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  1. I think if you want acceptable RT performance on the 3070, you need to combine it with DLSS. See if the "Quality" mode cuts it.
  2. That is a very uninformed reply. Ray tracing is the greatest step in 3D graphics (particularly lighting) probably since texturing, while DLSS (especially 3) is the greatest performance hack ever for gaming. Let me add a video and you reconsider if it makes a difference...
  3. There is a zero percent chance X-Plane will run on this (in VR). The M2 is far from being powerful enough. Unless we are talking X-Plane Mobile graphics (read: god awful).
  4. That's funny. The loading is finally over and you get confronted with horrible ortho, screen tearing, AA and stutters. It's comedy.
  5. https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/tile/3d-tiles I think it is a matter of weeks until we see API level integration of Google's 3D cities and worldwide ortho to X-Plane. Good news!
  6. Great screens. Especially the mesh. X-Plane's default mesh has a 1990s taste to it unfortunately.
  7. The all-over aliasing during approach is why I don't use this sim in a nutshell.
  8. I guess what it comes down to is either... a) A smooth VR sim that looks like FS1998 b) A VR slideshow sim that looks like XP12
  9. Yeah it's Austin, he doesn't care. However, it's kind of crazy to think when the XP12 launch trailer was RIDDEN with AA issues, they just said well, f-it let's release it. My only explanation is that they knew TAA is years away since their rendering pipeline is not compatible and they we're like its either this or nothing.
  10. I am sorry your contributions are at best comedic to me and I won't be engaging in this discussion.
  11. Well if you can't see AA problems that is good for you then. For educated users however it is very obvious (and matter of fact) that XP12 has insufficient AA because it relies on outdated AA technology. This results in AA being outright horrible in the sim. And a few us actually won't touch XP12 until this has been properly addressed - by introducing TAA, just like the other sim and basically any other modern game out there.
  12. You seem very confused. This is a topic about the overall lackluster AA in X-Plane 12. This has nothing to do with a single obscure bug or "4K next gen graphics".
  13. Sorry, from my technical understanding, I just don't see that happening, just with a "fix". With X-Plane's deferred rendering approach, both MSAA and FXAA will never be sufficient. If by "actioned" you mean that implementation of TAA has begun - great. I just think it will take a while.
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