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  1. I get them at CYUL and CYYZ. They are not perfect but close to real Montreal controllers. Talk about immersion factor. I was so surprised when I first heard it, made me laugh.
  2. If HJKJ, Just in time for SimBitWorld tour on Sunday
  3. For the record, I have a 7950x3d. I have now quit using game mode and you process lasso to run MSFS on CCD0 and the rest on CCD1. I know I can see the isolated process and the different CCD on task manager. I run 15packed /30 active and still have totaly 'acceptable' FPS. For example 105-115 fps and EGLL /KLAX without FSHud and ~ 95 running FSHud sitting at the gate. My old I7 6600 CPU was saturated with FShud last year, but not now. I know I have a top-end system, but it is possible to have a high FPS stutter free experience.
  4. Issue is not performance. My FPS is the same ( 100-120 fps). I have a 7950x3d, and beam eye tracker is on CCD1. So that is ok. My issue is the ever so small latency response when I turn my head vs trackir.
  5. Hum. Let me know how it goes. I've got a 'cheap' Kaysuda Windows hello 30fps. I was looking into getting a better windows hello device.
  6. Tried it yesterday. It is much better the other freeway solution. very smooth and sensitive. The range at which I can turn my head is better that TrackIR. But... the small latency makes me nauseous. Maybe that I would have to get used to it. But, if you don't have a Trackir, $30 is a no brainer as it is now.
  7. The "zoom level" if the FOV. I've got a muscle memory of setting Zoom to 62 on external view as we cannot change the default.
  8. The gauge blurriness are 'good enough' now for me to you DLSS - Quality.
  9. Can we have an option to flip between TAA <-> DLSS Quality instead/with cloud reduce option. Now manually I with a flow plugin to change that. I would prefer change that instead of cloud quality.
  10. It is missing in Navigraph. It is present in the default database. You can find it in the WT G1000. But you cant' find MTCA in navigraph charts.
  11. If you still have money in the bank, also get a Streamdeck+ and install the following profiles https://flightsim.to/profile/Guenseli. That is a great combo
  12. For those cases ( like Milford sounds NZ), my workaround is to dust off rex weather.
  13. Ah word not allowed! boxing day for the plus to complement my XL. AND the A300-600 on the same day. I had a X-Touch mini, but in the end I wasnt using it much. Your profiles @guenseli are always refreshed and I am sure I will make a better use of the Plus then the X-Touch mini. Thanks for your excellent work Vincent
  14. FYI, I move my FSHud & Navigraph to my second 4k monitor. I do not lose FreeSync ( I have a Samsung CG9 ultra-wide) when I have the focus on the fshud for selecting responses. I do lose it when I do Navigraph chart stuff. Might not be the same behavior on actual g-sync, that I can't tell.
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