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  1. Short list from me: PMDG 737-700 (BDSF & BBJ) WT CJ4 As much as I want to like the Honda / C700 I can't until G3000/5000 is refreshed !! G
  2. I've tried OnAir & AirHauler2. Do not like the subscription aspect of OnAir, it works out far more expensive than AH2. With respect to OnAir you have three options (or did when I used it), a server that basically showers you with money, one that is extremely tight with money or one where you can't have AI. Air hauler is more balanced, and has the advantage that it's not online. You can also set up pax routes, so you will never come back to no money. With the option of VAs as well you can completely customise your startup (especially once you have a company) running. G
  3. I was completely uninterested in the voice aspect of it, until I got it then realised how much better it was. More to the point though I can't imagine using it without a second screen - even if the UI is a bit (????), although in all fairness having used RC and tried PF3 I haven't found one that didn't have a bit of rubbish UI...... G
  4. Spent many years only updating NavData once in a blue moon and avoiding Charts entirely. Now using both products and don't begrudge paying Navigraph for either. G
  5. Does iFly not count? Thought they were competition at the time anyway.... G
  6. I've always been put off VATSIM by the fact I fly at odd hours (typically early AM) so no coverage in Europe when I have checked. Pilot2ATC keeps me going though. G
  7. As long as he puts a TLDR at the top then he can write as much as he wants. Generally I'll end up reading the full version at some point, although not always the same day. Wasn't keen on FSX to P3D5 and buying the same product 3x (but I did) - MSFS fair enough though ! Not a fan of enforced real names in the forum, think it has the complete opposite effect to the one they want it to have as most users introduction to the forums is to be told to put in their real names. The 737 is great though, as are their p3d 737 & 777 !. G
  8. Lol dunno, kind of creepy - but see those sort of posts on FB all the time (not necessarily PMDG related). Good to see the patch out and glad they've seen sense and finally stopped the pursuit of cockpit texture modders. G
  9. I find it amazing how little interest they seem to have in working with the likes of REX & HIFI to allow proper use of external weather engines. That said I think the weather in MSFS can be very immersive, probably as much due to the lighting as weather itself... G
  10. In terms of hardware the XBOX is far in advanced of what I was initially using MSFS on, not now. What I have found is that the weather now seems to match what is reported elsewhere, great for knowing what you are flying into. Do not remember if at any point it was consistently right WITH full range of clouds? G PS: As for the first point, I agree - users shouldn't get to play the "I've been here longest" card and then bleat when the other user points out their rep is better !!
  11. Certainly seems very much a throwback to techniques of old, hope at some point ASOBO give them the ability to be able to inject proper weather. Well REX and AS..... 😉 G
  12. Great way of saving money - if you refuse to buy software until ALL the bugs are ironed out then you'll probably never buy anything.... 😉 For what it's worth I think a lot of posts on their forum are new to flight simming let alone the 737.... G
  13. Been flying it solidly since it came out, not noticed any poor textures yet. Looks great to me night & day.... although I benefit from actually owning it, rather than not owning it and complaining about it. G
  14. Provide us? Have you purchased it now then? G
  15. They did it with the p3d cockpit mods as well, seems odd that they go so mental over cockpit mods tbh. Sure that their reasons make sense to them. G
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