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  1. vincentrouleau

    FSPS - FFTF Dynamic for P3Dv4 (update v4.4)

    Auto update. It asked me to upgrade when I started it this morning
  2. vincentrouleau

    V4.4 vs V4.3 performance

    Version 1.4 of FSPS's FFTF has been released
  3. vincentrouleau

    V4.4 vs V4.3 performance

    For me ,I still noticed a difference. On a situtation where FPS is ~60-65 FPS at unlimited, it drops to ~50-60 at 120 FPS limited
  4. Could you please expand? What BIOS setting did you change. You overclock your RAM to 4133 and say a huge gain the P3D? Please detail before/after BIOS settings. Thanks
  5. Yes. Big changes from before. Mind you, you still need to do the hat-switch-go-around-the-plane-to-fill-the-shader-cache trick, but I am running 100% UTL traffic with dynamic light airports. What used to kill my 1070 was turning on the landing lights right at the gate and splashing the wall with light. Now the fps doesn't budge. The fluidity of taxing with the taxi lights in,... in 4k..... In changes the immersion factor. Do yourself a favor and go pick up a new card. If you are asking yourself if you should upgrade, then do. At LPPT with the landing lights on. 60 fps. Internal flood lights are ok too. Still running a 2xMSAA Anisotropic x4
  6. Happy to report that the 2080 makes a world of difference vs my 1070. I ve just lifted off CYUL with active sky multi layed cloud with rain in 4k and its smooth as butter. I ve set cloud at 110nm and flying above the multilayer overcast The fps is still high and gpu usage around 85%. Running with a 8700k@5.1. Need to do some DL test now. Vincent Rouleau
  7. vincentrouleau

    RTX 2080 ti P3D benchmarks?

    Well, without even heavy shadow settings, just having regular bad weather with overcast/ multiple layer generated by AS16 should be a good test. That is the scenario that Rob should be testing. Flying with overcast skies with clouds set to 90mi saturates my 1070. I switch from 4k to 1080p. I' still don't know how much of a difference a 1080ti/2080 improves on that vs my 1070.
  8. vincentrouleau

    RTX 2080 ti P3D benchmarks?

    For me, the biggest question is comparing the graphics card saturation point. Its either the GPU is %99 or below and the card is not impacting the FPS/smoothness without full clouds overcast/dynamic lights at 60 fps or pegged at %100 above overcast with 20 fps. Now, when my 1070 is saturated, I switch resolution from 4k to 1080p which almost covers my needs in all cases. My big question does going from a GTX 1070 to a GTX1080ti/RTX2080 move that staturation point enough to justify to cost. Vincent
  9. vincentrouleau

    Current thoughts on ATC programs

    I am an Old ProAtcX user that recently switched to Pilot2ATC + Voice interaction to prepare me for starting to go toVATSIM new voice codec. + Randomly atc vectoring even when STAR assigned. + runway crossing interaction on taxi - no automated AI interaction like ProATC/x
  10. vincentrouleau

    AI Traffic Interation

    Hi bonanza, I be tried this. Load the flight plan in both pilot2atc and proatcx. In proatcx I start it but do not call clearance. It works as I interact with ground from pilot2atc and get chat with ui trough proatcx. Voices overlap , but that is not so bad. The main problem is when I takeoff, proatcx bitches for me to abort landing. How do you setup proatcx? Does it still work for you? Vincent
  11. In light of the recent Jetways depressurisation incident and in order to 'force' us to do a good panel scan at cold&dark, I was thinking we could have a new type of random failures that incorrectly places a switch/nob/breaker when we load the cold&dark panel state. That would help develop proper reflexes. What the point of having all of those brakers is we dont play with them 😉 Vincent Rouleau
  12. vincentrouleau


    Enter a flight #
  14. vincentrouleau

    Performance through the floor!

    I just now realized that this was a problem for me too playing with 4.2. I just found another workaround. I enabled my internal cpu gpu and connected my second monitor in the motherboard. That solved the performance impact.
  15. vincentrouleau

    P3D v4.1 with i7-8700k ?

    each are a bottleneck in different situation. But for the first time in all those years, I can land with any pmdg without those massive drop down in FPS that killed the immersion feeling. I can land at 30fps, not 15-20fps. That is the the biggest game changer for me.