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  1. Not one mention of KABQ without a Breaking Bad reference... love it!!! Vividly remember the parking lot scenes with Michael...
  2. It may become possible to tweak X-Plane to maintain 45 FPS within a few months, however as long as there's no way to actually LOCK it to 45 FPS, it won't be very useful. But it's certainly possible to suggest this as a desired feature to Ben.
  3. I would never doubt the increased fluidity of 120 FPS and what it can do to fast paced games. But it just seems crazy for anything outside of competitive first person shooter gameplay. The reason X-Plane works so well with 30 FPS is that most times, movement is relatively slow (that is also why in VR, 45 FPS is sufficent in flight simulation [of course interpolated to 90] where as in other games, such as racing simulators, it should always be natively 90 FPS) - that is not to say it wouldn't be a lot cooler in 60 FPS. As for movies, I believe the 48 FPS movement has failed, I haven't heard anything about it outside of Peter Jacksons midget movies.
  4. Pro gamers need more than 60 FPS? Preferences seem to shift once you don't have a job. I have found that it's not the raw screen size that determines immersion. It's just the amount of screen within your field of view. For example, I use XP on my 27" Apple Cinema Display and my Sony 55" TV. Since I sit a lot closer to the Apple display, even if it's (a lot) smaller, it fills more of my FOV, thus subjectively resulting in a better immersion, or at least equal.
  5. As I stated above, using the NVIDIA panel to lock to 30fps will give you perfect fluidity on a 60hz monitor. The art is configuring X-Plane to never drop below 30 FPS. Of course, nothing feels as fluid as 60fps, but it's not practical in X-Plane (right now) unless you compromise detail / effects. 45 FPS will also feel better than 30, but it's a marginal difference as long as your 30 FPS are delivered with perfect frame timing - which works as described. There's no way to lock XP to 45 FPS, so there will always be fluctuating frame times, thus making that approach pretty much useless.
  6. First and foremost, forget the integrated ATC - you can setup 124th ATC (free) to work with it and it is a MUCH better package. As for your enter Key - do you have it bound to another plug-in maybe?
  7. I think the trial will only allow a handful of flights at any given time. Meaning you can fully try the product, but the amount of airplanes you see is very limited.
  8. A lean setup of WT3 will deliver much, much better results, and there will be no FPS drop if you are running with moderate settings, which will still give you a LOT more traffic than XP Ai, including variety, realistic airlines and aircraft types ect. Give it a try!
  9. In its current state, 60 or even 45 FPS are out of the question in XP11, if you consider flying in dense areas such as NYC including traffic and maxed out settings, custom scenery ect. Even on the very latest hardware. In 2018, I think 45 will become a realistic goal, sort of a byproduct of optimizations for VR support. That said, a perfectly fluid 30 FPS experience is achievable, and you wont need any fancy synced monitor for that. It requires two things basically. 1. Your rig being able to sustain 30 FPS with your chosen settings. And I mean sustain. A drop to 29 will cause stutters. On latest Intel (8700K) and NVIDIA hardware, this should be possible on highest settings minus scenery shadows and reflections (the possible reflection update rates introduced in XP11 may very well be the greatest waste of CPU time since the invention of flight simulation), even including loads of traffic via WT3 and basically all available payware airports that are up to date. When I say highest settings, keep in mind that you have to keep your GPU in check, on a 1080ti, using 8x AA, you will probably be able to run 1600x900 maximum (if you want to be prepared for any given weather situation - obviously you can push XP a lot harder when flying in clear skies). The image quality will however be better compared to running say 1080p with less AA. It depends on how well your monitor will upscale the image, YMMV. It is also a matter of personal preference, like how much you are willing to deal with jaggies and shimmering, to me, these are a real immersion killer in the sim. I prefer running at 720p using extreme AA settings (only available through datarefs). 720p gets upscaled extremely well on HDTVs. Just forget about running high settings at high resolutions, let alone 4K - if you believe in the ludicrous resolution race, you will need to dial down visual effects, XP is just too demanding. Try P3D or any other legacy sim in that case. 2. Set the NVIDIA control panel to VSYNC / half refresh rate. Done. You might get an occasional stutter from scenery loading, but other than that, XP11 runs perfectly smooth with clean 33ms frame times.
  10. It would be beyond awesome if Laminar would integrate HD scenery download in their installer (with a disclaimer of course). But then, there's many thing in life that would be totally awesome and yet never happen.
  11. Great news! Especially for the folks that did not jump on the ortho hype train...
  12. Get the direct download. Why wouldn't you.
  13. Glad you got something cooking, V4 sounds good! And then maybe ... California UHD :D
  14. Hi Andras, do you have any plans to update your mesh, for all those (they exist!) that do not want to "switch" to OrthoXP? I'd really like to see UHD coverage for the USA utilizing X-Plane 11's OSM data and autogen... and I suppose I am not the only one!
  15. This was a profoundly confused post, very sympathetic. You should be fine as long as you are running the Gold edition.