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  1. joepoway

    oculus rift

    Correct me if I’m wrong but you can’t open and close or minimize the window when you’re in P3D, correct? Do you have to exit back to Oculus Home to manipulate the window? I’m interested in bringing a Little Navmap window but I believe it’s stays where you put it and can only be toggled on and off or interacted with from outside of P3D, am I mistaken? Please elaborate on how exactly you select and interact with external windows brought into P3D. Thanks in advance Joe
  2. joepoway

    oculus rift

    I use it regularly with PMDG and for the first time have stopped using FlyInside. There are a few trade-offs but I like the ability to bounce back and forth between VR and monitor. The pop up windows now work although not as good as FI and they have zoom now. Bottom line running native VR in single pass mode with Oculus debug tool launched and ASW disabled with a PD = 1.7 runs well for me! Joe
  3. Resolved issue by deleting several config files and letting them rebuild. But now the mouse doesn’t interact with ATC selections only the keyboard or VoiceAttack? Joe
  4. joepoway

    V4.3 Native VR and FPS Limiter

    When running in VR you’ll want to run unlimited and no Vsync. If you can’t maintain 90 FPS which no one can in P3D it will drop to 45 and if you can’t hold >45 it will drop to 30 then 22 1/2 if you can’t hold 30 that how it works with VR and the Oculus Rift. Basically it drives its own Vsync to the HMD ideally 90 FPS (which I can only achieve with Aerofly) or down multiples of it and if you miss the cutoff it drops to the next lower. You can activate the performance hud display with the debug tool and see this real time. Additionally after I open Oculus Home I use the Oculus Debug Tool and open it and disable ASW I find it runs better without it. I also set Pixel Density to 1.7 because my System can handle it. Also I use Single Pass Rendering because I can’t really see a big difference and the frames are much better. Flyinside uses its own rendering approach and needs at least 30 FPS to perform well because it up lifts 30 to 90 through its “magic” where Native VR takes 45 to 90. Bottom line unlimited, no Vsync, no external limiters and I find ASW disabled better (I use the debug tool to set this and PD). The increased PD makes things much crisper and I limit in game AA to 4xMSAA at most and of course watch out how much eye candy you add. I have settings dialed down for VR vs my 4K monitor and just save different graphics profiles. Joe
  5. I have read all the forum posts regarding undocking the ATC window in windowed mode prior to entering VR and moving it to the left corner as well as the shrinking of the main P3D window and so on but none seem to work me. I run VR in single pass mode with an Oculus Rift and all works well including opening up pop ups like PMDG windows and GTN 750 etc but the ATC window will not display. Is anyone else having this issue and/or has anyone found a solution other than the two I mentioned above from other posts? I have posted twice on the P3D forums but Kayla keeps referencing me to the link that doesn’t work and locking my posts so I thought I would try here. Perhaps I’m doing something wrong or there’s something unique about my setup. Please advise and thanks in advance Joe
  6. Yes I was aware of that as well, just remember if you change views to outside and return to the cockpit you’ll have to change it again. Happy flying Joe
  7. There’s already a long post on this in the PMDG section. It’s a known problem and they’re working on it. A work around it to use the left mouse click plus shift key to move it out of the way. If you change views it moves back so just move it out of the way again. Joe
  8. If you use the left mouse click with any of the shift, control or shift + control combinations it’s easy to move or resize the white window to nothing. If you change views it comes back but again very easy to move it or resize it to nothing. i know the config mod works but for now a little patience for PMDG to fix this and anything else they have uncovered is reasonable with a very easy work around for now. Joe
  9. I have a similar setup and agree with the assessment above, the second undocked view will kill frames but the second monitor has very little impact, my specs are in my signature except I don’t list the second Samsung 2330 monitor which is run as an extension of my main. I use it for things like diagnostic windows GPU-Z, Process Lasso, HW Monitor etc, also addons like Little Navmap, GTN 750 etc. When I don’t have a particular need for it I just turn it off. On my system it’s not the use of the second monitor that would effect FPS it’s the fact that I’ve opened an additional app that is now consuming horsepower but I wouldn’t be without my second monitor next to my 4K TV main P3D view. Joe
  10. Thanks Ron It worked very well ! Joe
  11. joepoway

    FFPS:FFTF question

    Achilles This will most likely be my last response on this topic but based on your response and the follow up from Steve it appears to me your response to me earlier still holds when one flys real-time in P3D. Basically FFTF config mods are of no value when running Unlimited but if one wants to run Unlimited like myself then I could deploy the Dynamic FFTF app to real-time adjust the values based on personal preference and performance capabilities. I will now stop experimenting with FFTF config mods unless at sometime I want to use Locked frames where it does have an impact. Thanks to Gerard again for bringing this app to our attention! Joe
  12. joepoway

    FFPS:FFTF question

    Steve Thanks for staying engaged, always welcome. It would seem you are saying that FFTF changes when using unlimited mode do make a difference based on load times mentioned above since you say “This is in Unlimited” meaning turned ON? So if those changes are recognized during load times wouldn’t they also effect the percent dedicated to terrain load times during flight or is that completely different? There seemed to be confirmation of my summary regarding what doesn’t happen if Umlimied is deployed but now I’m not sure based on your statement above. At this point it’s a matter of just trying to understand for my own sake when FFTF is deployed and what other factors or settings make it a mute point. I believe I know what it does but now I’m a bit confused when it’s allowed to do its thing which makes performance testing by using it difficult to say the least. Thanks in advance Joe
  13. joepoway

    FFPS:FFTF question

    Not to beat a dead horse as they say but from what I think you are saying is this: If we set Unlimited frames in P3D no matter what entry we put in the config file for FFTF it is ignored and does NOTHING and the sim runs as though it were 0.01? But if we run Locked frames with no entry the default is 0.33 but IF we add an entry into the config file the new value will be used (obviously not dynamically). So therefore FFTF entries into the config file are only applicable when using Locked Frames (something I never knew) HOWEVER through some "tricks" FFTF altered values do work in Unlimited mode (and obviously locked frames mode) with this Dynamic app. So your bottom line is if you want "modified" FFTF values when running Unlimited frames it's only possible with this app and we are accomplishing nothing by changing that value in a config file mod IF we run Unlimited frames, Correct? Joe
  14. joepoway

    FFPS:FFTF question

  15. joepoway

    FFPS:FFTF question

    Michael Just a note since you run unlimited your FFTF value is defaulted to 0.01 as I understand it, that’s why I have been experimenting with increasing it manually a little bit to see if the dynamic tool maybe worth the go. Joe