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  1. Gefeliciteerd, Jeroen! Altijd een welkom gezicht in de topics die ik gepost heb. ;) (For the English speaking audience(I dont want to make it seem I'm trying to shut anyone out by writing in Dutch, of course): Congratulations, Jeroen! Always a welcome face in the topics I've posted.) I dont have that much time to fly anymore and I've got pretty much everything I want, from which I know I will actually use it with the limited time I have, but on the other hand, I always like a chance to compete in guessing games. Ah well, I'd love to add FTX ESSA to my system, so... :P Here's my guess: 99997 files
  2. Im already over budget and I already need to swap out an HDD for an SSD (I thought I already had one in my old PC, but I forgot I already used that one for the PC I build for my girlfriend, couple of months ago :P ). If it would be just a couple of bucks... But I dont have another 60 (or 140) euros to spend...
  3. Yesterday I've got the components for my new PC delivered and after a couple of hours I was ready to fire it up, but it wont start. The lights go on, the fans start to spin, but that's all. After testing components (which all seem to be fine) and several hours of Googling, I found what the problem is: The Z170 BIOS, on motherboards that are sold to work with Kaby Lake CPUs, need a BIOS update before it will work. From what I can find, I would need a Skylake CPU to do the update and then switch to the Kaby Lake, but who is gonna spend a couple of 100 bucks for a CPU that will be replaced after 5 minutes of use? I dont see this as a reasonable solution, to be honest. Can someone help me out, or point me to an explanation, or instructions on how to get this problem fixed without buying an extra CPU that will be a waste of money afterwards?
  4. Oh man, I'm totally messing up, here... Been sleeping very bad, past week, it seems it starts to show. :P I'm looking in the wrong column. Of course I'm talking about the 7700k, which would be 4.2GHz withóút turbo and might likely end up at the same speed as the 4790k. Let's take as baseline that both CPUs will be 4.7GHz. So it comes down to the generational difference and what the more expensive motherboard might add to that, along with the DDR4 against the DDR3.
  5. I have to replace my work-PC and the new one will be different than my flightsim-PC, but of, more or less, comparable power and now I'm not sure which PC to use for general work and which one for flying. My current flightsim-PC: Intel i7-4790k @ 4.7GHz, Asus Z-97Pro Gamer, DDR3 @ 2400MHz My new PC: Intel i7-7700 @ 4.2GHz (standard turbo, I cant say anything about OC yet), MSI Z170A MPOWER GAMING TITANIUM, DDR4 @ 2400MHz Everything else is interchangeable, so my question is about the components mentioned. Which of those basic setups would be best for flying?
  6. That sounds very reassuring! Since Logic became Apple software, I went to a Mac for recording, but before that (before 2000), I had a Windows PC for recording only, because a lot of software had the tenancy to interfere with Logic on Win98. But I already noticed a lot has changed with DAWs on Windows and I can use Mixbus on Mac OS, as well as on Windows, so I can work in my studio, as well as behind my desk in the living room, with the same program. Thanks for the input, guys! Much appreciated! :)
  7. Can anyone tell me if there might be any problems when I share my flightsim PC with a DAW (Harrison Mixbus32C v4 to be exact)? A flightsim is pretty sensitive software, when it comes to bugs caused by other software and DAWs can have the same problem. Is there anyone who used recording software next to flightsim software, on the same PC, who can tell me about their experience with both on 1 PC? If they encountered any nasty problems, or if it will work fine?
  8. I'm using a i7-4970k at 4.7GHz and it works great for me and I'm using demanding aircraft and lots of other addons. For P3Dv4 I upgraded my 780 to a 1080, nice performance boost, but I did it mainly for the extra memory and I havent had any problems yet which can be related to lack of performance.
  9. Regions are stand alone. They have their own LC files, even. The only situation for which you need something else, is the need for the region when you want region specific airports. Far as I know, everything can be used without the need for other products. Even the airports dont actually need the region to work, but then the edges of the airport area doesnt blend in seamless with the rest of the surroundings.
  10. You can simply send them a mail, or message and request a reset. I did that just one or two months ago
  11. The best way to prevent this kind of problems is separate your software. A flightsim PC is for the flightsim and install everything else on a work-PC. I always have two PCs, my main PC, with ONLY flightsim software and another work-PC (my old/former flightsim PC) for everything else. In this way you can do all your internet stuff on your work-PC, where everything you download gets scanned for viruses and such and like this you can turn everything like Defender and Virus software, off on your flightsim PC, so those programs can bother your sim in any way. All 'work' software I've got, like Office and World of warcraft and audio/video software and name it, runs just fine on my 8 year old PC and this way I can leave everything that has nothing to do with my sim, off of my fllghtsim machine.
  12. I have 3 different sim on my system, even on the same drive and never had any difficulties with any of them.
  13. There is a P3D version for the T-Duke and works fine in P3Dv4. There is a post on how to install it in v4, on the forums, here.
  14. Always pick the best you can afford, especially with all the new developments, GPU and video memory, cant be big enough. So, get a 1080, or if you can afford a 1080ti, with 8GB memory or more
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