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  1. OK will do, thanks for that. Guessing LNM is pulling data from the sim, which confused me. Cheers, G
  2. Did a quick VFR flight into Coltishaw AB (EGYC) - and for some reason the only radio frequency that p2a has for that is London Centre, looking in LNM it is quoting frequencies for Approach & Tower. Is this just a case of where each program gets it's data from? If so is there anyway to assign a frequency to Tower at a specific airport - or would that cause more problems than it's worth ?? G
  3. Last I heard PMDG said later this year for B738, not heard about anything else other than FBW - probably worth a look once it has WT's magic in it. G
  4. Of the two Lear's I much prefer the 35, although the 25 does look very, very nice. G
  5. I went Premium for the Longitude, initially I was gutted because it was useless. Now, with mods it far better and will improve with updates, so no regrets now... G
  6. No, CJ4 mod is a one shot. If you want to mod the Longitude then you'd want the G3000 mod and Darkfly's Longitude mod. Literally just unzip to community and it's there, delete it to remove in it's entirety - not found a catch yet 😉 G
  7. Direct from WT/Mat above :::: I was the same about mods, but glad I decided to try them. Much easier to add/remove than P3D !! G
  8. Have to take issue with this, do you think what you've already done is uninteresting? WT CJ4 is fantastic and between yourselves and Darkfly the Longitude is actually worth flying. Refreshing to read your comments on what is possible within the sim and looking forward to what's coming tbh... G
  9. You would have thought so, but perhaps they don't care as long as MS pays for use of what they program? G
  10. Definitely seems to have sorted the problem. They have also previewed the G3000 handling airway entry on their discord as well !! G
  11. That's 0.6.2 out now, so far no sign of the issue.... G
  12. Love the quality of RXP's product, even if I hate the fact that the data is completely different to every other bit of NAVData I've got, Still voted, should be in .. .. .. G
  13. Funnily enough I think Carenado are one of the companies most likely to benefit from what is currently happening with WT working on default avionics within the sim, if they are smart they would be able to use that to minimise one of their major shortcomings. G
  14. In what way are they being actively blocked? Surely they have same options as everyone else to develop in the sim? G
  15. It is only controls that are set to an axes, and thinking about it, sure that rudder pedals were a causal factor, all rather bizarre to be honest... G
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