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  1. I think these pauses are the single most off putting thing in flight sim.
  2. To summarize it, nobody knows what's going on and there is no fix. Multiplayer, Rolling Cache... all those things have no influence.
  3. So, after a couple of months away from the sim, I recently installed the latest updates to see where we are. Loaded LAX and had the A320 fly out of 07L via Ai. It went well for a couple of seconds, however very soon I was getting erratic pauses. I wouldn't call it stutters, the sim was smooth, and these pauses were too long (up to more than 2 secs) to qualify as stutters. Bummer. So next I reset my graphic settings and restarted the flight. Same pauses, no difference. Rage quit. What is going on here?
  4. Willkommen an Bord! Möchten Sie etwas Krautsalat?
  5. Hard to believe there's no easy go to option by now.
  6. I'd love for Asobo to add an option to fly with AI autogen, but have PG POI's. Shouldn't bee too hard to get right.
  7. Yes, this is hilarious. These clouds look meh at best, but tank the FPS more than a full blown thunderstorm on ultra settings. I just sit thru that and shake my head.
  8. If it has "Taburet" in the name, avoid at all costs. Famous for really, really bad add-ons.
  9. Hey Dillon, would you please lay down the love part of your relationship with CTD's for me? I tried really hard to come up with these... • Loving to run a sim so advanced it cannot not crash. • Loving that the PC runs super cool after the CTD killed all the system load. • Loving the kind reminder to get on with real life.
  10. Well, I'd take a location based CTD over a random one any day. Never had those, but I guess the way MSFS scenery works, there's always the chance to tap into some data the sim just can't digest. I think some day, those issues will be fixed, just like some day, we'll have realistic traffic... patience, the must have for simmers.
  11. I know exactly what you mean. It's very simple, it's aliasing caused by high contrast edges. Other than using TAA (which you should and probably do), there's only one way do deal with these: brute force power. Meaning supersampling the image. At 1080p, these artefacts tend to vanish upwards of 170% resolution scale. So you almost have to render the image at 4K, then the sim downscales it, effectively working against the aliasing. Your GPU will hate you though.
  12. Yeah, don't get me wrong, I appreciate your effort and actually feel bad for dissing the results. However I always talk straight and I hate how the NX sounds. But I guess we both can live with these realizations and get along, like we do in real life, which is full of morons that we do tolerate because otherwise we'd all become small time Unabombers.
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