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  1. I've been told by the Fenix team that the Fenix.GqlGateway application is the application that produces the sounds you hear in the announcements. So it would be weird if you were getting these sounds without that app running! You should see it in Task Manager!
  2. Is anything from Fenix showing up in volume mixer? If you wouldn't mind checking this whilst an announcement is in progress it would be great.
  3. They're not absolutely working if the Fenix.GqlGateway is not showing up in Volume Mixer
  4. I am not getting these announcements at all, because this Fenix.Gqlgateway does not appear in my Volume mixer in Windows.... Somehow I don't think it is starting when I run the Fenix. I have reinstalled twice, and everything else is working as normal but this seems not to. If anyone has any ideas it would be most appreciated. Thanks
  5. Yeah I turned on the PA knob on the pedestal. Just get no sounds. I think somehow the Fenix.GqlGateway application (this is the application that actually plays the sounds, they don’t come from the sim) just isn’t playing sounds. I think those that have them working will see this in the windows volume mixer, it’s just not there for me.
  6. Anybody else not getting the Cabin Announcements? Yes it’s enabled in the EFB, and yes I have turned on and up the PA knob. I don’t hear them in the cabin either… Many thanks.
  7. Presuming with custom auto OLOD unchecked, this app will do nothing with OLOD and it will just be always at what I set it in the sim?
  8. I was getting CTD with 737 every single flight in the beta without fail. I noticed that using the swapper thing left a rogue file lying around as well as the two dll files. I removed this, and was able to complete a flight with the PMDG. Maybe a coincidence, but I was getting a CTD every single flight, and then was able to complete one after removing. I might try one more this evening and see if it crashes again but it’s already gone 1am!
  9. I would be interested to know if those experiencing CTDs have used the DLSS Swapper utility. I'm sure the majority won't have used it, but there may be some that have.
  10. Yeah this bug is a pain. I get it whether using either of these apps or not, just always there. Asobo should really prioritise this. With the advent of FG so many are using DX12 now and it’s pretty bad that it results in this.
  11. Sorry I was typing my reply, and this was posted whilst typing and I didn’t notice!! Thanks for the clarification. Of course not that you need anyone’s approval, but that seems to be great to have both options basically and sounds like something I’d be really happy with!
  12. Thanks for this, I don’t see an option on the right for the TLOD changes on ground, so I’m assuming that leaving the TLOD Min on Ground/Landing, unchecked, in essence means that the TLOD will change on the ground…? So a bit of a nomenclature change? And leaving this unchecked also will mean the application will remain fully automatic and not target TLOD min at 1000ft AGL on descent etc?
  13. Is it still possible to have how it was in the previous version or is that gone? It worked perfectly for me just having it change TLOD on the ground and setting a minimum and max TLOD and letting the app do the rest… I may have missed something/misunderstood, but this seems basically just like the Dynamic LOD rather than Auto. There you set what the TLOD should be at 0 AGL and then it slowly changed up to whatever you set it. When I load into the flight why would I want to be at my minimum TLOD if my FPS are above my target? I’m just reducing the visual quality when I have headspace for a higher TLOD. Similarly, why would I want to be at my minimum TLOD at 1000ft AGL when descending if I am getting way more FPS than my target? I’m just reducing visual quality for no reason again. In my opinion the previous auto version was perfect and simple. When you were below the FPS target it would reduce and when you were above it would increase, all within your desired max and min TLOD constraints. I really think this is so much better, than forcing me to a lower TLOD when I might not want it.
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