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  1. IAhawkeyeDDS

    So where do I claim my prize?

    G6 playa...
  2. IAhawkeyeDDS

    Problem of destabilization in flight NG

    Active sky turbulence settings maybe?
  3. IAhawkeyeDDS

    How do you fly the Legacy? (perf numbers)

    No... first version. Trying to figure out if there is a way to integrate gtn.
  4. IAhawkeyeDDS

    How do you fly the Legacy? (perf numbers)

    Got it!!! Found old boxed version at Aerosoft store: Pointed installer at P3Dv4 root directory and replaced sound file with 64 bit version... works like a dream!! 😃
  5. IAhawkeyeDDS

    Having problems with 5-10 second freezes

    What happens if you disable Vector in the scenery library? Do the pauses stay.
  6. IAhawkeyeDDS

    Steering The NGX - Problem On The Ground

    I had a real similar problem with the tdfi b717 but it was with the ailerons and elevators. They would always snap back to the centered position unless I “pumped” the yoke. Turned out to be an issue with my FSUIPC (paid). I made a new control configuration - airplane specific profile and it eliminated the issue
  7. IAhawkeyeDDS

    Aerosoft Lukla airport scenery issues

    Try a different mesh setting.
  8. Hey mate, check out our this thread here: https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/509790-over-torque-engine-failure/ it deals with the over torque issue.... I wanted to apply their fix but because I’m a computer word not allowed I was unable to edit the file as described in the thread... maybe it will help u tho.
  9. IAhawkeyeDDS

    How do you fly the Legacy? (perf numbers)

    It really bums me out that this aircraft is unobtainable for me... it is just the perfect GA aircraft for how I want to fly.
  10. IAhawkeyeDDS

    VFR Appalachia - P3Dv4

    I have this product (for use with p3d v4.1) and really like it. I have Orbx LC and Vector (and a whole bunch of others). Initially I had grass over some taxiways at a couple of the airports. I contacted the developer and within a couple hours he emailed me a couple files to replace and then all worked well. I’d recommend this product and service is top notch. i also have their Puerto Vallarta and its good too. But I really like Appalachia.
  11. IAhawkeyeDDS

    FlyTampa-Midway in v4!

    SWA hub... great airport, great scenery... Good airport to use PMDG 737. i do typically get 2-3 five second pauses on approach there... just figure it’s due to FT-KMDW, FSDT-KORD, and Orbx Meigs being in such close proximity.
  12. IAhawkeyeDDS

    Best uk/Western Europe scenery for P3D V4.2

    also Digital Design airports Leipzig and Salzburg are really good!!!
  13. IAhawkeyeDDS

    Best uk/Western Europe scenery for P3D V4.2

    Uk 2000 airports are nice...
  14. IAhawkeyeDDS

    777F shaking during pushback with GSX

    Don’t come a knockin’ if this triple seven is a rockin’