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    X-Plane advocate and expert (hardware, rendering settings, datarefs, tweaks, ect.). When I am not posting I am probably banned at the moment. Usually for advocating X-Plane in the P3D forum, my guilty little pleasure.

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  1. Colonel X

    Over LA

    Well, shame on me! Can't believe I didn't make that out. Upon closer inspection, well, yeah it doesn't look as good as X-Plane 😉 He was referring to this incident:
  2. Colonel X

    X-plane 11 frame rates

    That is, again, false information here. Using regular VSYNC will limit your FPS to 60 in case your FPS exceed that limit. It will not lock to 30, 15 or anything else. Using it in X-Plane, you probably won't notice it's on, because you will probably never exceed 60 FPS and thus the "lock" will never kick in. Using VSYNC "half refresh rate" will limit to 30 (and again, not to 15 or anything else).
  3. Colonel X

    Over LA

    Hi Ryan, I recommend the attached file to improve your street lights. Vanilla X-Plane is seems overly orange, don't you think? This will give you better variety.
  4. Colonel X

    X-Enviro 1.10 progress....

    I believe there's actually a bit more to it with X-Enviro. But even if it's just sourcing weather from multiple sources to build the environment - my CPU is thankful for EVERY BIT of load taken off its shoulders. DRM is a thing too, of course, I don't mind it (unless it's so restrictive that it locks you out from your own purchases at one point, but I haven't had that at least in flight simulation).
  5. Colonel X

    X-Enviro 1.10 progress....

    Yeah, that should, of course, be possible - to include themes with the install data. If they decide to implement it. But it's only half the fun.
  6. Colonel X

    X-Enviro 1.10 progress....

    No hope for that. XE calculates the weather/clouds on a server - the only way this grand vision is possible at all (actually this server/client based rendering paradigm is the future for gaming, for example, the environmental [buildings] destruction of the new Crackdown 3 game by Microsoft also relies on this - because the client, your computer, wouldn't be able to do it due to CPU performance). I don't mind that, an internet connection is one of the smaller problems of modern life (unless you're in Pakistan or suffer from paranoia). But some Americans might be reserved to the idea that their flight sim depends on Russian servers, I get that. I think there's quite a few here (me included) that bought XE, fiddled around with every version, only to uninstall it and run with other solutions for now. But veteran X-Plane users know that your sim is always temporary, and will evolve over time. Default weather is fine for now (with things like better cloud art, X-Vision and the like - it's all still static in terms of visualization [except for SkyMaxx maybe which animates clouds in the wind nicely, but the rest is underwhelming], which is my major gripe), but there's a big next step for weather. That is potentially X-Enviro, or Active Sky, of which I've seen nothing yet ("Q4 2018 Release" - take my money!). XE seems extremely ambitious, that's for sure. Personally, I wish Laminar would just buy into TruSky or another nextgen readymade weather engine and roll it out with XP12, but they seem to want to cook their own soup. There's also no reason in the world they haven't hired Greg from World Traffic to make it the official X-Plane Ai - but oh well, it's up to Austin.
  7. Colonel X

    X-plane 11 frame rates

    For years now, this has been THE setting to run X-Plane with. Sad it's not the officially promoted mode by Laminar (I think they could add it to the settings if they wanted to). So many inexperienced uses struggle with stutters (sync related, not performance). There's simply no other way to achieve the smoothness this mode offers - if your settings allow you to run the simulator at or above 30fps. That is false information. Using "vsync locked at 1/2 refresh rate" setting, frames will drop below 30 to whatever you're capable of running, there is no "switch" to 15 FPS. Check your settings. But of course yes, the setting becomes useless if you can't maintain 30 FPS.
  8. They have something cooking there for sure... I know it's a delicate topic, considering the fact they keep on showing us the next big thing and don't care the actual release (1.09) is a buggy mess for the most part. But you can't deny their target is very ambitious.
  9. Colonel X

    X-Plane Developer Q&A

    X-Plane n is always laying the groundwork for X-Plane n+1... (that is a key to winning). Personally I don't care about seasons (hate snow in real life, too), but very much about the weather. I think it's a bit unfair to blame Laminar here though - didn't you all notice the improvements to weather in 11? I mean it was a silent upgrade (no headline feature for 11), but it has become a lot better. The cloud art and especially the performance. Fire up XP10 and compare - they are worlds apart. Actually, I think the performance is so good at this point that Laminar could easily allow 3D clouds to be drawn further out ("enlarging the disc") - combine that with better cloud art (X-Vision goes a long way here even though I still despise the 2D clouds on the horizon, namely ring 4 and 5 of the disc) and that's all you need I suppose (well, soft real weather transitions would be cool, too). My point, a few minor tweaks to the current weather engine and it would be super good - all that without the weather engine being an official X-Plane 11 feature at all. Oh yeah and my favorite part of the video (Part II) is when Austin is falling asleep! I mean on a live webcast. Anybody else only sees Will Ferrell when Austin is on screen?
  10. Colonel X

    A very short hop

    Simhaven VFR objects installed - churches everywhere!
  11. Colonel X

    AI & ATC

    Well, you have two options I guess: 1. Use the free camera to move up to a birds-eye perspective, make out your runway, and just taxi there as you like. 2. Use a plug-in called (I think) Airport Navigator, which gives you a good map (X-Plane's map is unfortunately completely useless on the ground).
  12. Colonel X

    AI & ATC

    124th ATC is free and works flawlessly. I just don't like the X-Plane 10 style interface it has, but I have aesthetics neurosis and others may not even mind. World Traffic 3 ATC is pretty solid if you can live with the window that will always pop open right on your screen, which is very annoying. The major plus side is that ATC will not only guide you, but all the other AI planes of WT3. No other ATC solution can offer this at this point in time. But as with all things X-Plane, it is only a matter of time. I think it's safe to say that in a year from now, there will be very good options. Either the updated WT3 ATC (which the dev is already working on, and it will come with Pilot2ATC and - hopefully - 124th integration), an improved 124th or even an overhauled version of X-Plane's own ATC.
  13. Colonel X

    X-Vision Cloud Art

    I believe it when I see it. While there are "changes" on the table, I haven't heard of any plans for Laminar to radically change the rendering (at least for now, pre-Vulkan). If some shader code changes, I am sure X-Vision can adapt. They pulled it off once, so I believe it will go on. It's just too good to not go on!!!
  14. X-Plane 11.25, HD/UHD Mesh V4, X-Vision 1.01, Reshade 3.4.0, Zibo v3.29c - all screenshots show X-Plane default live weather. Overcast Tokyo Lakeland KLAL in the distance. Out of the fluff. Chubu Chentrair RJGG