. The ATCMODEL entry does read the the atc_model line of the aircraft.cfg: [General] atc_type=BOEING atc_model=B744 Thus, for freighters you could change the line to atc_model=B74F and add it to your ATCAPI config.
  13. I don't know if anyone has any use for it. But I created a checklist yesterday for the FSLabs SL EFB that follows the FS2CREW template. Go to FSLabs\SimObjects\Airplanes\FSLabs A320-SL\Airlines\FSL\Config and replace the "Checklist" section in ipad.ini with my settings. Make sure you backup the original ipad.ini first. [checklist] columns=3 [checklist.1] column=1 title=BEFORE START item.1=COCKPIT PREP;COMPLETED;B item.2=GEAR PINS & COVERS;REMOVED; item.3=SIGNS;ON/AUTO; item.4=ADIRS;NAV; item.5=TO DATA;SET; item.6=FUEL QUANTITY;____KG; item.7=BARO REF;____SET;B [checklist.2] column=1 item.1=WINDOWS/DOORS;CLOSED;B item.2=BEACON;ON; item.3=THRUST LEVERS;IDLE; item.4=PARK BRK;AS RQRD; [checklist.3] column=1 title=AFTER START item.1=ANTI ICE;AS RQRD; item.2=ECAM STATUS;CHECKED; item.3=TRIM;__% SET; item.4=RUDDER TRIM;ZERO; [checklist.4] column=2 title=BEFORE TAKEOFF item.1=FLIGHT CONTROLS;CHECKED; item.2=FLIGHT INSTRUMENTS;CHECKED; item.3=BRIEFING;CONFIRMED; item.4=FLAP SETTING;CONF__; item.5=V1,VR,V2/FLX TEMP;TOGA/FLEX__; item.6=ATC;SET; item.7=ECAM MEMO;TO NO BLUE; [checklist.5] column=2 item.1=TO RWY;___CONFIRMED;B item.2=CABIN CREW;ADVISED; item.3=TCAS;TA/RA; item.4=ENG MODE SEL;NORM/IGN; item.5=PACKS;ON/OFF; [checklist.6] column=2 title=AFTER TAKEOFF CLIMB item.1=LANDING GEAR;UP; item.2=FLAPS;RETRACTED; item.3=PACKS;ON; [checklist.7] column=2 item.1=BARO REF;STANDARD SET;B [checklist.8] column=2 title=APPROACH item.1=BRIEFING;CONFIRMED; item.2=ECAM STATUS;CHECKED; item.3=SEAT BELTS;ON; item.4=BARO REF;____SET;B item.5=MIMIMUN;____SET;B item.6=ENG MODE SEL;NORM/IGN; [checklist.9] column=3 title=LANDING item.1=CABIN;ADVISED; item.2=AUTOTHRUST;SPEED; item.3=AUTOBRAKE;AS RQRD; item.4=ECAM MEMO;LDG NO BLUE; [checklist.10] column=3 title=AFTER LANDING item.1=FLAPS;RETRACTED; item.2=SPOILERS;DISARMED; item.3=APU;START/OFF; item.4=RADAR;OFF; item.5=PWS;OFF; [checklist.11] column=3 title=PARKING item.1=APU BLEED;ON; item.2=ENGINES;OFF; item.3=SEAT BELTS;OFF; item.4=EXT LT;AS RQRD; item.5=FUEL PUMPS;OFF; item.6=PARK BRK & CHOCKS;ON AND IN; [checklist.12] column=3 title=SECURING THE AIRCRAFT item.1=ADIRS;OFF; item.2=OXYGEN;OFF; item.3=APU BLEED;OFF; item.4=EMER EXIT LT;OFF; item.5=SIGNS;OFF; item.6=APU & BAT;OFF;
  14. Definitely Grzegorz! But I just got back to AIController myself and have not used since a few years. At the moment, I do also struggle a bit with the set-up and the program exits shortly after the connection is established. But perhaps will @fclaass post his ini settings when he is around here again? Tony, do you have a free copy of FSUIPC installed? FSUIPC is needed, as F.S: AI Separation was built before Simconnect. My pleasure Iván! The Traffic Toolbox is part of the P3D SDK and adds an explorer. I mainly use its explorer function to delete traffic if needed. Other tools might do the same job. Further, you can also send key commands with the explorer (e.g., thrust 70 %) to get waiting AI moving again. The AI_SlopedRunways.dll is another little tool by Federico (fs1). It allows AI to taxi on sloped structures that were made with hard platforms. Examples for that are the taxiway bridges in EDDF, EDDP, MMUN or the sloped runway in KFLL. You can download the latest version here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9bu0eofms0k2cae/slopedrwyAI.zip?dl=0 For more information, please have a look here:
  15. That's a nice combination! Any chance you could post your AIController ini? Thank you! PS: Are you running AI Controller v2 or version 1.4B from the Avsim library?
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