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  1. Currently in the process of updating the air file and cfg for this bird. Stay tuned :smile:
  2. Once you have loaded your payload onto the aircraft, press the "REQUEST" button on the CDU PERF page. This should fill in all the info i.e. the ZFW etc automatically. You shouldn't need to manually do the calculation and shouldn't have to manually put in the numbers. Just a tip ^_^ Regards, Nandan
  3. Hey AirKevin, In real life the airplane is very "slippery" i.e. doesn't bleed off speed so well, and spoilers are often used to slow down the aircraft. I think this is as close as we are gonna get to the real aircraft. Regards, Nandan
  4. Hey guys, letting you know that the POSKY/SkySpirit Boeing 777-300ER merge is up! Get it here: http://forum.avsim.net/topic/426133-new-poskyskyspirit-pss-boeing-777-300er-merge-package/ Enjoy! :smile: Nandan
  5. Hi everyone. Good news! As you are probably all aware, I uploaded the POSKY/SkySpirit-PSS Boeing 777-200ER merge a while back now, and it was very successful. Incase you haven't here's the link for it (http://forum.avsim.net/topic/392445-new-poskyskyspirit-pss-boeing-777-200er-merge-packages/). Well... finally the time has come. I have packaged up the long awaited Boeing 777-300ER! So without further delay, i'll just present you with the list of what it contains and also the download link. Here is the full list of FEATURES (also included in the README): The latest SkySpirit 777-300ER models have been used. VNAV fixed. VNAV profile works better. FLCH fixed. Can now use FLCH (flight level change). This now gives a more realistic result. ILS: Localizer interception is much smoother than previous merges. Correct thrust setting in the FDE, according to the thrust the real world engines produce. Remade FDE: air file and aircraft.cfg were remade according to the 777-300ER specifications and performance. Engine start up corrected – the spool up time of the engine now matches the real world aircraft spool up time. EGT rise is more realistic and matches the real world aircraft. Drag settings modified in the FDE – the aircraft is more slippery just like the real world aircraft. Flap drag settings corrected – there are now correct drag values for each flap setting. Thrust scale adjusted to match the real world aircraft for all phases of flight – takeoff, cruise and descent. The aircraft now gives correct N1 settings at each stage of flight. This was achieved by testing the aircraft with different weights and configurations against the real world data. The aircraft was then matched to this data. Spoiler drag adjusted – the wing spoilers now give realistic drag. Landing gear drag adjusted – the landing gear now gives realistic drag. When the aircraft is light weight, it will be able to taxi at idle throttle, just like the real world aircraft. Weights are according to the real world Boeing 777-300ER aircraft. Auto throttle works without a problem. The 777’s flight characteristics match its real world counterpart, the producer has a 777 simulator type rating and so the flight dynamics are as realistic as they can be. His father is a real world 777 Captain. The merge flies very realistically. The latest POSKY utility has been added to the merge (i.e. refuelling trucks, catering trucks and the pushback tug etc.). To view and use it, when flying: press “Alt” then go under “View” then “Instrument Panel” and click “posky util”. The latest animations will be shown. When you load up your aircraft, all the weight will act at the centre of gravity of the aircraft. The aircraft and its performance have been tested against the real aircraft using real world data i.e. Boeing 777-300ER drag graphs, engine thrust graphs etc. The merge has been made to fit that data and real flight characteristics, and match the real aircraft as close as possible. 6 wing views included. From the 2D panel, press the following numbers on the number pad on the keyboard: 1, 3, 4, 6, 7 and 9. So here you go, download and start flying! Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/fghegyo33bceq9g/SkySpirit-PSS-B777-300ER-Merge.rar Let me know how it flies! Any feedback would be appreciated ^_^ . (Just post here). YOU MUST OWN THE PSS 777 PACKAGE TO USE THIS MERGE. ALL THE INFORMATION ABOUT THE MERGE IS INCLUDED IN THE README. Thanks to PSS for their panel, and SkySpirit for the Boeing 777-300ER model. Enjoy, Nandan
  6. Hey everyone! Sorry for the late late laaaate reply! Don't worry guys, I got good news for you. I have been working on a Boeing 777-300ER merge :biggrin: !!! I've done 1 proper flight with it. Seems good to go, just needs tweaking regarding the fuel_flow_scalar and my mate who did the 200ER merge FDE, hasn't got the fuel burn data from the real world aircraft (well atleast i don't think he has it). Although the fuel flow does seem pretty accurate as of now. I can upload the existing one. But it's not perfect, it's getting there though. Maybe you guys can change the fuel_flow_scalar by yourselves to get the correct fuel burn? Will start flying it again shortly, and will being doing more flights with it. At this stage though, it's pretty good and flyable. Once again, I apologize for the late reply! Just letting you know I haven't disappeared from the scene just yet :wink: Thanks! Nandan
  7. Hey im back from my holiday so time to answer some questions! Regarding fuel burn on the ground, i have noticed the problem too, but ground and taxi fuel is such a small factor that i suggest just loading up more fuel for the taxi. I dont think it is possible to change this. Changing the fuel flow scalar will stuff up the fuel burn for the flying fuel burn portion of the flight, which is in my opinion, more important than the ground and taxi fuel burn. Regards :smile: , Nandan
  8. Yup, i guess i will have to. But not now. I am slightly busy. Will have it uploaded next month sometime hopefully. For now, just reduce both the MOI pitch and roll values by 7.5million in my package when you install it. Should only take 1 min. That is the only fix that needs to be done i believe. Ummm no sorry . But Level D do have a great 767! And i once used a merge from avsim or flightsim.com where it used the Level D 767 panel with the POSKY 767 model if i remember correctly haha. Cheers, Nandan
  9. Cheers Scott! The air file and aircraft.cfg was actually the work of a mate haha. I merely put the package together :smile: . By the way everyone, reducing the pitch and roll MOI values by 7.5 million worked really well for me! Flies even more smoothly now, and i didnt even have a roll or pitch problem to begin with! I guess, ill be keeping and using this setup from now on :lol: Be sure to try it out!!! :biggrin: Nandan
  10. Hey everyone! Just like to update you on anything ive been doing on the merge. Currently i have reduced the MOI pitch and roll values by 7,500,000 (7.5 million) and it's working great! I didn't have a rocking problem to begin with but i changed the 2 values anyway and it's working well :biggrin: .Bring both values down even if you only had a problem with 1 parameter (ie if you only had a problem with roll, still bring both down). This is so the values are closer to the calculated values which were calculated using the equation in the FS2004 container SDK. So try it out guys! And tell us how it goes! ^_^ Nandan.
  11. Oh sweet. Extra fuel shouldn't cause bouncing i would imagine. Mike777 you said the rolling side to side only happens when you switch between dense and light scenery and such, is this true? Does it happen in flight? I get the side to side rolling when i un-pause sometimes. But i think this is normal. It doesn't happen to me during flight. I might reduce the MOI pitch and roll values by 5,000,000 just to bring it closer to the calculated value which i obtained from using the formula given in the FS9 aircraft container. Nandan
  12. Hey! When you say "nose up, nose down", by nose down, do you mean you descended? Or was it just levelling off to gain some speed, because that happens to my aircraft a bit. Did you use VNAV for the descent? As a general rule of thumb, if anyone is wondering, is calculate the Top Of Descent (first 2 digits of your cruise level, e.g. 31000, use 31), multiplay by 3, add 3NM on. Then use Flight Path Angle and crank it to -3.2. This should get you neatly at the desired altitude you want too. If you need to fly to a certain altitude by a waypoint, then use: (flight level - desired altitude by waypoint) x 3 + 3. E.g. FL310, need to be 10000ft by certain waypoint: (31-10)x3 +3. -3.2 Flight Path Angle. Let me know if when you changed the MOI's if VNAV worked for you. Because the VNAV isn't good on the PSS, unless you've programmed it into the FMC correctly. I don't trust it. Just let us know if the changing of MOI's did any good. It'd be awesome if it fixed the problem :lol: Thanks, Nandan
  13. Mike, do you want people to change "empty_weight_roll_MOI=" or "empty_weight_pitch_MOI =" or both? I have searched heaps, and can't find a definitive answer to what these parameters do. Can you or someone please explain what each of the MOI parameters do (the empty_weight_roll_MOI= & empty_weight_pitch_MOI =)? Cheers, Nandan
  14. What exactly do you guys mean when you say "the plane is bouncing up and down at cruise level" ? Like does it climb a few feet, then descend etc? Is it during the climb? Thanks, Nandan
  15. +1 on Mike's post. Would like to know also. Mike, have you also tried it out? Any problems or issues?
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