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  1. I have two major gripes with 12.10: - AA ist still horribly bad even at "8x", of course as it isn't temporal. How long do we have to wait? - CPU is hammered by Autogen, anything but top tier CPU's will give bad results.
  2. Yep, AmbientLight.fx, if tuned correctly was pretty good. Used it on X-Plane, MSFS, GTA, Cyberpunk ect. (even on games that feature RT). It always looked better with it on. Also I added a bit of bloom, too.
  3. Hey Sethos, interesting, in my mind it's just that smearing and bleed-in-each-other that makes it real, and anything sharp and crisp looks artificial (gamey) to me.
  4. Yeah I can do today as well, that would be a wednesday.
  5. Yeah and then there's the switch to raster data dsf's, which potentially gives scenery a real boost - on a global scale. I just wish devs like Mister X would put some more effort in and advance X-Plane's autogen (like he has in the past). Little changes go a long way with Autogen. I think all that is well on the way, but Laminar needs to step up their terrain texture game. They should look into AI backed texture generation, something like "plausible Orthos".
  6. Seems like a good point in time to give this simulator another go.
  7. I think if you want acceptable RT performance on the 3070, you need to combine it with DLSS. See if the "Quality" mode cuts it.
  8. That is a very uninformed reply. Ray tracing is the greatest step in 3D graphics (particularly lighting) probably since texturing, while DLSS (especially 3) is the greatest performance hack ever for gaming. Let me add a video and you reconsider if it makes a difference...
  9. There is a zero percent chance X-Plane will run on this (in VR). The M2 is far from being powerful enough. Unless we are talking X-Plane Mobile graphics (read: god awful).
  10. That's funny. The loading is finally over and you get confronted with horrible ortho, screen tearing, AA and stutters. It's comedy.
  11. https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/tile/3d-tiles I think it is a matter of weeks until we see API level integration of Google's 3D cities and worldwide ortho to X-Plane. Good news!
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