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  1. FSPS : FFTF Dynamic P3Dv4 released

    Achilles This will most likely be my last response on this topic but based on your response and the follow up from Steve it appears to me your response to me earlier still holds when one flys real-time in P3D. Basically FFTF config mods are of no value when running Unlimited but if one wants to run Unlimited like myself then I could deploy the Dynamic FFTF app to real-time adjust the values based on personal preference and performance capabilities. I will now stop experimenting with FFTF config mods unless at sometime I want to use Locked frames where it does have an impact. Thanks to Gerard again for bringing this app to our attention! Joe
  2. FSPS : FFTF Dynamic P3Dv4 released

    Steve Thanks for staying engaged, always welcome. It would seem you are saying that FFTF changes when using unlimited mode do make a difference based on load times mentioned above since you say “This is in Unlimited” meaning turned ON? So if those changes are recognized during load times wouldn’t they also effect the percent dedicated to terrain load times during flight or is that completely different? There seemed to be confirmation of my summary regarding what doesn’t happen if Umlimied is deployed but now I’m not sure based on your statement above. At this point it’s a matter of just trying to understand for my own sake when FFTF is deployed and what other factors or settings make it a mute point. I believe I know what it does but now I’m a bit confused when it’s allowed to do its thing which makes performance testing by using it difficult to say the least. Thanks in advance Joe
  3. FSPS : FFTF Dynamic P3Dv4 released

    Not to beat a dead horse as they say but from what I think you are saying is this: If we set Unlimited frames in P3D no matter what entry we put in the config file for FFTF it is ignored and does NOTHING and the sim runs as though it were 0.01? But if we run Locked frames with no entry the default is 0.33 but IF we add an entry into the config file the new value will be used (obviously not dynamically). So therefore FFTF entries into the config file are only applicable when using Locked Frames (something I never knew) HOWEVER through some "tricks" FFTF altered values do work in Unlimited mode (and obviously locked frames mode) with this Dynamic app. So your bottom line is if you want "modified" FFTF values when running Unlimited frames it's only possible with this app and we are accomplishing nothing by changing that value in a config file mod IF we run Unlimited frames, Correct? Joe
  4. FSPS : FFTF Dynamic P3Dv4 released

    Michael Just a note since you run unlimited your FFTF value is defaulted to 0.01 as I understand it, that’s why I have been experimenting with increasing it manually a little bit to see if the dynamic tool maybe worth the go. Joe
  5. FSPS : FFTF Dynamic P3Dv4 released

    Michael I'm in the exact same boat as you. I played a bit today with just adding FFTF values and leaving unlimited, TB on and Vsync with my 30Hz monitor. I'm not sure it helped much I tried 0.05, 0.08, 0.1, 0.15, 0.2 it may have helped with my occasional blurries, the good thing was I didn't see any FPS drop or stutters until 0.2 with a PMDG aircraft and even then not much. On a different note I also increased my LOD from high (12km) to Max (30km) because I believe I have margin but it was also marginal. So for now I'm going to fly with an FFTF= 0.1 for a bit with the LOD at Max and see if I notice any difference. The thing that bothers me the most is the late autogen and the airports like Flightbeam KSFO going from black foot prints to fully populated when approaching from the distance or panning around in external views out a few miles. I'm not sure any of this will help either of those things. I saw all your posts on the P3D forum back several months ago but LM didn't have an answer. One other thing I notice your CPU runs at 4.0GHz have you tried to OC that a bit? Best Regards Joe
  6. FSPS : FFTF Dynamic P3Dv4 released

    So Steve If one has the overhead to “build the scene” and is running too small a value of FFTF say 0.01 so that there is an insufficient amount of time to “load the scene” we could increase the FFTF value thereby applying a high fraction to loading assuming we have the overhead. My question is what exactly does “insufficient loading time” cause on the screen? Is it blurries and delayed scenery popping in? I assume I have summarized what you said correctly? Thanks in advance Joe
  7. FSPS : FFTF Dynamic P3Dv4 released

    This is similar to how my Oculus Rift works since it forces its own Vsync off a preferred 90 Hz so multiples of that ie 90 - 45 - 30 - 22 1/2 hence why Rift ASW uses 45 to double that is if you can hold 45. This is why I like FlyInside which triggers off tripling 30 with their approach which is much easy to achieve in VR. Sorry for the VR digression but the principle seems to apply and I am also intrigued by dynamic FFTF for VR as well since terrain loading also can be an issue there as well because running unlimited (FFTF =0.01) seems to be a must in VR. I will experiment a bit with FFTF values of 0.05 - 0.1 manually in unlimited mode until I make the Dynamic plunge. Gerard, thanks for the clarity Joe
  8. FSPS : FFTF Dynamic P3Dv4 released

    Me too ...
  9. Software to load flight plan into default gps?

    if you have that kind of money for the Garmin update ...
  10. FSPS : FFTF Dynamic P3Dv4 released

    Thanks Mike I’ve done just that as well as monitored my GPU extensively and it is more taxing then unlimited and that’s why I am now intrigued by increasing FFTF a bit. Using Process Lasso and settings optimization with a 30Hz system has me in a pretty good place now, however I have been moving into VR lately and that’s a whole new challenge on system resources. Joe
  11. FSPS : FFTF Dynamic P3Dv4 released

    I agree with you about Xplane and several free utilities that can be deployed but I still love (hate at times) P3D. I would guess the 60 Target is because the vast majority of people probably run 60 Hz monitors? I understand the cause of stutters as well but was hoping a little bump in FFTF would be a good compromise for the blurries I see periodically and not cause more stutters obviously. Thanks Joe
  12. Software to load flight plan into default gps?

    LNM works well and you can sync it with P3D by updating its maps and checking the use sim I believe. Its not available anymore apparently but I was able to load the 1611 file into P3D using fsareodata and then sync that to LNM this way it matches what GTN 750 default is. Joe
  13. FSPS : FFTF Dynamic P3Dv4 released

    Mike I agree with you and that’s why I’m thinking of staying with unlimited but since it forces a value of 0.01 I might experiment with a bit higher like 0.05 and still not give up much CPU overhead. Ultimately I may try Gerard’s approach with the Dynamic utility but am not ready for yet another addon yet. Joe
  14. FSPS : FFTF Dynamic P3Dv4 released

    Steve Thanks for the response, a couple of clarifying questions: Is the “different system” used when locked frames are deployed independent of the user interface checked boxes? In other words does it automatically deploy whether you check the Vsync and TB boxes or not. My original interest in this post regarding FFTF was my system runs pretty well with unlimited, TB and Vsync to maintain the 30 FPS for my 30 Hz monitor. I do however get periodic blurries and since unlimited forces FFTF=0.01 I was thinking of increasing it with the config mod to 0.05 assuming I still have enough CPU overhead to better enable terrain loading time hopefully better dealing with some occasional blurries. Also I recall from days of old big debates on whether FFTF could really be set below 0.1 but it looks like 0.01 - 0.09 are ligitamate values? For now I’m not ready to move to a real-time FFTF adjusting tool but this is where I am heading: Unlimited, TB on, Vsync On (with my 30 Hz moinitor) and add FFTF=0.05 What do you think in terms of helping with blurries, basically the point of this original post by Gerard? Thanks Joe