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  1. For some reason WXA started causing CTD's on my system a month or so back, nothing changed, just started playing up.... I use RXP rather than F1, so no comparison there.. G
  2. Completely agree there, was preferable to current status where it is all but impossible to get to higher cruise levels & speeds... G
  3. Would guess that you just need to reset your activations on Flysimware's site - when I had issues with an older version I had to do that a lot! G
  4. Like many I used the "other" version for years, always had a problem with a hard system lockup occasionally tried to solve back in 2016, but never had a solution back to 2020 and I upgraded to p3d 4 and the issue became terminal, lucky to last 2 minutes before system locked up completely. Support were as much use as a chocolate fireguard - and that is being generous. At this point I purchased the RXP and issues want to a lockup once in a blue moon - far too rare to attempt to troubleshoot. Then a new version came along that brought the issue to the fore again, 5-10 minutes then locked. Jean-Luc suggested diagnostics and settings I could try to sort the issue, and kept up on it, until it was solved with the most recent update. Well impressed, and will definitely recommend to others.... Cheers, G
  5. The last patch reduced the power by quite a bit, not tried climbing above FL310 recent, but it used to easily cruise there at MMO, now you struggle to get to that speed at all. That said always worth checking the air temperature, if it's stupidly high it will cause you issues. G
  6. To be fair to them they are only selling it for $20, and it's better than some addons that I've paid a lot more for! G
  7. Looking at this myself, got to say the Ryzen is very tempting (even though I have always had Intel) - with the budget I've got it's Ryzen vs 9th gen i5 - vast improvement over what I have for p3d, and somewhere between recommended & ideal for 2020...... G
  8. Shame, unlikely to get fixed because it is so old. Love it for it's short field abilities, just need to keep an eye on the strange things the FMS does !! G
  9. You did better than me, loading TLA arrival into Edinburgh and it tried to send me 2500nm in the wrong direction, that's with the latest NavData ! G
  10. Finished earlier than usual, so managed a test: Changed settings as above, although whilst I was doing it the Citation battery died. So connected GPU and GTN got to first screen, left for 5 minutes whilst I was doing something else, turned back to it and it was locked up. Never even clicked into it, so was still on startup screen... G
  11. Will give that a shot, may be later in the week though as back at work now! G
  12. So another 3 full flights done with standalone GTN running, QW146 / PMDG NGX / PMDG 777. No lockups at all.... G
  13. Ditching the RAM probably won't happen, as I'm going to be replacing the machine later in the year, so if things continue as is (and that is the cause) then I would probably try and live without the GTN until it gets replaced. Obviously not keen on that result. With regard to the other question, just had the sim running for 2 hours with QW 146 in flight, stand alone trainer up and running - no issue. Will test more later. G
  14. Last I heard from them the p3d4 version was nearly ready to go (this was December) - but very much doubt anything will happen until the 32 bit version service pack is out and working OK..... G
  15. Sounds like a good idea, although looking like the issue may be RAM, whilst it passes the normal Win10 RAM test, it locks up on Enhanced test. Just confused as to why the GTN (and now the enhanced test) would be the only things triggering it. G
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