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  1. stampee

    ORBx TrueEarth Netherlands and FlyTampa Amsterdam

    I also purchased true earth Netherlands. I have a 4700K cpu and 1060T 6 gig video card. I run at 1280x1024 resolution. I am very happy with the product. I average 30fps in country an drop to 14-20 in cities. I know some people would choke at that low fps, but it is flyable and fun low and slow. My video card runs around 3 gig memory used and 30-50% power usage. I have distance and special effects sliders maxed. auto gens I keep at dense in the cities. I have plenty of ground traffic and air traffic going, and wildlife running as well. I think the lower resolution is what allows me to get away with success, where other people are struggling with brand new systems twice as powerful as mine. -Stampee
  2. stampee

    P3d in VR - using eyes only?

    I find this topic interesting. There are many picture books with 3d images done with a mess of pixels that looks like gibberish at first glance, until you focus awhile then a 3d image pops out at you. -Stampee
  3. Nope, Sigh... light bloom off did not fix it. Its back again this flight as usual. Maybe it is that cloud bug you mentioned. Odd if I am the only person noticing this issue. -Stampee
  4. Thank you for the response. I set bloom to 0 and that solved the issue for me. -Stampee
  5. Hello All: I notice that when I look out, and up a tiny amount the terrain darkens quite a bit, making trees and forest extremely dark. If I look down with the viewpoint, the screen gets brighter and terrain is nice and clear and visible. Flying low and slow, this is getting to be a real pain for me. I have PTA and env texture, but I do not think these are causing the issue. I havd tried different PTA presets to no avail. I think this issue has always been happening to me through all versions of P3d, it just took me awhile to figure out what was going on. If I did not know better, I would say p3d is trying to simulate the brightness of looking up into sun, you lose night vision, so it darkens the ground. If so I would like to disable this feature somehow. I am currently running p3d 4.4 Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you -Stampee
  6. I will do a comparison between my 286 OC 20 MHz and my 386 33 MHz systems. They both seem to be the same at around .000000001 fps. Ho ho merry Christmas all Stampee
  7. stampee

    Installing AutoStarsX in P3dv4

    Thank you so much. I believe I have it working. The stars look much more realistic now. I generated a larger stars.dat file. I do not see any planet names however. I went to the airport you suggested and set the proper date and time. I also had the NAME box selected in the autostar program. I also cannot see the big dipper. I have never been able to find it in the original p3d stars.dat either. This is the only constellation I know well, so.... Any advice would be greatly appreciated. -Stampee
  8. stampee

    Prepar3d to GPS Android app?

    I use Fsmovmap for google earth view of terrain. It also injects the simulated aircraft around you onto the display. Another app I use which does this is. FsRadio Panel. Again free. FsRadio panel shows your radio panel, moving map,HSI, ADI, switch settings and Autopilot. You can select which display you want. -Stampee
  9. stampee

    black airports in Hawaii v4.2

    Well... I got the airports back, and only the Universe knows what fixed it. I disabled all addons, repaired the client. reinstalled the client. repaired the scenery. Deleted PTA. removed Envtex. Deleted my shaders a jillion times, deleted p3d.cfg half a million times. Jumped through hoops and prayed to Allah. Finally the airports came back, and I do not know why. The moral of the story is.... I hate computers. -Stampee
  10. stampee

    Switching from 4.1 to 4.2

    I held off on upgrading myself. I finally got the necessary updated support add ons and took the plunge two days ago. I had no problems. I deleted the old 4.1 client, then updated to 4.2 client. I updated my fsuipc and PTA. I also updated Envtex, although not sure I needed to do that. I have Orbx NA global, ireland, hawaii from flight sim jewels. None of these had any issues with the upgrade. Actually I have dozens of other add-ons they all worked fine. -Stampee
  11. Hello all: I had to do a reinstall of p3d v4.2 now I am getting this error in pta 2.61 ERROR applying custom tweak [Clouds directional lighting 3] : the desired block is not found. When I run p3d it acts like no shaders have been applied. Clouds are nothing but white and very few clouds are even in the sky. It sure is odd. Any advice would be appreciated. I am running with Envtex. I tried reapplying envtex, but that made no difference. -Stampee
  12. Hi all. I have black airport buildings in Hawaii at ford island, and the marine airfield on honolulu. Honolulu international is fine, and so is Wheeler field. Also I have invisible aircraft at The marine airfield. I cannot see the plane, but can see its running lights. I do not see this issue at other airports. I fly all over the world. I just installed the client for 4.2. I updated fsuipc and PTA to the later versions for 4.2 and have had no issues flying other then these black buildings I just found when going to Hawaii for the first time since 4.2 was installed 2 days ago. I have disabled all add-ons. I disabled PTA and restored the shaders. I repaired the client. I deleted my p3d.cfg file. Any advice would be appreciated. -Stampee
  13. stampee

    flight lessons

    Thank you Yes, I have fsflyingschool. I called it by the wrong name, sorry. It is okay, reminds you to check controls and such before flight, but in flight it just lets you cruise around illegally anyplace you wish, does not help with proper pattern entry for landing etc, which is what I was hoping to learn. Also it talks a lot when ATC is giving me landing instructions or traffic alerts and can be a real problem for this reason. If I had a mic connected, supposedly I can tell the instructor to be quiet. I am not complaining, it is very nice for what it does, but as I said earlier, I am looking for proper training. I will look into the free faa books, thank you. I am now looking at the BAVirtual website. It looks inspiring. Thank you to everyone. -Stampee
  14. stampee

    flight lessons

    Hello All: I am looking for flight lessons or missions that will teach me the proper way to fly. Fsx used to have a few. I have searched quite a bit now, and have not really found any programs or mission packs available that do this. I have Fspilot, but it does not teach me how to fly, it just tells me if I do something wrong. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. -Stampee
  15. I am on pta 2.60 and lost shadows. I restored original p3d shaders, then changed a preset and now have no shadows. Sometimes I can get water shadows. One time only I restored p3d shaders, selected a preset I knew worked and I had shadows again on terrain and water. SO...I selected a different preset, restored shaders first and now, no matter what I do, I cannot get shadows back. It is very frustrating. I tried selecting and deselecting shadows in p3d to no avail. p3d v4.1 -Stampee