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  1. Wolkenschreck

    No Dynamic Landing upon arrival

    @hkhoanguyen Hm, I can not check ZSPD as I do not own it. However, it is pretty easy to create a controller file. I will PM you a link. But as far as I know, ImagineSim does have a controller file in their sceneries. @Axis3600 RFSCENERYBUILDING? Again I do not own any of their sceneries. However, they were the developer I had in mind when mentioning it. I read some time ago in another forum that they had forgotten the controller file in their past sceneries. So worth to check it and maybe contact them for an update if not already available. @UAL4life Same like ImagineSim. I would be highly surprised if they would have not included a controller file. For their KMSP, I have the DL effect "flightbeam_dl1.fx" and the controller "Cntrl_fbeamDL.fx". Their naming should be similar for their KDEN scenery. The controller file is just one reason for missing DL and there could be various other reasons as Simbol already pointed out.
  2. Wolkenschreck

    No Dynamic Landing upon arrival

    Hi Khoa, Dynamic lighting in P3D requires two effect files: a dynamic light effect and a related controller file. Some developers just include the light effect file but forget about the controller file. This will result in the situation you described. So maybe you are just unlucky and own a couple of airports that misses the controller file. If you name some of the airports where you see this problem other users could check if they see the same thing.
  3. Wolkenschreck

    Is SunSkyJet still working KDTW?

    PM sent. Would be happy to help you and Ian with SODE.
  4. Wolkenschreck

    WF Scenery Studios

    Yes, Beijing can give some headaches. It took me quite some time to find the conflicting BGL in ORBX Vector. Make sure do deactivate 7917_OBJ_TrafficLights.bgl in the FTX_VECTOR_OBJ folder. To make it even more interesting there is also a conflict between the FSPXAI A380 payware model and the ground poly. This problem can be solved with a few AFCAD tweaks (removing all draw flags etc.). The AFCAD itself is a bit buggy and lacks hold short points, which will result in arriving aircraft using already occupied parking positions. I spent hours to tweak my file for ZBAA and adjusted codes, types (GATE), and radius. Sent me a PM if you are interested in the AFCAD file. However, as you said, WF is delivering good quality and worth to get during a sale. Their next project is Kunming and Wuhan is also planned. Very much looking forward to both of them. If now only ORBX would speed up their OpenLC production. Their project management for the OLC product line (putting OLC Africa on the back burner in favor of X-Plane) was questionable and I am afraid we will not see the two Asia parts in the next 12-18 months. Christoph
  5. Wolkenschreck

    WF Scenery Beijing - new Simmarket installer buggy?

    There are some 5800+ files in that folder, all grouped with a number. So my educated guess is that every numbers is standing for one region and 7917 is Beijing and the surroundings. But I can't say how big the covered area in one file is. Could be only Beijing or could be the whole China. But the only thing you will lose are traffic lights (red and green light dots during night times) and the other features like tunnel exits stay active. If you are uncomfortable working with the source files in the folder you can also use the Vector configuration tool and disable the "Traffic Lights" for "Primary Roads". Doing so will disable them worldwide whilst renaming 7917_OBJ_TrafficLights.bgl only in Beijing and hinterland. Knowing our loved sim for 20 years I would not be surprised to have the same anomalies elsewhere and hence I deactivated them worldwide via the tool for the time being. Christoph
  6. Wolkenschreck

    WF Scenery Beijing - new Simmarket installer buggy?

    Hi! I use the AEC tool everytime as good practice after installing a new add-on airport. Did so already in January but unfortunately there wasn't any file related to ZBAA. And also a manual search didn't helped either. After a lot of try and error I could finally isolate the conflicting file in the folder FTX_VECTOR_OBJ today: 7917_OBJ_TrafficLights.bgl To stop the vanishing of the ground textures search for 7917_OBJ_TrafficLights.bgl and rename the file extension to 7917_OBJ_TrafficLights.off . Hope this will help some of you who are also using Vector and facing the same problem. Christoph
  7. Wolkenschreck

    WF Scenery Beijing - new Simmarket installer buggy?

    Just to let you know: As nobody seemed to have the same issues (disappearing ground markings and cars driving on the taxiway bridges) I tried to hunt it down myself. And indeed WF's ZBAA is working totally fine. The culprit is ORBX Vector (to be exact FTX_VECTOR_OBJ). Cheers,
  8. Wolkenschreck

    WF Scenery Beijing - new Simmarket installer buggy?

    After Simmarket issued a new installer I could finally install the scenery. Beijing is a true mega hub and I really appreciate what WF Scenery has achieved here. What they improved is the dynamic night lightning. It was way to bright in the old version with HDR on. And they added a bit more ground equipment around T3 which is nice. But fall and winter textures are still missing. Beijing is dry and brownish in winter months. In the sim the ground textures are in a vibrant green the whole year round. My biggest issue with the scenery seems not fixed at all (actually worse than before on my setup): At certain angles the custom ground textures (concrete, markings, lines...) are disappearing. Anybody else seeing this or is it something on my end?
  9. Wolkenschreck

    Choosing a Delta hub scenery

    Hi Benjamin! Just fired up KCLT in the sim. Bemuda grass is staying the whole year round (Mar-Jul-Nov; didn't checked hard winter). The grass textures were the reason why I was reluctant to buy it at the beginning. But still couldn't resist last years sale. It's actually one of the scenery which look better in sim than on screens. Ground textures (taxiway, aprons...) are fantastic and so is the modeling. I also get pretty solid frames with 100% AI and it's blending in well with Orbx OLC North America. Even though the grass/environment textures are not on par with Flightbeam or FlyTampa the rest of the airport sure is. Give the demo a try. You can check out the whole airport for some five minutes. And if you are looking for a nice destination in this part of the US check out LatinVFR's Raleigh-Durham. Together with Santa Ana-Orange County one of my favorites.
  10. Wolkenschreck

    WF Scenery Beijing - new Simmarket installer buggy?

    HI Mark, hi Luis! Thanks a lot for your answers guys! Glad to know I am not the only one with the activation problem. So actually what I expected and hoped for with no ideas left on my side. Never had problem with Simmarket before and great to hear they are working on it. Enjoy the weekend and thanks again!
  11. Hi guys! Is anybody here using WF Scenery Beijing? Simmarket sent me a mail today that a update is available. It's a full new build and hence a new install is necessary. So after running through the install screen I get stuck at the window where I have to enter the authorization key. The installer is simply not accepting my key. At the first run I tried my authorization key I got during my first install back in January. With no success I restarted the installer and now used the register function in the browser window to generate a new authorization key. The new key Simmarket generated is exactly identical with the one I got with my first installation in January (serial + the online generated string during registration). A few tries later (also tried my laptop) three registrations are wasted and the installer still don't accept my key. To get Beijing back for the time being I used the old installer from January (saved it on my backup drive) and there I could enter my key and it was accepted without any problem. I have 81 orders in my account and that's the first time I can't get my key to work. Don't want to wast my remaining activations in case the installer is buggy. My assumption is that they used a new serial by incident for building the installer and did't updated the customer accounts. On the other hand I have no clue who Simmarket's installer are working. So has anybody today tried the new Beijing update and succeeded with the Installation? Cheers,
  12. Wolkenschreck

    AI traffic in P3D v4

    Hi Geoff! No teeth pulling here after all. Actually I'm glad if I can help a bit. Working with the xml-stuff was also new for me. Looking on you setup and folder structure everything looks fine to me. Remember the xml must be named "add-on.xml", not "AI Traffic Aircraft.xml" So just put all aircraft in your F:\P3D Add-on\AI Traffic-Aircraft folder, and the effects in the Effects folder, traffic.bgl's in the scenery folder and textures which are calling for the FS Main texture folder (like the FAIB lightmaps) go in the texture global folder. AIFP (newest version) is already looking for add-on.xml's so this will work straight out of the box. One last word of caution: Even though you can use the default Editor to make the xml-file (simply renaming it from .txt to .xml) Loockheed Martin recommends to use UTF-8 as coding. So if you want to go the last step better use the great freeware Notepad++ and use it to make any xml-file. Getting started is the hardest part. But after a bit of playing with it you can soon add all your aircraft, AI, sceneries etc. via the xml-approach. This will make it a lot easier in the future to apply Hotfixes and Updates from LM as the sim itself stays tidy and clean.
  13. Wolkenschreck

    AI traffic in P3D v4

    Hi Geoff. There should be a "Prepar3D v4 Add-ons" folder in your Documents folder. Make a new folder inside, call it "AI Traffic" or whatever you like. And there place the xml-file. E.g.: XXX:\Documents\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons\AI Traffic - Aircraft Then adjust the folder paths in the xml-file (<Path>) to the location where you have installed your AI. PS: If you are using any FSDT or Flightbeam airport you should find already some folders inside the "Prepar3D v4 Add-ons" with corresponding xml-files. You could use them as template for your own file.
  14. Wolkenschreck

    AI traffic in P3D v4

    To keep P3D clean you can also use the add-on.xml-approach to tell the sim where your traffic setup is located. So no need to move anything in the root folders anymore. My add-on.xml for AI: <SimBase.Document Type="AddOnXml" version="4,0" id="add-on"> <AddOn.Name>AI Traffic - Aircraft</AddOn.Name> <AddOn.Description>AI Traffic - Aircraft</AddOn.Description> <AddOn.Component> <Category>SimObjects</Category> <Path>D:\Prepar3D Add-on\AI Traffic - Aircraft</Path> </AddOn.Component> <AddOn.Component> <Category>Effects</Category> <Path>D:\Prepar3D Add-on\AI Traffic - Aircraft\effects</Path> </AddOn.Component> <AddOn.Component> <Name>AI Traffic - Aircraft</Name> <Category>Scenery</Category> <Path>D:\Prepar3D Add-on\AI Traffic - Aircraft\scenery</Path> </AddOn.Component> <AddOn.Component> <Category>Texture</Category> <Path>D:\Prepar3D Add-on\AI Traffic - Aircraft\texture global</Path> <Type>GLOBAL</Type> </AddOn.Component> </SimBase.Document>
  15. Wolkenschreck

    FS Global Ultimate NG Download Version Released

    Any chance someone could post a shot of a short final on KVJI before and after using the flattening tool? I'd like to see how well the flattening tool works... _________________________________________________ Sure Jeff! Here you go: Christoph