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  1. Thanks for those maps updates AristaBarry
  2. I have just flown in TP from LOWI - and everything looked good. Paste your INI file here as a TXT file and we can have a look at it to see if there is anything wrong with itBarry
  3. What map version are you accessing?Barry
  4. ChristianLooks like the G*** map version is now 29 - and the web address has changed slightly (as per another post) http://khm2.google.com.au/kh?v=29&hl=en&t=tsrtqBarry
  5. Thats exactly where I have been testing FS9 TP out over the past week - as an Aussie, I didn't really have a great knowledge of this area - now with the scenery as presented by TP and a bit of further research, I'm an expert!!:) I can even tell the difference between Mt Adams and Mt Hood Barry
  6. I have setup my FS9 INI file to do away with the preloading feature (in accordance with Christian's "trick" to do this) as it was giving me black squares on startup. And I have used Ed's level mapping numbers for increased res close in -- and I am a happy flier. I have always used FS9 as a "geography lesson" - quite additional to the flying/aircraft aspect of the sim. However with default textures and mesh, it never felt quite right.Now with TP and using 38 metre mesh along the US west coast - it is great ..Thanks ChristianBarry
  7. Mine is now working perfectly - and yet I haven't done anything to it. Mystery!!Barry
  8. Very good - is there any way of telling what level of the slider in either G*** Maps or Y***maps correlates with either 4.7metres/pixel for FS9 or 1 metre/pixel for FSxFor example, I can see the kind of maximum resolution available for both by simply looking at them - but don't know how this will equate to either SimThanks Barry
  9. You aren't going to believe this - but after a couple of successful flights (without the preload faciity, using your amended numbers) -- I changed them back again and now eveything is working fine!!I wonder if this problem is/was related to the Service provider somehow??Barry
  10. Hi ChristianThanks again for the helpAttached is the "not working" INI file.As soon as I changed the max and min Preload levels to the figures you said, the problem went away and eveything worked perfectly - without the preload , of course.
  11. Forgot to answer your question - the airport is Evergreen Sky Ranch 51WA in Washington USABarry
  12. I just had a look at the "manage Service Caches" facility - and it is now only showing data for 5 levels (as would now be expected) . Before it was showing 6 levels of data when level 13 was the max preload level -- so it looks to me like the problem is that the Sim itself is not displaying the final level 13 dataBarry
  13. Hi ChristianThanks for the help. I tried reducing the max preload level to 12 as you suggested - but still the same result. The number of levels preloaded ( as seen in the TP DOS box) went from 6 to 5 (as expected) - however when the Sim loaded , I was expecting my Modem lights to show activity as the Sim asked for the final level of textures - but it appeared to me that it was not happening.I also tried this on another Service provider - and got the same result.Something appears to have changed between my last installation (which worked fine - with only the occasional black square) Regards barry
  14. Hi allSince installing the latest version with the pre-load feature, using Service 3 I am getting thishttp://forums.avsim.net/user_files/185909.jpgThe "Manage Service Cache" facility is showing me that I have data for 6 levels - and , although the zoomed in map is fairly unclear, it appears to me that the final level that shows in the cache is probably the one that the sim isn't displaying.Beats me!!Barry
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