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  1. Well, welcome to x-plane. I would try other planes too just in case, zibo is not very stable.
  2. What FPS figures are you getting in MSFS? Zink is a major improvement for x-plane, at least because it enables AMD users to run it on Linux without issues, and Linux performance is much better. On Windows I haven't noticed that big of an improvement, but that's maybe due to the drivers and, well, Windows.
  3. You have to understand that for some, x-plane is "not a" simulator. Not a building simulator, not a weather simulator, not a scenery simulator... On topic: I own the A319 and I love it, the feel of flying it and the system depth is quite impressive. However, the default sounds are pretty meh, I have the BSS sound pack and one from FT Sim. I watched a few videos of the A320 but can't figure out whether the sounds are better. For a $90 plane they should be.
  4. I was also reluctant to jump onboard but really it was the only sane option. The flight dynamics thing has become a sort of clichee but really there's no comparison, XP just has a whole different feel.
  5. Can you point to those lua scripts? I was told that gateway airports which haven't been manually updated to XP12 cause FPS drops.
  6. I don't have any issues with 3rd party airports, only with scenery airports that haven't been updated. The exclusion zone issue is what I received from Laminar and it's up to gateway maintainers to fix.
  7. Isn't that the FPS drops at some airports caused by the exclusion zones?
  8. I'm really happy that zink is here. I can finally use XP12 on Linux with really good performance and no flickering. On Windows I didn't see any performance gain but at least there's no drop with the new AMD drivers. I still prefer Linux though, solid 45-50FPS with the more demanding aircraft and most settings maxed out.
  9. When I started the taxi, it was raining, then in about 2 minutes it stopped, then after a minute or so it started raining again. I've rarely seen this in real life, and only in the summer. Usually in the winter there's an overcast and it's raining/snowing. There were scattered clouds. Also the distance traveled was small since I wasn't flying.
  10. It seems that most of the time the rain appears randomly. I've very rarely seen rain come and go in the same location, maybe in the summer when we get sporadic showers. But in XP12 it seems to be the norm. For example, I was taxiing at LZIB (where it is winter now), and the rain just came and went away. Same when flying through clouds, almost every time there's rain hitting the plane when flying through one. This seems exagerrated.
  11. You wish... We're not specifically talking about the beta, these issues have been there since XP12 was released to the public, and they're still here regardless of the version, with minor improvements.
  12. We can complain about the stable release too, the differences are small. No, you only want to see positive comments because you're somehow invested in this platform. We're not (that much), when you don't see us complaining it means we're actually enjoying it. I've complained about other platforms and games too and I've never seen such religious attitudes.
  13. Since we bought x-plane with our own money we have every right to criticize it. The fact that you (and others) can't handle criticism or that your commercial interests dictate your opinions, doesn't change anything. Nobody cares.
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