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  1. Truthan

    Map Version update

    Map Service 1 is now at 304. Map service 3 remains at 1.9 In addition it appears that Service 4 is now utilizing Map Service 1 for their satellite textures, thus rendering it a moot choice (or even perhaps an inoperable one) if anyone was even using it....-Ed
  2. Truthan

    Map Version update

    Thanks Giovanni,The map_version=213 update has been noted and changed in the tutorial ini, as well as indications of the November 16th version being the latest update.-Ed
  3. For new users, here is a brief "Quick Guide" tutorial to getting started in TileProxy:'s HIGHLY recommended that all users take the time to read the TP MANUAL in it's entirety. Many answers to basic questions posed here in the forum may be found there, and you'll find out everything you wanted to know about TP and more. Here's an online version with handy "Quick Links" at the top of the page to jump to topics you might need to quickly access: thanks from all of us in the global Flightsim community to TP author Christian Buchner for his tireless dedication to TP."We finally have a REAL Earth to fly...."Happy Landings,-Ed Truthan
  4. Truthan

    Map Version update

    Yes, Thanks for the updates Arista. We've been busy moving to another home across the state since July 1st and I've finally got my rig back up and running. Whew!I've just updated the Pre-Configured ProxyUser.ini file available at the Quick-Guide Tutorial to reflect the new map versions and Service 2's "kh*" to "khm*" URL changes. All services seem to be working fine with them. The Beta 6 ProxyUser.ini file has been updated too for those who still prefer to use that version, and I added a few minor clarifications to the tutorial text as well.Happy Landings to all!-Ed
  5. Truthan

    Map Version update

    Thanks CB! I've updated the tutorial ProxyUser.ini's for both Beta 7 and Beta 6 accordingly. -Ed
  6. This has cropped up again on my system so I thought I'd post the results of some of my tests and a work around concerning the issue.If you get black tiles in an area surrounding your aircraft immediately upon loading FS9 with Beta 7 DON'T FRET. Some tests I've run has shown this seems to be a temporary condition with either your "first load" of FS9, or after switching back to FS9 from FSX, and seems to concern the new LOD pre-load functions of Beta 7. Once you've booted into this "black tile" condition, changing locations doesen't seem to help in most instances. Luckily, there's a workaround that also seems to "fix" it from happening again, either permantly (Step 1) or with preloads enabled (Step 2). Here's the work around: Disable the Preload Function1.Shut down TP and FS9 and then "trick" TP into disabling the TP preload function by changing the preload min/max entries in the proxyuser.ini file to look like this:preload_min_lod=9preload_max_lod=8Now start TP and FS9 and load a flight. Without the preloads enabled everything should load normally. If you want to you can leave your ini this way and just do without the preload function from here on, but if you wish, move on and try step 2.2. Now here's the wierd thing: After loading a flight WITHOUT the preloads enabled as in step 1, if you again shut down TP and FS9 and RETURN the preload entries back to thier original settings of:preload_min_lod=8preload_max_lod=12...and then load the SAME FLIGHT, everything then boots as normal (OK you say, that's not unusual because the textures are already cached right?), BUT get this, all successive flights seem to load without the black tile issue as well for some reason; and thereafter FS9 seems "fixed". I can even unload the TileProxy driver, clean out the World folder and Caches and it still loads fine. If I change to FSX for a while however, the same behavior in FS9 repeats all over again when returning to it. (!?)One thing FS9 users should also be aware of too, though Beta 7 can now preload LOD levels of between 8-17 in FSX, and while in theory FS9 the max preload limit is LOD 13 (4.75 meters/pixel), the reason my preconfigured FS9 proxyUser.ini from the Quick Guide is set at 8-12 because some tests have shown when a max limit of 13 is specified it will often load black tiles immediately under the aircraft, irregardless of the fix above. This further indicates that the preload function (for FS9 at least) should be the first thing looked at if black tile issues arise for you. I have also found that as an alternative to disabling the preload all together (as in step 1 above) just lowering the max level to 11 and loading a flight in A NEW LOCATION sometimes is enough to fix the black tile problem too. If this is successful, returning to a max of 12 thereafter also seems to do away with the problem in the same way a complete preload disable does. If you have both FSX and FS9 and sometimes will fly both, Beta 7 seems the best choice as the preloads and other improvements over Beta 6 are good for fSX, and the FS9 workaround seems to work fine... BUT for those who ONLY plan to use FS9 with TileProxy may wish to revert to Beta 6 and avoid these issues altogether....more info and a pre-configured Beta 6 proxUser.ini may be found at: These observations are of course based on my own system and experiences, but I've run the scenario several times to verify the behavior and always gotten the same results.-Ed
  7. Truthan

    Why am I seeing this ?

    What location is this?
  8. Truly a stunning show there. Breathtaking in fact. And at what resolution may I ask? Ya know, it's almost embarrassing to recall that it was not that long ago that the bland, effectless, waterless, world of FS2000 actually could conjure up in us a few thrilling moments by loading a small area of some newly released 38m freeware mesh that really only provided just enough landscape relief to allow us to squint our eyes and with all our might attempt to "hypnotize" ourselves into suspending our disbelief for just long enough to grasp a fleeting moment ot two of half imagined immersion. It''s just astonishing how for our hobby has come. Really extraordinary shots. I must fly up that way soon! Hmmm, lets see...The Dalles to Hood River, then Hood River to Mt. St. Helens...St. Helens to Astoria...ahhh yes, on into the Olympic Range....
  9. Truthan

    The missing final LOD

    Mystery here too...but it seems to settle down after a few trys... I loaded a flight at Laramie, Wyoming with preloads at 8 to 12 (Service 3) and got black tiles at the highest LOD ring. Rebooted TP and FS, switched to Boulder, Colorado and same thing. Then I lowered the preload max to 11 and rebooted again at Gunnison, Colorado, and the black tiles were gone. To make sure it was not just the location that made the difference, I increased preload max back to 12 at Gunnison again and no black tiles appeared. Went back to Laramie, Wyoming with the SAME 8 to 12 settings I had started with and it loaded fine! I cleared out my World Folder and Caches between these loads as well, just to make sure the loads were "fresh". Also, few times today TP has just stopped cold half way through a load and but on a second try loaded up fine at the same location. The just previous version of "Latest" (that you said had the water mask error that you fixed and was only up for a day or so) didn't give me any problems for the few hours I flew on it over the weekend. What could be the difference I wonder? Hmmm, it's no big worry though CB...with a little TLC TP still seems to get up and run fine in FS9 overall, and FSX never looked better.Can't thank you enough for all your dedication to this project get some well deserved rest!
  10. Truthan

    The missing final LOD

    Yup! Same here. Figured that out the hard way. After a bunch of testing in FS9 today, I too came to the conclusion that setting preload_max_lod levels at anything over 12 in FS9 caused the black square problem. Restricting it to "preload_max_lod=12" or even lower cleared up the problem for me on three different services. I've updated the Beta 7 FS9 Quick Guide ini so others won't have the issue crop up. In FSX, having the full "preload_max_lod=15" doesn't seem to be an issue so I'm leaving that one as it is in the FSX ini. (Nice trick on the min/max value crossover to disable the preload too CB! I'll have to remember that one).
  11. On system specs, actually I am using a 4+ year old Dell XPS system (specs below) with a sigle core processor, so I have not been able to enjoy the dual core additional speeds Beta 7 offers in FSX. Having black tiles or water display immediatly under the aircraft is an often mentioned topic. In my experience it happens most often when a level of textures is being called upon by the ini settings that doesn't exist in the online data base for the chosen map server at a given location. In FS9 this often displays as black tiles, and in FSX as water. In your Yosemite screen shots it looks as though you're using Service 2. Check their online interface and you'll see the highest LOD texture level doesn't appear to be over 16 (60 cm/pixel), if that. Service 3 seems to have one level higher (maybe). Many areas outside of population centers contain less than maximum resolution, thus .ini settings higher than say, max_lod=15 (i.e. Map Service: max_level=17) may cause anomalies such as those you see if you load a flight at a higher resolution origination point and then jump to or fly out of it into an area where only lower resolution tiles exist.Finally, though it's by no means a sure fire technique, I have found that in the online data base if you zoom to your location, then zoom BACK OUT all the way to the planet wide map and consider it to be "level 1", then zoom back in slowly ONE CLICK of the zoom slider "+" sign at a time, counting each click as an LOD level, you can reasonably assess the maximum LOD level available at that location. This is complicated in Service 2's online maps window because it's fully zoomed out map is SO ZOOMED OUT it appears to be a virtual "level 0" or "-0". Bottom line is, not trying to load a resolution level that's not in the map servers database to begin with seems, for me anyway, to minimize many irregularities in TP.-EdDell XPS Gen 2 DesktopWindows XP Proffesional SP2Pentium 4 3Ghz (Single Core) Hyperthreaded120GB x 2 SATA Raid0 HDD Array (240GB Total)2GB Dual Channel DDR SDRAM at 400mHzEVGA NVidia 7800 GS CO AGP 8x Video Card 256MBSound Blaster Audigy SE Sound Card
  12. Justin,P.S. Also, for the record, those last screenshots you posted are mottled because your flight time looks as if were near sunset to my eye. A mixed dawn/dusk texture blending was likely the problem. It's usually best to fly TP when the sun is up a bit higher to avoid the problem. My screenshots at the link above were taken around 11 a.m. or so.
  13. Justin,I loaded up Fresno-Yosimite International (FYI) at 30cm resolution and at first got the blurred results you got. Interestingly, I then dropped down the "Add-ons" menu in FS and used the TileProxy Control Panel to hit the "Refresh Scenery" command and presto! High resolution. Afterword I reloaded TP and FS from scratch and it loaded high resolution textures on the first try. It did take surprisingly long the second time, like the initial load and refresh from before, and you'd think it would have been at least a bit shorter the second time, but none the less it loaded fine. Here are the ini settings I used, and a link to my Fresno screenshots and a download for the the ProxyUser.ini I used if you wanna try it.max_lod=17preload_min_lod=9preload_max_lod=12#source=Acme Globe Servicesource=Service Example 1#source=Service Example 2#source=Service Example 3#source=Service Example 4Under Service Example 1(VE):min_level=9max_level=19level_mapping=9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19Link to screenshots and ini: luck and tell us how you fare.-Ed
  14. Hi Justin,Also remember to check and see if your Texture Limiter in the FSX Display Settings dialogue is set to allow 60cm and/or 30cm resolution!I've recently added an auxillary page to the "Quick Guide" that goes over some of this: for good measure to clarify Christian's advice, change:"max_lod=15" to "max_lod=17" this changes the maximum allowable resolution from 1.1 meters/pixel to 30cm/pixel.Then under your map service Service Entry change:min_level=9max_level=17tomin_level=9max_level=19Also, you do not nessecarily need to use the Level_Mapping function to see the higher resolutions unless you want to re-map some of the higher levels to lower levels. Let us know how you do!-Ed
  15. Hi CB,I installed the Beta 7 Final "Update" and after doing some tweaks to the ProxyUser.ini file can report reasonably satisfactory FS9 performance. (Though Beta 6 seems possibly be a more stable performer for FS9 in general). But, for those who wish to have the new Beta 7 features on board for FSX and who ocasionally will go and fly FS9 too, I'll soon update the Quick Guide (and ini) for this latest "Update" release. I'm thinking of providing a Beta 6 ini Version too for those who plan only to use FS9. Do you plan to leave a copy of the Beta 6 version at Sourceforge? If not, I can provide a copy on my server if you didn't mind.One last question: I am getting a often repeated text message I've never seen before with FS9 with the "Update" version: "TILE API: Invalid water mask size for conditional_erosion_dilation<> function!" TP continues to work and load tiles but this popping up as the TP screen scrolls quite a bit. Any idea what's up whith that?