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  1. Thanks again! Joe
  2. Ed I also seem to find the Dynamic tool improves my flight experience as well. Regarding Steve I am also very thankful for his contributions but I felt he assumed I am not well versed in the findings regarding performance, settings, and interactions because I haven’t followed things or haven’t invested the time to do so. Quite the contrary I read virtually everything and am well versed in 5 flight sims as well as optimizations across all of them. Also I still stand by my statement that there is still debate about how FFTF works in various scenarios even Rob restated his “upstanding for Beau at LM” stating the opposite of Steve’s statement. I’m not trying to cause problems or state that I know one way another on this issue but there is not consensus as far as I can see. As a retired engineer and flight sim enthusiast I am just trying to fully understand things regarding our wonderful hobby. Ironically I believe FFTF does work with a setting of Unlimited at least from what the Dynamic Tool displays and my perception of how the sim performs and Steve’s data! So Steve I also want to thank you for your ongoing contributions as well as Rob’s! Joe
  3. I have moved to flying 90% of the time to VR and with the single pass rendering option fixed in the latest release I don’t use FlyInside anymore. The realism for me out ways the visual sacrifices and its hard for me to turn back now. Joe
  4. Hi Steve Perhaps I misunderstood the two other individuals within this post including Rob’s statement below: No, in P3D when you switch from TFR = Unlimited (which is essentially operating the FFTF = 0.01) to 40 then you are now operating/using the FFTF = 0.33 (default unless you've modified it) ... with TFR = Unlimited the FFTF value defined in your Prepar3d.cfg is NOT used. With with TFR = 40 and FFTF 0.33 is essentially saying I want 1/3 of your processing time to render autogen and terrain tiles. From the numbers you've listed that's exactly what is happening. I will say I have seen as many posts on this forum over the years and on LM forum as well that state otherwise that’s why I’m a bit confused as are others. However you state unequivocally it works regardless of whether one uses unlimited or locked frames so it must be so end of discussion I presume. Joe
  5. I actually run Unlimited, Vsync on and TB on. I have a 4K 30 Hz monitor and the Vsync on clips my frames to 30 to match my monitor. I also use the height settings for Dynamic FFTF and run 200 - 7000ft with 0.01 - 0.40 for FFTF settings. Again my original post was to make sure the Dynamic Tool worked with Unlimited and the consensus seems to be it works with settings of unlimited and fixed frames even though FFTF config settings without using this tool apparently do not get recognized when running unlimited. I’m still a bit surprised this tools allows changes real-time when Unning unlimited but it must process things differently. I will have to further investigate Rob’s findings with unlimited settings exasperating the AG issues we are seeing and perhaps switch to a locked frames setting of 30 or 31. Joe
  6. I’m a little confused by your reply Ed. Are you saying you think it does work even when frames are set to unlimited? My belief is it does function even with frames set to unlimited which is not the case when you don’t use this dynamic tool. Joe
  7. Regarding the use of Vsync and triple buffering in VR I have a question. I use an Oculus an Rift and will at times monitor frame rates with the Oculus debug tool using the heads up display. I have always disabled Vsync and Triple Buffering but do run Unlimited. Even with Vsync disabled I see the same results where the Rift automatically seeks out multiples of 90 as you say with Vsync enabled. I clearly could be wrong but I was under the impression that when in VR mode at least with my Rift it automatically Vysyncs to the headset desired multiples of 90? I also see the same behavior in other sims and any VR games I play in my Oculus library when I monitor actual frames in the headset using the Oculus debug tool. Now I do see a difference in performance when I tried to lock frames but not with Vsync or TB. Additionally I use the debug tool to set my Pixel Density to 1.7 to improve the clarity. Also I use the Dynamic FFTF tool as discussed in this thread but am still curious why it works with an unlimited setting and I hope Rob will confirm with his testing. Joe Joe
  8. joepoway

    Assigning SPAD.neXt profiles to aircraft

    Here’s the link to their forum: I have never had this issue perhaps isn’t updating its files based on your lastest P3D installs, there is probably a manual check for updates in P3D somewhere in Good luck Joe
  9. I have used the same method and indeed the tool appears to be functioning with P3D being set to Unlimited as we can see the FFTF settings changing with altitude (the method I choose) but I can’t wait for Rob to verify this! Joe
  10. Rob I want to make sure I understand something regarding FFTF and the Dynamic Tool which I use. Here’s the question: Does the Dynamic FFTF tool work if you run Unlimited or must you set a frame limit for it to work? I recall from previous posts FFTF settings in the config file seem to only work when not running unlimited. Please advise, thanks in advance! Joe
  11. joepoway

    P3D v4.3: VR and assigning interaction to joystick? Here’s a link above to some info from Pete the creator of FSUIPC. I personally use VoiceAttack e tensively for VR flying and it has the ability to assign Windows commands like mouse clicks and pretty much anything you can think of. Joe
  12. I just want to once again say Thank You for your amazing ongoing contributions to our world of flight simming! Sincerely Joe
  13. joepoway

    oculus rift

    Correct me if I’m wrong but you can’t open and close or minimize the window when you’re in P3D, correct? Do you have to exit back to Oculus Home to manipulate the window? I’m interested in bringing a Little Navmap window but I believe it’s stays where you put it and can only be toggled on and off or interacted with from outside of P3D, am I mistaken? Please elaborate on how exactly you select and interact with external windows brought into P3D. Thanks in advance Joe
  14. joepoway

    oculus rift

    I use it regularly with PMDG and for the first time have stopped using FlyInside. There are a few trade-offs but I like the ability to bounce back and forth between VR and monitor. The pop up windows now work although not as good as FI and they have zoom now. Bottom line running native VR in single pass mode with Oculus debug tool launched and ASW disabled with a PD = 1.7 runs well for me! Joe
  15. Resolved issue by deleting several config files and letting them rebuild. But now the mouse doesn’t interact with ATC selections only the keyboard or VoiceAttack? Joe