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  1. I’m not Gerard but yes that’s what I’ve always run and TB with success and at 30 Hz on my 4K TV. I also run between 0 and 0.40 on the range and 0 to 4000 ft on the AGL. Joe
  2. Depending on your systems capability: FSLabs A320 by far my favorite, clearly more expensive. Aerosoft A320 started with this bird before I upgraded my system. Enjoy Joe
  3. I don’t think this is a unit of distance here’s LM : There's no cap on this value itself because it's intended as a limit. If you want textures requesting aggressively, you can set it something very high like 1000000. There are two other checks that must pass before textures are requested:1) Object is within the far clip distance. This varies by altitude.2) Object pixel size at a given distance passes min radius check. This we made configurable in 4.3 usingRS_MIN_OBJECT_PIXEL_RADIUS. (default is 2.0px) Joe
  4. I had included this color coding in my previous P3Dv3 and 4 spreadsheets that I posted but removed it from v5 since so much has changed. Joe
  5. I thought I would once again share a settings spreadsheet tracker I put together in Excel that some of you may find useful. It has all the settings documented for P3Dv5, ASP3D, and ASCA. I built it with 3 columns: Monitor Settings VR Settings Test Settings It helps me keep track of things and provides an easy way to share things with my friends. Here's the Dropbox link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1lqhim819b8heph/P3Dv5-ASP3D-ASCA Settings Chart 5-14-2020.xlsx?dl=0 The actual settings in the columns are what I am currently using but will change as I become more familiar with P3Dv5. My system specs are included (or can be seen in my signature below) as well as other key add-on settings and P3Dv5 config file mods I use. Enjoy Joe
  6. I have seen the same issue when running Active Sky and disabling EA. Joe
  7. Who's the maker of this aircraft that works in P3Dv5? Joe
  8. Thanks Rob, Do you set a value for the “FarClipOverride” in meters to assure it becomes effective and therefore the Max Texture Distance is used? Also what about the 2) item? Sorry to trouble you with these detailed questions but I’m wired to understand the tweaks I make. Thanks in advance, stay well! Joe
  9. Rob, To be clear this value is 320000 not 32000 correct, I have seen others state it as 32 thousand not 320 thousand. Thanks in advance Joe
  10. Ok thanks for the reply and I understand it creates a randomization but what exactly is the difference between 1 to 99% and 1 to 100% I have been running with FSUIPC set to 60 aircraft? I understand what FSUIPC does but not sure the difference between 99 and 100% makes. Thanks again for the great addon! Joe
  11. Here's what HiFi posted on their P3Dv5 Beta site regarding for those that might not be aware: Enhanced Atmospherics The new Enhanced Atmospherics (EA) mode in P3Dv5 is a beta version and not a finished nor polished cloud depiction result. There is not yet an API or SDK control available for add-ons to adjust aspects of the depiction or shaders. While ASP3D works with EA mode, certain depiction issues exist with or without a weather add-on. Some features of ASP3D are not compatible with EA mode. This includes: Cloud detection features, in-cloud motion effect, in-cloud visibility reduction, high-resolution radar/precip accuracy, smooth theme reloads and ASCA-integrated enhancements/dynamics. While the EA depiction and API is evolved over time, we will be constantly working to further extend and integrate with this depiction system. Note that ASCA content will not be shown in EA mode. Any traditional P3D graphics enhancement add-on content will NOT be shown with EA mode. The cloud and sky visuals will be replaced by trueSKY entirely, following the weather data injected by ASP3D. When EA mode is disabled, ASCA and any other add-on graphics content will be used as expected.
  12. Is 1 - 100% OK and the same as 1 - 99% if not what's the difference? Thanks in advance Joe
  13. Hi Dave, I downloaded it again and the msi installation file was there. I tried both the repair and remove and reinstall but neither made a difference. I also ran the "share" command but again no difference. I setup a batch file with the SQLLocalDB start "MSSQLLocalDB" and P2ATC exe commands and it works. It's a strange thing that only a couple of us have this problem? Joe
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