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    K. Thanks. BTW... product is awesome, happy with the purchases from you! Tried everything to get concrete over these taxi ways - painted lines are there just no cement/asphalt. I'll be in touch after the holiday. Happy Thanksgiving!!! Hawkeye

    Where do you get support from PacSim? I've recently bought the Appalachia package and a couple of the bigger airports have grass over the taxiways and I can't figure out the solution. Couldn't find a support forum.
  3. Are there any good Armstrong NOLA Intl out there or in the works for P3D. I fly KMDW to KMSY often IRL and sim via Southwest. Would like to have a better version of Armstrong though. thanks, Hawkeye
  4. Ditto this post
  5. I'm using mt6 on p3d4.1 and have no issues with cargo traffic. Only issues were with military... so those were turned off. The new KSDF is full of UPS heavys
  6. Airport is awesome, BUT it seems to really hit my system hard as compared to other FSDT airports (kMEM, KCLT). Not sure why.
  7. what does "Scenery Complexity" control exactly? What do you lose out on with it turned down?
  8. Noob question --when you update from 4.0 to 4.1 do you need to delete and rebuild any files (like .cfg, scenery, or shaders)?
  9. Hmmm... I've had two of these in the last two days. I'm still using v4.0 because it was so stable and performed so well on my system. Sim just disappears 'like a fart in a whirlwind (Shawshank Redemption reference)' - no message, no notification. Using PMDG 737-600, ASP4/clouds, MT6, 737 immersion (which actually I just installed a week ago-hmmm). First one was 5 minutes into starting the sim entering flight plan into FMC at FSDT KCLT. Second one was two hours into flight on approach to FSDT KSDF - had just contacted default ATC for permission to land.
  10. Sorry where is 'game mode'? l've always had this problem near large busy airports... sim freezes for about 5 seconds and the blue mouse circle cursor thingy spins... then sim resumes as if nothing occurred.
  11. It was a Festivus miracle!!!
  12. in my anecdotal testing my system performs best (with a 4K g-sync monitor but g-sync turned off) set to unlimited frames and vsync=off. I usually get ~ 20-30 fps landing in Chicago (either FSDT-KORD or flyTampa-KMDW) --> and typically I'll get about 4 occurrences of a long stop that will last ~ 4 seconds and then continue onward. The 'long stops' don't bother me all that much an I attribute them to both KMDW and KORD loading as I pan around. Also using MT6 set at 17% commercial traffic. When I lock FPS at 24 then my approaches drop to around 6-10 fps - but no 'long stops'. I'm fairly un-knowledgable when it comes to hardware stuff but this is just what I've noticed. So I'll take the occasional 'long stop' as the sim runs much smoother at unlimited FPS. BTW this testing was done with PMDG 737 and typical cruise FPS is between 40-60 fps in the VC and outside view can be up around 80 FPS.

    P3Dv4 airport pack ~ 77 USD on sale. There's one airport I want (CYYT) as it is my usual trans-Atlantic refuel spot. Very tempted but maybe a little too steep for me.
  14. Sweet pic.... It's the #!<@~%}> Catalina Wine Mixer!!!!! Can't wait to fly this plane.