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  1. I'm considering to buy GSX for MSFS, having previously used the program in P3D. Does GSX automatically detect pushback directions like in P3D (steer left or right), so that the pilot does not have to manually set any pushback directons or steering the tug live? This is the last "chore" I have in MSFS after moving from the old sim, as pilots should not have to worry about these things. Fs2Crew toolbar pushback does not have any automatic pushback direction finding. If GSX is not able to do this automatically, I assume that you will be able to select a pushback direction without any manual intervention if I have a GSX profile for the airport in MSFS? Also, does the program affect FPS/performance in any way after you have already left the gate?
  2. I'm in the same boat as well, thinking to upgrade to RTX 3090 from a GTX 1080Ti. With a i7-8770k there is not much benefit in waiting for the next generation cards unless I want to upgrade the CPU and motherboard as well, which will get too expensive. If you have the money to spare why not, but a more logical option might be to wait until you decide to replace the entire machine in case you wish to wait for the 4080. With ethereum mining no longer being a profitable and soaring energy prices in Europe, GPU mining will hopefully die so that prices for us who use it for games or MSFS will decrease.
  3. It's not long until November when the anniversary edition is released. The DC-3 and A310 from inibuilds will entertain us who like classics, and these planes are coming for free.
  4. Same here, using HT on gives better performance on my i7-8700k, both in P3D and MSFS. You could try to make a short test flight on both modes just to be sure for your case though.
  5. Not to start a flame war... but the subject was about sounds, not the Maddog itself. The Maddog X is the only plane I fly and the current sound offerings are not up to par. If FTSIM+ still works on their sound pack there is hope, but so far it hasn't been updated in a while.
  6. Clouds have improved massively on my rig as well, and MSFS is performing as smooth as ever. Currently flying out of Armenia admiring the clouds and beautiful mountain photo scenery (everything is default, no addon apart from the MD82). Flight simming has never been this good. Asobo has done a good move postponing SU's to fix any issues, rather than release a buggy mess on schedule as they did in the past.
  7. Well, I hope I'm wrong as I'm also in need of better sounds. When was the last update released? As far as I saw the MSFS version has been removed from their product page.
  8. There is a similar post at the maddog forum as well, wondering what's going on as we haven't heard from them in a while. I heard that they might be busy with real life commitments so hopefully they will be back at some point. As for the sounds from ftsim+, it is sadly not updated anymore for MSFS so this one is a dead end. Immersive Audio might do a soundpack for the maddog at some point in the future.
  9. I would like to get a 3080 or 3090 a lot, but sadly in the country where I live (Bulgaria), there is a high risk that used GPUs have been used to mine cryptocurrency (half of the offers when searching for graphics cards are mining rigs) and hence not running to their full potential. Buyer-seller trust is not as good in the east like in the west. It is now possible to buy GTX 3080 new for around 1000 euro which is an option, although this card is not as good as a 3090 and still being sold above MSRP. I bought my PC specifically for MSFS and now that I'm missing out on DLSS my incentive to upgrade is a lot higher.
  10. Has anyone noticed any performance increase using DX12 with TAA rather than DLSS? I'm asking since I am using a GTX 1080Ti, which does not support it. Currently at DX11 as the game ready driver isn't release yet, but enjoying it so far. My sim is well optimized and was always smooth but might be able to increase some settings if DX12 offers significant boosts.
  11. Everything seems to be ok here as well with the maddog, on DX11. The scenery looks slightly more blurry, which is hopefully temporary due to everyone downloading the update.
  12. Thank you for letting me know. Have you noticed any performance improvements using TAA rather than DLSS with the beta version?
  13. To be fair I'm a bit worried that the update might break things again, as I have finally managed to optimize MSFS the way that I liked it. Inevitably there will be some minor issues for sure, but let's hope that DX12 offers a significant performance boost without any changes in the settings or quality.
  14. Is this sort of mentality even a thing anymore? Customers today tend to often exaggerate things or went out their frustration (could be anything not even related to the product or company) out on lower level employees (the hospitality industry, call centres etc), causing these jobs to be unbearable to work in. Just ask anybody who has ever worked in a customer-facing job (I have in the past). It causes unnecessary stress on employees, and in some other cases might be completely wrong because the might think they know the product better than the developer (in the case of Umberto) or share an opinion which cannot be reasoned with whatsoever in case they are having a bad day and wish to take their frustration out on others. I, for one, appreciate that Umberto tries to explain the technical details behind the process. GSX is one of my most missed addon's from the P3D times and while the MSFS version is not as mature yet we might be there one day. There's a reason why one should read reviews before buying or download the trial if there is one.
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