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  1. Yeah my main point of worry for XP12 is subpar AA. Hope we're not stuck with the underwhelming options present in XP11 and wonder if they finally introduce a temporal AA option, which is def. the way to go for a flight sim.
  2. Bring it on Austin! The Colonel is ready to switch back to X-Plane!
  3. Why on earth would Asobo "downgrade the clouds" - it makes no sense!
  4. I have no reliable data, but I recently got back into the latest version of the sim, and had the same impression. Bad performance on the ground, once in the sky, everything is smooth. It's a bummer, as taxing on the ground ect. is horrible when not locked to 30 FPS.
  5. Captain Sim! Close your browsers and turn off the computer before anything can happen!
  6. Yeah it's a nice place. Especially when I take my medication!
  7. Yeah sorry, I was out of the picture, didn't know LOD up to 400 was now part of he standard settings.
  8. Maybe the sim doesn't like your config edits. Judging from your video, the LOD is pretty good. At high resolutions, some (visible) pop-in is always there.
  9. Given how well it would SELL, it's inconceivable to me how even after one year, no developer got around this. Must really be hard to implement, which is Asobo's fault. I wonder what ever happened to the traffic add-on Aerosoft teased a while back?
  10. I don't get your point. Total of 3 people are using WMR.
  11. That's correct for USB, however BT is better than a standard audio jack (by far). The Dolby App is available in the Windows Store. There's also a free trial. No, Atmos is pure software. It's better than the hardware solutions that came before it, as in you also get height information. Hover the cam below the plane and you'll hear it's above you.
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