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    X-Plane advocate and expert (hardware, rendering settings, datarefs, tweaks, ect.). When I am not posting I am probably banned at the moment. Usually for advocating X-Plane in the P3D forum, my guilty little pleasure.

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  1. KLAS and Las Vegas strip

    Yes indeed.
  2. KLAS and Las Vegas strip

    Umm, X-Plane 11 comes with an adequate rendition of the strip and KLAS out of the box? Are you running X-Plane 10? There is no better scenery available as of now (Glitter Gulch is outdated trash).
  3. X-Enviro 1.08 released

    Looking at your system, I don't think that should be an issue. I ran into some fps issues (read: drops to 25ish) with max settings over the alps (4790K, 1080ti), but that's about it.
  4. 737 Ultimate Models

    Well, the latest Zibo comes with the interior of the Ultimate, so I suppose the 800 is the standard version.
  5. The bug is caused by the head movements implemented by XP Realistic. Deactivate the head movements within the plug-in and the issue will be gone. Work around for now.
  6. X-Enviro 1.08 released

    This is the game changer X-Plane pilots have been waiting for. Yes, some rough edges remain (1.09 just got released), but this is it, the definite weather engine for X-Plane everyone has been waiting for. And not only the clouds look fantastic, it's the atmosphere and sky rendering that are really is better than anything else on the market. Definite buy recommendation by the Colonel!
  7. Well, it's the GPU performance triangle: Anti-Aliasing - SSAO - Resolution; you can't have it all, even on a 1080ti.
  8. Some advice on VR

    Hi Tony, I wear glasses, too, I think your problem may be that the lenses are made of actual glass? I have plastic lenses and they never fog up. Seems like you may need to get a cheap pair just for VR. As for blurriness, I really can't understand how it's so bad for you. In the Steam settings, when I raise it from 1.0 to 1.5, I see a big improvement in sharpness, and gauges are readable very well. You may run out of GPU time at some point, first thing you may do to counter this is get rid of clouds (unfortunately, they are heavy hitters in VR). I run at 1.3 with 2xMSAA+FXAA and the image is decent. However, there are many more tweaks to improve the VR experience, especially lowering the visibility to get the load off the CPU (and make scenery appear smoother), but then you need to touch the skycolors so you don't get foggy colors all the time. I have a LUA script with all my tweaks for VR, let me know if you're interested. Overall I sense the interest in VR is very low, that's why I haven't bothered to share all my findings.
  9. Anybody tested the effect in VR yet?
  10. Better water is only a matter of time. For the time being, I disabled both reflections and FFT water to gain some performance back, comes in handy in VR.
  11. Yes it is. Really looking forward to try this in VR tonight.
  12. Zoom in XP 11.20VR

    Mouse zoom works, too.
  13. XP Public VR is out!

    Well, a single line Lua script would do, too. Having more objects in close range is much better than having sparse Autogen extend further... 5 = Very Low 4 = Low 3 = Medium 2 = High 1 = Very High
  14. XP Public VR is out!

    I think setting World Objects to medium (that will keep roads and lighting) and decreasing the Autogen draw distance via dataref (LOD_bias) gives a better result with the same performance. But there is certainly performance to be regained with the future releases of VR support...
  15. XP Public VR is out!

    And the quest for 45 FPS is all but ON!!!