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  1. joepoway

    Autogen disappearing... caused by unlimited frames?

    Thanks again Steve Joe
  2. joepoway

    Autogen disappearing... caused by unlimited frames?

    Hi Steve This coming year I will be building a new PC with higher performance and more cores but I have been running an i5-2500K clocked at 4.5 GHz quite well for years now with a GTX 1070. I use Process Lasso to assign my cores ( which there are only 4 no HT ) and no AM config file edits. What I have found works best on my system is the following: I let P3D run on all 4 cores and I remove the 1st core ( core 0 ) from EVERYTHING else including all my MS things running this amounts to in excess of 20 to 30 items. This is easily accomplished by highlighting the first process holding down the shift key and going down to the last process then when you right click to assign the core affinity and eliminate core 0 always it does it for all processes with one edit to save time. I then go in and push all my hungry add-ons to the last two cores. I find this brings a very nice core balancing across the 4 cores to my system. So in essence I am running P3D on all 4 cores, ONLY P3D on core 0 ( my primary rendering core ), and add-ons on the last two cores, and the other MS processes etc get the last 3 cores. Any thoughts on the setup I have been successfully running across all the P3D v4 versions? Thanks in advance Joe
  3. joepoway

    Autogen disappearing... caused by unlimited frames?

    For what it’s worth I have been using the Dynamic FFTF tool since it came out on v4.3 and now on v4.4 with the new update recently released and I find it to work well. A few months ago on the forum it was shown to work with unlimited settings, a point that keeps coming up. I run Unlimited, Vsync on, TB on with no external limiter on a 30 Hz 4K monitor using these Dynamic FFTF settings: at less than 200 ft. FFTF = 0.01 at 7000 ft. FFTF = 0.40 So basically on the ground and at takeoff I’m running at FFTF = 0.01 and as I gain altitude the value increases linearly to 0.40 (yes a bit higher than 0.33) and stays at 0.40 above 7000 ft. I’ve also followed the discussions around 0.01 not being possible it’s only 0.1 and it doesn’t matter to me who’s right I do see improved stability and if I’m really only getting the range of 0.1 to 0.4 that’s fine even though the FFTF monitor shows 0.01 to 0.40. Obviously ALL systems and setups vary but I choose to use the Dynamic FFTF tool, before this I was editing my config files but find this Dynamic approach works better on my system. Joe
  4. My 1070 with 8Gb of ram handles the 320000 tweak fine and only runs up about 5 Gb of ram. It all depends on the slider settings you run with as to how much ram will be loaded. I have found the two tweaks: MAX_TEXTURE_REQUEST_DISTANCE=320000.000000 (Modify this line) ENABLE_MEMORY_OPTIMIZATION=0 (Add this line) to work great even with my 1070 GPU no more scenery unloading and loading. This coupled with the new scenery load distance into the auto gen slider stops most all of my previously frustrating airport loading issues. Thanks Rob! Joe
  5. Thanks Rob but it doesn't have a repair function. I did an uninstall and re-install but no difference. The one knob I was able to reduce and show a rather significant effect was the AG and Scenery Draw distance. If I reduce it one notch to Very High I'm OK but the increased draw distance seems to be only an issue around FB KPHX. I think FB placed a lot of surrounding Phoenix scenery in this airport that is not optimized and now with the new "Scenery Distance" added to this slider in v4.4 my old system can't handle it. So my options are to use the Extremely High setting and live with frames less than 30 hence my micro stutters on my Vsync'd 30 Hz 4K TV monitor at this one airport add-on I use or pull back the slider one notch and all is well. I'm going to experiment more to see if pulling back the setting is noticeable regarding the benefits I am seeing with airport scenery not popping in late or disappearing when panning around in v4.4. BTW I also have deployed your suggestion on the Max_Texture_Request_Distance=320000 and added Enable_Memory_Optimization=0 since my 8Gb of memory is still fine with lots to spare. Thanks Joe
  6. joepoway

    virtual reality

    I have become very proficient at using the Voice Attack app and It is extremely useful for VR flying and I even use it for 2D flying. The app can be used to do virtually anything. I use it in combination with to execute Lvars, launch and shutdown applications, switch default audio playback devises from speakers to Rift headset, change views, execute any Aircraft commands, switch VA profiles, check CPU and GPU useage with audio value response, toggle sound, toggle info text displays, open any pop up windows including ATC, selecting ATC and SODE options, moving pop up windows in VR by having VA hold and release the new VR window adjustment keys, these are just a few of the things i use it for. I also use it for DCS, Xplane and Aerofly FS2. Couldn’t be without it. When you get into the depths of how to create assigned macros across profiles and system level macros changes can all be done in one place and cover all profiles. It’s truly a very impressive add on which gets updated and supported regularly and is very inexpensive. The key to using it successfully is to complete the MS speech recognition teaching process and use a decent microphone. A must have for VR flying! Joe
  7. joepoway

    P3D v4.4 default F-16 display problem

    Sorry but I updated in a manner virtually identical to yours and have no issue, perhaps your content file was corrupted in the update? Joe
  8. Oh yes I always make sure I do that when changes occur, but thanks for the suggestion. I will try uninstalling and reinstalling next. Joe
  9. I posted my observation on the Flightbeam forum and this was a response I received from one of the FB staff members: That is completely understandable. The v2 of Phoenix mainly was done to optimize some of its features like Dynamic Lighting, Flood Lamp Glow, and most important was having it added to our Flightbeam Manager and getting away from the FSDT Manager/Coutl. When it was released we made sure we were very clear that v2 was NOT a redo of PHX by any means. PHX needs to be updated; but with current projects on the table it is not doable at the moment. PHX will get the love it deserves in due time just like all the rest of our airports. Only difference is LM P3D does updates at a constant rate with a TEAM of people while we are trying to do new scenery products, and keep the updates flowing with for the most part ONE scenery person. Big difference.
  10. Yes I do and it runs very well, it’s my default go to airport! I still can’t figure out why only KPHX is having issues for me? Joe
  11. I was wondering if anyone has noticed a performance issue in terms of frames and therefore micro stutters with Flighbeam's KPHX since upgrading to P3Dv4.4? I have all the Flightbeam airports and have had no issues with holding in excess of 30 fps for my Vsync'd 30 Hz monitor including KPHX. However since I have upgraded to P3Dv4.4 which I am very happy with I can no longer maintain the 30 fps with only this one airport. All my Orbx and other FB airports are working as well or better then they did in v4.3 but this one particular airport is now not behaving as it did. As a note I run Orbx Global and Base with this airport but not Vectors. As I said it used to be fine and all the other FB airports still perform well. Has anyone else noticed a frames drop with FB KPHX in P3D v4.4? Thanks in advance Joe
  12. Chris You could write a book on your trials and tribulations over the past couple months regarding these issues. Good Luck Joe
  13. It remedied the situation in the situation I know of. Perhaps there is a slow degradation in the 1080ti and when run in the P3D taxing situations will cause a memory or processsor glitch that throws this error? Joe
  14. He basically explained that the GPU based error kept happening more frequently and when he swapped out the card for another everything worked well and he could light switch the issue. They didn’t disput anything and he had to “ buy” the replacement and we they received the returned GPU they refunded his money. Good Luck Joe
  15. I feel for you Chris. A friend of mine has an Gigabyte Arorus 1080ti with a 3 or 4 year warranty. He was having the same issues as you we swapped cards all was well so he contacted the vendor and received a new card in a week or so and all is good for now, this just happened last month and his card was about 6 months old. Joe