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  1. Get message “Link does not exist”.
  2. Go to the Marketplace and download your free WU7.
  3. Unfortunately, Metaoblue does recognize the airports that have cleared their runways. 😀. But very good with the ground snow and I have a feeling that their will be a fix coming.
  4. I repeated the exact same flight as yesterday which had sim ending FPS degradation. Everything worked flawlessly today. Yesterday’s flight was the first time I had ever experienced that problem.
  5. I am in beta and I experienced this Saturday beginning about 2 hours into a 6 hour flight. I had to close the flight after about 4 hours because it was so bad. Prior to this i have never experience anything like this on many many long haul flights.
  6. This has probably been asked, but does the beta fix the high OAT problem?
  7. I bought this today and initially my aircraft would not spawn at my hub airport (KDEN), which happens to be a payware airport by Flightbeam which I purchased on the Marketplace. After uninstalling the Flightbeam Denver all is good. I hope that gets worked out because I miss the Denver Airport scenery. I think Simple Traffic is a vast improvement.
  8. This is a great program and I really enjoy all that it does. One minor question: Is there a way to format the logbook UTC time in 24 our format? Thanks,
  9. Here is a link to the RTMM forum. They are very responsive and helpful. https://forum.mistymoorings.com
  10. This is a sweet deal for everyone. Long live RTMM: https://return.mistymoorings.com/
  11. Hi Steve, I purchased DX10ScenerFixer_3_3_103 and DX10CloudShadows_1_6_0_revised in May of 2017, I tried it but my old video card was too slow for it to work. I just bought a new faster card so I would like to upgrade to the newest version and try it again. I lost all my emails from that time period so I don't know my account info. Can you help? Thanks, Steve Canham
  12. What aspect ratio is the sim designed for. I would be concerned with stretching/distortion on sides.
  13. That was a typo. I have the GTX-760. No matter, since it is probably under powered for a 4K TV as a monitor. I will just wait until I buy a new rig when he new MFS is released. Thanks everyone.
  14. I am giving some thought to going from my current 3 monitor set up to a single 4K TV as a monitor. I see 43" 4K TVs on sale for under $300. My graphics card is a GTX-790. Any help or advice will be appreciated. I should add that I have an older system I7-4790 , which runs FSX-SE quite well with TripleHead2Go & 3 monitors.
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