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  1. xp11

    Filou, which HD cloud set are you using?
  2. Thanks! I use overlay editor now and it's much easier comapared to using WED.
  3. 1.07 has been released!
  4. How do we convert our X-Plane installations to take full advantage of coming traffic add-ons? WT 3 is about to be released, so I am facing the daunting task of removing all static aircraft from my X-Plane installation. WT 3 will easily fill up all airports with actually living planes, so there's really no need for static AC's anymore. Actually, they will quickly become a disturbance due to spawning issues. I identified three categories of airports: 1. X-Plane Gateway I will do nothing to these and hope that with time, all updated airports will support turning off static AC and thus be static AC free at one point without me having to do anything. 2. Freeware I think some devs like Mister X, NAPS, TDG or X-Codr will provide updates to their popular sceneries, improving X-Plane 11 support (allowing us to deactivate the static AC in the settings). For some, this already works, but many major sceneries such as KLAX (Mister X) and KJFK (X-Codr) still don't react to the static AC setting. And then there's a bunch of classic freeware that has baked in statics but is otherwise good. Those golden oldies probably won't see another update, but wouldn't it be nice if we kept them around for another little while. 3. Payware Should be easy if devs provide updates (some of my payware such as Aerosoft's LSZH and KDFW are already updated), but older scenery that already has a history of bad support (in general all payware airports that still require you to turn off sloped runways) will probably never see an update thus leaving us with baked in static AC until judgement day. So from categories 2 and 3 I am looking at roughly 30 sceneries that probably won't be updated by anyone soon. So for these, I am planning to remove static AC one by one via WED. So my question is, is there a better way than removing plane by plane in the 3D preview in WED? Is there another solution that is less tedious?
  5. The release is perfect. Grab it.
  6. Manage your expectations. Some user apparently live streamed a preview of 1.07 but it's not accessible anymore nor have I seen it. This is this mornings update from the developer: "1.7rc04 is on general test, only two items left to do: adjust ground haze levels to match xp11 and assemble new installer. 11 other pending items have been moved over to 1.08 work plan."
  7. Yeah I was also doing the demo but found it was too sluggish to invest in, and performance was bad even on a 1080ti. Ben has stated that VR will go into beta as soon as 11.10 is final. 11.10 beta is expected to start very soon and is said to last "months", so I'd say November would be a good guess if you're optimistic.
  8. Well FlyInside (for X-Plane) will be pretty much dead once Laminar adds native VR. And X-Enviro might well be the perfect match given how little GPU time it requires (and how much VR requires) - however it seems future versions of X-Enviro might be a lot heavier on the GPU, at least that's what it sounds like on Facebook, the developer repeatedly emphasized his performance issues with the new builds.
  9. Give it a try, works flawlessly. Especially voice-only (no "text box") - as in real life.
  10. It's also static in terms of graphics. I remember installing SMP (1.0 at the time), set a strong wind and the moving clouds looked spectacular.
  11. Yes, also the most detailed of any traffic addon.
  12. I personally believe 124th ATC would be the perfect match for WT 3.0 - although I haven't tried Pilot2ATC yet.