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  1. Whatever you set in the sim - AA is not sufficient. For me at least, it's a show stopper for now.
  2. Delete the X-Plane folder where you had it installed.
  3. Performance seems to be all over the place for now, can't really tell impact of clouds. What's more worrying that the lighting model of the world and the clouds sometimes don't match, i.e. you get a yellowish fog on sunset on the scenery, but a blue hue on the clouds, a mismatch as stark or worse compared to earlier versions. That's a disappointment. Overall atmosphere lighting is pretty great though, fresh and saturated, not as dull as in XP11. My main pain point is the horrible AA. We need a temporal solution and it's sad they didn't include that with the release. FSR only makes things worse, and I think unless you can push your displays maximum resolution without FSR and maximum AA, the image quality will be "bad" (if you're picky about it). With my 5K (Apple) display, this is impossible. Anyone knows how to lock to 30FPS (half VSYNC) on Mac OS?
  4. All I can say is that I am perfectly content with the way the clouds and especially the atmospheric scattering look in the video. Of course you won't see the "pulsing" at normal speed. Now push the word not allowed button Laminar and let my get my hands on it!
  5. Yeah, really. But then again maybe they are so busy prepping the August launch that there's no time to write about it. Wishful thinking.
  6. Kind of hard to imagine they will be able to make seasons work on top of their orthos.
  7. The way I see it XP11>XP12 is just a sticker change to advertise some major updates like new planes and weather. It is still X-Plane, same architecture, same structure ect. - I don't see any reason why there'd be more than a patch required to make these sceneries XP12 compatible - I think charging something for that would be an offense.
  8. Yeah I bought that right before my MSFS relapse. But the Win version with no option to get a Mac version. Wrote an E-Mail to .org store support, never got a reply.
  9. I wouldn't get too excited about global scenery improvements. Added autogen and maybe a bit higher res mesh and vectordata, but it's all a thing of storage space in a non streaming environment. I haven't heard f improved textures - something X-Plane would really benefit from. I sure hope ORBX will be compatible (I plan to get the 200GB SoCal pack when XP12 releases). Mind you ORBX has probably been part of the beta and should be prepared. Also I hope all of Mister x's stuff (Short Final Design) will be compatible, especially the airports and the global autogen package. Not worried really as all developers should be "in" on the changes needed for XP12. Also I have a cold bottle ready to celebrate not having to install any unfinished or subpar weather add-on this time around. The only thing that will be annoying as always is getting air traffic up and running. Any recs? Thinking about reverting to WT3.5 but I've been out of the loop for a while (not that MSFS has any decent traffic add-on).
  10. Anything else than a GPU upgrade would borderline insanity when considering the price and effort of a CPU/Mobo upgrade. Consider a 3070 or better, I would wait for the 40 series.
  11. For that amount you can get a PC that will run both MSFS and X-Plane very well. Only future benchmarks will tell, but I don't think you'll get faster performance when spending the same money on a Mac. High memory and storage prices of Apple considered. Any Mac with M1 Max or M1 Ultra is very interesting for XP12 however. But these are higher end machines.
  12. Yes they have made some good decisions. Just crossing my fingers they can tackle the AA issues.
  13. Of course they haven't. Process is slow and scope is limited at Laminar as it's a small team. There's no lack of talent and integrity however.
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