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  1. Dear All, I've been running FSX with a bunch of addons with an HP Laptop with i7 4700mq for some time, but I've finally grown tired of lack of performance and I'm looking to get a new desktop, probably solely for FSX and using my current laptop for everything else. I have a budget of around £1000-£1400, and am looking for some advice. I've looked at purchasing from Chillblast and there seem to be two options for me; Fusion Hurricane 5 - https://www.chillblast.com/chillblast-fusion-hurricane-5-flight-sim-pc.html?category_id=417 or Fusion Status 2 - https://www.chillblast.com/chillblast-fusion-stratus-2-flight-sim-pc-designed-by-matt-davies.html?category_id=417 I like the idea of the overclocked CPU on the FH5, but the 6GB GPU and the 1TB SSHD of the FS2. If I re-configure the FH5 with the higher memory GPU and the SSHD it still comes out cheaper that the FS2. I guess i am asking a few questions; i) Does anyone have any experience of Chillblast? ii) Does anyone have any experience of these particular models? iii) If i were to just change these things would there be anything else I would have to change? (I'm rather suspicious of the fact that if I just reconfigure the FS2 to include overclocking it is more expensive than doing by changing the GPU and drive on the FH5) iv) Is it worth spending an extra £133 for the i7 - 7700k (the default for both is the i5-7600k) If anyone could offer any advice it would be greatly appreciated, though I appreciate this wold involve maybe having to and play around with re-configuring of these desktops. Thanks, Andrew