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  1. Giving up for the night and hoping its fixed in the am. I had no idea that apparently this has been happening off and on for the past 2 weeks. Next weeks FSexpo is going to be interesting given this sudden huge drop in reliability. You cant sell if your customers cant access your product. It definitely makes my less likely to go into FS 2024 if this is the glimpse of the future.....
  2. Well looks like no flying this afternoon....This is now the 2nd major outage in less than a week - for an organization that is selling basically a cloud based service this really should be a wake up call that service is no longer reliable. Eventually this will impact FS 2024 if they cant be up 99.999% of the time
  3. This has now happened to me 3 times in the last few days - so something is going on.
  4. Ive done that before - issues occurring at the start of a flight that worked themselves out by the end...but this one seemed serious enough and horrible result that I think I will just wait till I get the all clear from the forums that they think they have fixed the issue before starting a new flight.
  5. I had an update to another program I use this AM and thought it had to be that program - the timing was perfect and it would seem that the other program would have been the issue....Of course once I killed it running and the issue was still occurring checked forums and here we are. Luckily I hadnt gotten to the point of reaching out to the other developer. Sigh Asobo/MS....
  6. Su15 us very much a "Meh" for me - at least unlike other SU releases nothing took a step back (Thanks to the Beta program in my opinion) - I really dont see any differences on my setup
  7. Unfortunately sometimes using default ATC there isnt much you can do except to use your judgement and start descending to make sure you can intercept the glideslope correctly (I know its not realistic - but has its been said until Asobo implement improvements to default ATC there isnt much that can be done and if you want better you will need to go to a 3rd party ATC). Default ATC will eventually once you get to the initial approach fix start start behaving better and should be more realistic from that point.
  8. I agree - PG works about 90% of the time for me (every once in awhile I get melted buildings but has seems to not be occurring as much lately). Non PG areas are fine - but I really fell like I get more color variation in PG areas and to see football fields or other signage where I can read the lettering clearly really makes the immersion level very high for me.
  9. It certainly would be nice at address - but can Asobo keep it from happening again with SU16? It seems they make progress then go backwards every other release
  10. Took me about 2 hours - I just let it go and watched the yo-yo speed situation...after the last soundpack one I paused and restarted - that one went quicker and finally got thru it....after a reboot (I always do one after an update)- first pass looks good. Will try a long haul tonite to see how it goes.
  11. This is what I am afraid of - my performance is really good right now and I have heard this quite a bit in forums posts I have read. I cant remember which holiday season it was but we had an update and a major performance issue occurred and we were stuck with it over the holidays - for me the worst time of year as this is when I have the most time to fly.....Hopefully if there is an issue its addressed before release or paused until it is.
  12. MSFS in game ATC taxi routes dont make sense most of the time - I am assuming its a bug in some fashion that's only addressable by Asobo. I mostly ignore when it wants me to cross the active runway 3 times to get to the end...........
  13. As it was stated marketplace add-ons will be compatible and so I will continue to buy thru the marketplace - although I am a bit leery and not sure if developers can just pull items from the marketplace if there are issues (but I assume the incentive is for them to make sure they work so keep the revenue stream up). Outside of the marketplace I think I will be more cautious for large cost items (it might be awhile before they work if there are issues)
  14. I can load with 2-3 minutes (I7 - 13000k - WD Black 850 SSD) - I really keep my community folder limited (only 3 or 4 items) and I only load the marketplace items I need (Airport I am flying to and landing + plus a couple of other marketplace aircraft). I found thats the biggest factor to keeping startup load times to be pretty quick.
  15. I actually saw lightning yesterday for the first time in ages (I thought it was actually gone completely) - but overall lightning appears way less frequently since Asobo tuned it down after the first run of issues....
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