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    X-Plane advocate and expert (hardware, rendering settings, datarefs, tweaks, ect.). When I am not posting I am probably banned at the moment. Usually for advocating X-Plane in the P3D forum, my guilty little pleasure.

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  1. Aerosoft EDDF and LSZH have been updated for SAM.
  2. It's not working, so I curbed it. Maybe there will be an update.
  3. Yes you may add that, just make sure not to add scripts that "do the same", meaning manipulating the same datarefs. XP-Realistic should be fine. Check your /Scripts folder after X-Vision installation (application of "Solution"), X-Vision deactivates all other scripts and you have to rename them to enable them. As for clouds, i've never seen anything better in terms of textures than X-Vision, but if you need to install other textures, make sure you do that after you apply your "Solution" in X-Vision, otherwise X-Vision will overwrite them (potentially every time you apply the Solution in X-Vision). After installing X-Vision I recommend the this lighting tweak (overwrites the X-Vision data): https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/53686-my_xplane_night_lighting
  4. Negative. If you want the good looking clouds, you need the version with shader changes. Reshade can't replace that. the 11.50 version comes with clouds, but the whole X-Vision experience is not there without the shaders tweaks, which do affect clouds! Negative. Those are in fact X-Vision clouds, only a fool would run X-Vison and SMP. The reason you didn't get the same results is because of the missing shader tweaks (and maybe a varying X-Vision preset).
  5. Jose, X-Vision clouds look really good (Impressive Preset with Lua script), however it doesn't work with Vulkan. It's 11.4X only.
  6. Thanks for this useful advice, Jan!
  7. That is your shadercache rebuilding. It only happens once after either 1. gpu driver change, 2. os update, 3. x-plane update ... As for your other observations, I think you are hallucinating. B9 is as fast as 11.50 betas come and there are no visual changes.
  8. A shame this comes out with still/again no atmosphere/weather add-on that deserves the name for 11.50b.
  9. It's another guy. The newbie thread is like light to flies.
  10. Remove FSE entirely. Only use X-Vision. The .lua script is installed by X-Vision. However, X-Vision will deactivate all other .lua scripts upon first application of a solution. Check your folder plugins/FlyWithLua/Scripts Get this sorted before you install Reshade.
  11. I never used GPS in a 737, but if you want the bird to line up with the runway and be able to use autoland, you need to use ILS. Once ATC gives you the runway for landing, find the runway in X-Plane's map (switch the map to"ILS low enroute"), click on the funnel for the the runway and then on "Tune to NAV 1 & NAV 2". Back in the cockpit, transfer the value of the captains CRS to the first officers and turn on the first officers FD (step is optional for autoland). Now you're all set. Approach the runway +/- 30° (that's how ATC will guide you to it) and press VOR LOC then APP on the MCP panel. Watch the pink indicators on your glass as they respond, the bird will start turning. Once on the glideslope, activate the second CMD for full autoland (step is optional for autoland). Order a bloody mary and enjoy the landing.
  12. The box and cross will be displayed as long as there is no other input device. Get a joystick or gamepad.
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