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    X-Plane advocate and expert (hardware, rendering settings, datarefs, tweaks, ect.). When I am not posting I am probably banned at the moment. Usually for advocating X-Plane in the P3D forum, my guilty little pleasure.

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  1. 3.1.9 is the official version with faster generation, no need to downgrade. Generating ground routes will still be much faster as described. It's simply a matter of CPU load - when you look at the sky, X-Plane doesn't need much, and the saved amount is available to WT.
  2. I think you mixed that up... the actual WT ground routes can only be generated with WT and only in-sim, unfortunately. Are you using the latest test build of WT? It's known that it takes much longer than the official release. Here's a little "hack" to speed up ground generation: pause the sim, go to tower view and look up (facing space). Then generate ground routes, having the largest possible chunk of CPU time available to WT.
  3. Colonel X

    xEnviro 1.10 in Beta

    As it stands, X-Enviro is our only shot at a dramatically better weather depiction. Maybe something else will come up in 2020+, but for now, X-Enviro is it.
  4. Colonel X

    xEnviro 1.10 in Beta

    I just learned here that FSW is dead. Made my day.
  5. The visual artifact shown in the screen happens when you mess with AA settings via datarefs in 11.30.
  6. Colonel X

    X Plane Screen-Resolution

    Yeah, DSR is a brute force method to get a clear picture in X-Plane, and also to empty your wallet... I asked Ben if he had any plans to introduce TXAA (temporal AA) to X-Plane... "maybe" ...
  7. Colonel X

    X Plane Screen-Resolution

    DSR helped a lot for me. Running 3K or even 4K on my 1080p monitor is the antidote to X-Plane's bad AA. Why wouldn't it work, it's pure math. But don't think you'll get away without AA even at 4K. So it's def. GTX 1080+ territory. Currently running in 4K viewing via Playstation VR (Cinematic Mode) and it's pretty much mindblowing.
  8. Colonel X

    11.30RC1 Performance

    By my standards 11.30r2 is fine performance wise. I have no direct comparison to 11.26, but as usual, don't overload the the sim and you'll be fine. Locked, stutter free 30fps is absolutely possible with the usual NVIDIA settings.
  9. Colonel X

    11.30RC1 Performance

    Who would have thought...
  10. Colonel X

    11.30RC1 Performance

    11.30 beta has been a hot mess and it's not quite over yet.
  11. Colonel X

    11.30RC1 Performance

    At first it's important to understand that what we are talking about is datarefs - variables that allow us to change how X-Plane looks/works. They are an X-Plane feature and may be viewed and edited using the plugin "Dataref Editor" - but all changes made are lost once you quit X-Plane. Hence we need FlyWithLua, which allows us to put these edits in a file (a "script"), so X-Plane will always load these changes when it starts up - basically datarefs are sliders made of code, sliders that otherwise wouldn't be accessible. Check this: It's all a lot easier than it first looks. It is a plugin that runs in the background. It allows you to run scripts. Those scripts are basically .txt files that you rename .lua - and put in the Scripts folder that resides within the FlyWithLua folder. If you create a .lua file using the two lines I explained above, you should be able to free a lot of CPU time. Make sure to get Dataref Editor, so you can monitor your changes while you play around with the scripts (it can all be messed with while X-Plane is running, scripts may be reloaded at any time).
  12. Colonel X

    11.30RC1 Performance

    FlyWithLua is the plugin, and then you just address the specific datarefs in a script. No premade scripts needed. For LOD (scenery drawing distance): set("sim/private/controls/reno/LOD_bias_rat", X) X = 1-5 ("Very High" to "Low") - try anyting from 1.5 to 3 for fair results. For water reflections: set("sim/private/controls/reno/draw_reflect_water05", X) X = 0-5 ("None" to "Complete") - try 1 for only having clouds reflect.
  13. Colonel X

    11.30RC1 Performance

    You can't expect leveraging the power of your system by merely operating the sliders. I am sure there is a way for you to run high detail and smooth, but it will require some settings to be set via datarefs (using FlyWithLua). Just an example, "World Detail" - anything other than max looks bad (holes in the scenery), the problem is, that since v11, the LOD setting is included with the World Detail slider (it was a separate slider in v10), essentially leaving you with the highest LOD setting ("1") when maxing the World Detail slider. By reducing the LOD to 2 or 3, you still get full scenery detail, just not drawn that far out. It's a reasonable trade-off, which heavily reduces CPU load (will come handy with the Zibo). Laminar has made the settings very easy in v11, but unfortunately, they prevent from loading one's system sophistically. Another dataref setting that may break the chains around your CPU is water reflections. Same story, in v11, Laminar killed the slider. Set it to "1" via dataref (only clouds will be reflected), and boom, your Zibo experience will be rock solid 30FPS.
  14. Pretty sure this freeware is setting the stage for his next payware releases: Japanese airports, and I love that! Such a highly interesting and yet completely underdeveloped region in X-Plane. With his freeware, the available UHD mesh and potential Mister X airports, this could become a reference region in terms of quality and visuals!