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  1. Mine is set on service1, is it good for Europe?
  2. Yeah i know thanks. I just put my minimum visibility on AS options to 10. Problem solved, yeah i know it's not realistic but, hey i can live without fog. It is better from two evil, to chose one.
  3. That problem persist a long time, but you know, 80% of the people here, use Active Sky as weather engine. Than, it was summer, and it is very little or non chance to catch some fog somewhere. Than came fall, and there it is, fog everywhere...and triangles everywhere. As i said, it don't bother me, cause i turn my lights off durring CATIII landing, just like RL pilots do. But how to tell that to AI, that they have to turn lights off? Only thing that bother me about this "triangle effect" is that they appear once visibility goes under 10 miles, as i said, it is fall, and it is normal that on evening you have low visibility, but it's not normal to see planes pushing white triangles in front.
  4. Amazing thing is that those triangles appear only at evening and night, at least for me. Normally when FS need to render spotlight.bmp. As i said before, FS must use, i think, some texture for that fog effect. Question is which one? It must be comeing from...somewhere...or it is some fx. file from effect folder.
  5. You don't need 3D shockwave lights for that effect, only texture. You got the link on a first page in some message. And yeah FS deals with a fog very strange, it also look strange.
  6. @John...Its very easy to try this thing, just don't turn AS on, and thats all. Than go to weather options, and put theme called "Fogged in". You will see the same thing as we do, during night. You can go back to "User defined" any time.Or, if you use AS, than try to land on Milan-Malpensa at evening. There is always fog there in this time of the year.@rjprest...Could you tell us what kind of tweak you perform on PMDG? I'm really curious to fix this annoying thing. It's not that i can't land without lights, hey in real life pilots do turn off lights during heavy fog. But it look UGLY when i see some triangles moving around.And yeah, i put Redux 3D on PMDG, same thing...no change.
  7. Anybody know how FS make that fog anyway? I mean, does it use some textures or what. I think it's not problem in spotlight texture but in that thing or whatever that make fog, some alpha channel or something.
  8. I put, again, Nicks lights...same thing during foggy weather, no change at all. Except that those triangles are blue now, instead of white.
  9. Thanks for replays, a matter of fact i do have shockwave lights installed, bud didn't put them jet on MD11. @red1: And for the runway lights, it is custom made halo.bmp just send it to you via PM.
  10. Yeah, i do...also, indigo stuff, FS elemental...there is no "spotlight.bmp" i didn't try.Here is visibility 30mile , lights are the same...Same lights/texture, same position, 1 mile vis. FOG!From the outside, again vis. 30, same plane, same lights......1 mile again, FOG... :( See what i'm talking about?
  11. So there is no chance to remove those triangles during foggy weather?
  12. Ok, first of all i've changed spotlight.bmp in Texture folder, but when its foggy, i still see those triangle looking light beam. For example, on ARIANE 737, i don't see them, but on every PMDG plane 737,747,MD11, it's there. Is there any other texture that i have to change, to get rid of those triangles looking landing lights?Sometimes, when it's fog, and night time i don't even see runway and taxiway....thanks!
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