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  1. I suspect because it is easier than programming in what the Lear actually has.... G
  2. Gazzareth

    Carenado G1000 and Navigraph Expansion

    It may not support VNAV, which is a shame, but unlike every Carenado jet I have FLC actually works, and the AP never messes up on it. That said not much choice around at the moment (especially if you must have the G1000). Looking forward to the MilViz and Eaglesoft products in the pipeline though (PL21 based not G1000), even if they'll be a long wait...
  3. Lol, only get add-ons that are v4 compatible now, but until there are any decent modern bizjets available for v4 then I'll stick with v3. G
  4. Useful info, although sadly I'm still in the stone age with v3. So I'll give Autostarx a try in the interim. That said I certainly wouldn't be buying any add-on with a recurring payment when I make the jump to v4.. G
  5. Gazzareth

    P3Dv4 Saved Flights

    The NGX does, haven't got the others so not sure about those. Doubt that all will though! G
  6. Gazzareth

    best small jets for P3D ?

    If you're on p3d3 then the Flight1 Mustang is a great small jet, the Eaglesoft Citation X is fantastic as midsize. The Mustang will hopefully be available soon on p3d4, Eaglesoft are also bringing out multiple business jets on both platforms (Citation XLS in beta for 32bit at the moment). The XP Lear 25 is also great and on both platforms if you like older jets, and Milviz are working on a 60XR at the moment. Some of the Carenado stuff is pretty, but avionics are poor compared to everything else above... G
  7. Gazzareth

    Learjet 45 for prepar3d?

    I like the XP Learjet 25, although as per the above post both the Learjets are a real handful, lots of thrust and relatively high approach speeds. However, p3d (especially p3d4) has a massive shortage of quality business jets. So beggars can't be choosers! G
  8. Milviz apparently have a 60XR in the pipeline (not sure about the "mystery" one, that seems to have vanished), that is due some time after their KA... LJ25 is very nice though, definitely one of my favourite business jets, love the climb rate in the Lears. G PS: For anyone actually interested I made a video "showing" how it runs on my achingly old rig::::
  9. To be fair we've been waiting for a while, the number of "complete" modern business jets out there can still be counted on one finger....😆 G
  10. Not just FSX, 32 bit - so p3d v3 as well - although Ozzy Hattermann (I believe he's now one of the devs with Eaglesoft) did say on Facebook that the v4 version would be along sooner rather than later after the 32 bit version - so fingers crossed. Wonder if we'll see the XLS+ before Milviz's Lear tbh .. .. G
  11. Yes, the XLS looks amazing as well. Waiting is taking it's toll.... G
  12. Gazzareth

    Display Resolution

    1080p on a GTX970 here, still on p3d3 at the moment! G
  13. I am in the habit of going the other way and just putting in what I think I can get away with. That said climb performance on this and the 24b is great, so not a problem getting to cruise. Normally I take the 25 up at 4000fpm and the 24b at about 6000fpm - the Cessna's I only go up at 2000fpm and that drops right down as I get higher, so I only load them lightly. G
  14. There are a couple of switches you need to hit near the cabin alt selector, BLEED AIR must be normal, and the one the other side (can't see what it is in the manual and I'm not at my machine) I set to Auto. Don't think I've ever set cruise altitude and haven't had the alert. Can't comment too much on it wondering around on takeoff, since I've recently switched to pedals from joystick twist I'm lucky to keep it on the runway! Have found the more power to weight the harder they are to keep straight, Lionheart Lear 24b is much harder.... GTN is well worth it, so much to it, and pretty intuitive.... G