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  1. Its been a few years since I flew P3D , it looks so dated , can definitely tell P3D its just a updated version of FSX
  2. instant buy of upgrade for me. I abandoned PMS after my first year of subscription ended 12 moths ago for the TDS. Never regretted it
  3. don't buy it most pre-builds from big chains are over priced you think they are cheep thats because the are, most only come with 1 x stick of ram instead of x 2 and use the cheapest components they can find. Is the 32GB DDR5 Memory on 1 x stick? or 2 x 16GB sticks? I bet its more than likely 1 x 32 GB stck Watch Youtube reviews 95% are cheep overpriced garbage.
  4. First time I have heard MSFS has major issues, recommend this late in the game you subscribe to xbox game pass as MSFS basic version is included for a small monthly fee as you don't want to spend $$$ on MSFS2020 then have 24 come out not long after.
  5. I have no problems at all with Power loss it sounds like your controllers are not set up correctly or you might need to do a complete re - installation of MSFS and {fresh install windows } if its been a long time since it was installed I know its a pain but its often worth the time. My VR also works great , there are lots of great set up MSFS VR tutorials on Youtube. I also use to fly I did my PPL in 1997, flew a PA28 Warrior for 8 years
  6. Important make sure you watch this if you have a G2 because if you update windows during the next major update your G2 will no longer work.
  7. XP12 wont Die, its only getting better overtime. Microsoft probably has 100 x times the budget , don't forget Microsoft abandoned us for years. I enjoy flying both sims
  8. The Bravo is by far the Best Throttle Available for $300 Price Range. I had the Thrustmaster TCA Airbus throttle quad it felt cheep and its not anywhere near as customizeble as the Bravo. Bravo build quality is much better
  9. go on YouTube you will find lots of tutorials, that's what most simmers do to learn
  10. go on YouTube there are lots of Tutorails for RNAV ,RNP etc They are free and many verygood
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