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  1. Does @KL791 ship traffic freeware model this behavior?
  2. Parallel 42 Announces 777 Immersion v2, End of the Line for v1 777 Immersion v1 was released on December 17th 2014 and has received numerous updates since the product was first released as PMDG also updated their aircraft. However, that support will now end as the team prepare to release a brand new version of the immersion pack. As detailed in their blog post, this means that 777 Immersion v1 will not function with the newly released PMDG 777 update (nor the expansion packs), nor will there be any further development support or product support. However, if you still use the older version of the 777 from PMDG, then the Immersion pack will continue to work.
  3. Yep. This started for me too last week. But v5.1.1
  4. Does the video show where the auto-throttle click spot is? (wink)
  5. I don’t partake in many Conga lines but when I do I prefer them to be across the threshold of a runway at a busy airport.
  6. That’s a great looking watch. Reminds me of a Bell & Ross which are made to resemble aircraft gauges... Another supercool aviation watch are the Bremont aircraft watches and they are very difficult to get your hands on. This one is displayed is dedicated to below aircraft: CATHAY PACIFIC BOEING 747-467 Registration: VR-HOW it’s actually for sale on eBay... eBay listing Would love to get my hands on an old RAF Omega from the WW2 era. And finally... here is a cool little story about the watch Tom Hardy wore in the movie Dunkirk ... when you have time check it out... The story of the Omega watch in Dunkirk is perfect Sunday reading for watch people
  7. I'm sure we will see many GMTs here... which is awesome because they are my favourite.... I love Omega SMPs but I'd bet many of you fly with Rolex or Speedys. Let's see them... The Bond GMT (top) is my everyday watch... I love it... my first and favourite... The Planet Ocean is a beautiful watch.. but it feel a little clucky to me. The 8605 movement has been very solid over the last ~5 years. do own one speedy... its a 3572.50... No Rolex for me at this time.. although someday I'd love a Pepsi GMT. Whatcha got AVSIM?
  8. Is it against the AVSIM forum rules to post expressions via gif? Or is it just something you made up of the fly ?
  9. Reminds me of when a flyover at the local university football game cost some colonel his job... https://youtu.be/MN-pX4KtpLA https://www.military.com/video/forces/air-force/air-force-football-flyby-cost-pilot-wings/864403901001
  10. K. I just installed the NetJets package... it seemed like it was big (took awhile to DL/install). currently I use UTL2BETA for airlines... I use AIG for all the Cargo packages and some other random stuff (ie NetJets)... then I leave the default on to supply some GA traffic. Some day will probably just switch to one traffic input but right now things work pretty good. When I get to a major hub though I have to turn down the UTL2BETA % as things can get a little choppy.
  11. yes... but I use Pilots! mesh so unsure if that matters... see pic...
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