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    What's going on with P3D

    Major point here ! Enhanced environments are exactly what 64-bit (and eventually 128-bit ^_^ ) and faster processors offer. If Lockheed Martin is serious about Improving the SKA (skill, knowledge and attitude) of eventual pilots with this simulation software, addressing the complex dynamics of some extreme weather situations with powerful visual cues is obviously better dealt with on a platform with higher bandwidth. The closer to reality this sim can get will result in better training. 64-bit should be priority one.
  2. Gotta admit the resolution on that pic is stunning. Are you maxing out the sliders ?

    Hawker SP 1.2 Out Sox usually refers to either the Boston Red Sox baseball team or the Chicago White Sox baseball team. It is a reference to and a misspelling of socks, which are garments worn on the feet. B)
  4. Orlando... Mickey's runway 35R... What software places the hydro towers in scenery. I've got Orbx global and vector. (there is a feature to show power lines in ftx Global Vector) Do I need to run some calibration tool to make sure all the objects are in their proper place lol Barely avoided a pylon sitting on the left portion of the runway. :blink:

    Hawker SP 1.2 Out

    Is uninstalling absolutely necessary ?
  6. Makes you wonder, did they lose the manuals while they were building this simulation It's as if they improvised using a screenshot of the instruments as a reference lol
  7. LMAO No soup for you !! A Seinfeld classic LOL. The H850XP is a pretty nice jet, but lacking proper documentation, getting it to work properly feels like you're actually hacking the jet lol

    Carenado Hawker 850XP or........wait?

    I have the H850XP and it's definitely fun to fly. One critical element involves adjusting the initial fuel load to match your flight length since the simulator (P3D) fills it up 100% at start. If you don't adjust this, it flies like a brick The FMS works with a few bugs, don't buy this if you want to fly it like an Airbus (full auto-flight). I'm refining manual approaches with this bird. Lots of fun island hopping in the Caribbean. I hope they have the following in the next service pack: FMS fixes Shortcut to activate the lift dump spoilers

    SP1 Released

    Good point ! Got improved performance with 40% fuel load (no passengers) and that airplane.cfg replacement 100% fuel load with passengers is like trying to fly a brick LOL

    SP1 Released

    Nice video... Just wondering did you apply a mod to get 2000 ft/m climb rate without losing speed ? At that VS using full thrust I end up stalling. :(

    SP1 Released

    How long does it take to go to 40,000 ft with this bird ?

    The Hawker is Released

    I remember feeling the heat Good stuff Carenado ! Nice little jet. Wish there was a way to start it cold and dark by default in P3D. Cold and dark is a place that really exposes the work that goes in these simulations. Starting up these babies is 3/4 of the fun for me and the real learning experience value of these sims

    Rudder bias switches ?

    Ok so if I'm reading this right the amber lights should always be off (switches to on) unless an engine fails. ? If an engine fails you then turn off the bias switch on the side the engine has failed ? :huh:

    The Hawker is Released

    Hawker 850XP release in short Let's pretend you have a software shop with a fleet of expensive programmers and your accountant tells you that you can't cover payroll next week. To boot, your credit limits are maxed out because you've busted your development budget and schedule for a product that was supposed to be out making money last month Been there, done that lol