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  1. Mine was on - turned off for now....Went to a few heavy airports where I was running at 49 - 51 fps before the change and after the change I was at 58 - 60 fps - but needs more testing obviously to see if there was any stuttering or other performance changes.
  2. I dont think that will help - it didnt for me (there wasnt any update)....
  3. From Flightsimulator.com "The team is aware and investigating this issue."
  4. I did it once awhile ago and like you regretted it - I don't think you can back out gracefully from Beta once you are in - I think you pretty much have to re install and setup back up again to be safe. For me it just not worth the set of fixes - especially now with so many custom addons that likely will need updating for the new SU to work. I will say thanks tho to those who go thru it and report issues - its much appreciated.
  5. MSFS - I am just using the standard AI MSFS traffic injection and pretty vanilla aircraft wise (no newer study level aircraft) - so that side is not so taxing. My old system could barely handle 30fps most of the time- with pretty noticeable stuttering...now its super smooth
  6. I just got a new PC going from a I5-6600 2060ti to 13700K with a 3080Ti and the performance improvement is insane. Everything pretty much maxed out visually and I can keep 60FPS easily. I was actually satisfied performance wise (I am not VR and run at 1440) even with the I5 (surprisingly) but it was time to see where where I could go......Re installing everything is so much easier now from the cloud (as a side bar)
  7. Am I the only one having Live Weather issues since the update - when I start the flight I have no clouds - there appear to be winds and baro - but when I look at the reported metar for somewhere where I know its raining and cloudy the metar in game says clear......
  8. I'm not on beta - but yes turning off all Air Traffic (Live and AI) has helped smooth things out tremendously for me.....I'm finding I dont miss that much myself......but still saddened I have to turn off features to get what I had in SU10.
  9. I am hoping this update brings back the performance of SU10 (although not specifically mentioned). This is the worst update since SU5 performance wise for me - stutters all over the place with no changes whatsoever.....
  10. This - I am definitely missing SU10 level of performance....
  11. Probably the biggest disappointment - there is a Beta program. It seemed to help for SU 10 (they even held the release to fix items) - but I have a feeling with all of the new content there may have been pressure to release even with known items.
  12. Agreed - performance is slightly worse for me (more stutters and slightly lower frame rate) and a bunch of items similar to what you pointed out. I really have begun to dread SU updates (SU10 for me was the one exception) and of course having these issues around the end of year isnt great.
  13. The one above doesnt seem to be an issue for me - However I did a windows update a few days ago (right after the su 11 update - man I hate dueling updates for trying to track down issues) and found that afterwards news and interests task was suddenly randomly taking 20 to 30 percent cpu cycles (I have none to spare lol)...I killed via task manager and that seem to help - then I disabled complete from the task bar....such a whack a mole process and never ending......
  14. I cant seem to pick a SID with a Gate anymore when setting up a flight - Man I dread updates - always 1 step forward 1 step back....
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