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  1. sidh


    What if I had to check it from 19000FT . What calculated figures should I take if suppose WT is 70Tons and FL190. Which isn't shown here [
  2. sidh

    PMDG 787 Dreamliner

    Exactly , we will be left with those options only.. but That will also be impractical I am sure..
  3. sidh

    PMDG 787 Dreamliner

    Time is the key to it. WHY? Let us make here a situation.. PMDGs last product in line will be the 777 ,747V2 and DC-6. What After that ?NO more development? They don't have any new aircrafts to make(May be they complete the past boeings like 767s/757s) & the new ones cannot be made due to these limits. Nobody would want utmost company like PMDG to close.. They are the reason why people do Hardcore simming I remember the times when features that were said impossible 5-6 years ago are now made possible.Example totally a different FBW systems working independently,ENGs ,WXR. working independently outside FSX. Where there is a will, there will be a way.
  4. sidh

    PMDG 787 Dreamliner

    So does that mean that in future if all the boeing planes start to come with EFBs(which indeed will happen) than PMDG will not develop it? Just because it is all on glass and impossible to code within limits?
  5. sidh

    PMDG 787 Dreamliner

    Considering PMDG has official license to Boeing.. 787 can't go missed!
  6. Hello PMDG , First of all I would like to wish you all the best for the upcoming 747 V2. Which I am sure will be a blast! However, I am really really anticipated for PMDG 787 Dreamliner ! It will be my dream come true to see the product from PMDG itself! Is this aircraft considered for further development after V2 or DC6?
  7. in P3D V3, Imaginesim VIDP is unplayable.. Extreme lags
  8. sidh

    Windows 10 & P3D V3

    Thank you everyone! I am upgrading to Win10, :smile:
  9. Hello Everyone, Is it a good combo? I mean compatibility & performance wise? Thanks in advance
  10. Would getting 2 GTX 970 SLI be better than getting a Single GTX 980 ? Price will still be less. & Liam, Can you tell how does it perform with all the high end addons..?? are you getting 30 FPS locked ? (WITH REX4,ASN,UT,PMDG,AIRPORT ADDONS ETC) ??
  11. Thanks a lot everyone for your suggestions, So right now I have 2 options either to wait till next year or get GTX 970 with 6700K series and Z170 board but since I will be very busy with ATPL exams next year for now I might go with 6700K,OCd GTX970 and Z170 board... Is any one currently owning the 6700k here??
  12. Hello everyone, I have spent countless money on FSX in hope of getting it smooth but could not. Since new P3D V3 looks promising I have decided to upgrade my current PC which is.: I7 2600K @ 4.2 Ghz GTX 680 8GB DDR-III But with this PC that I currently have ,P3D fails to perform with High end addons like - PMDG,ASN,REX4.I get about 20 FPS and addons airports it's as less as 12-15 ) So after watching youtube videos on new RIGs where P3D V3 performs much better My new Upgrad shall be I7 4970K GTX980 (4GB) 16GB RAM However I still doubt if I upgrade , It(FPS) will not be siginificantly improved. I remember few months back when People used to say get i7 2600k series and its smooth as anything but No. Will the above requirements promise me to give @least 25-30 FPS LOCKED with All high end addons & settings to High?I cannot composite visuals . Is having a Smooth NON LAGGY sim a myth? Low FPS - Simulation experience ruined for me . Please help me out Thanks in Advance ... (People with same RIGs as above can guide me better or any one expert in it) Best regards
  13. Hi guys, Where do you get all the latest v= version for google?where Can I see it? Thanks in advance !