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  1. The problem is more complicated than just adjusting the elevation, as it has to do with an issue within P3D that is beyond my control. The elevation on my scenery for the most part reflects what it is in real life. I have written P3D regarding that issue, and I am aware of other developers that have as well. Having said that, I have asked other developers for their opinion on how to solve this issue, and have gotten some valuable feedback as to how this issue might be addressed. It may take some time for me to go through the steps that may or may not solve the crash, but I do take that seriously and will report on any progress.
  2. Hi Devon, There was a post regarding that issue, and you need to have crash detection off in P3D. Orbx actually has that issue with some of their scenery, and they recommended having crash detection off as well.
  3. most Islands around the Berrys are flat, rising perhaps 1 meter above sea level, MYBC is 4.8 feet above sea level, and while my scenery does include a mesh, it does not pick up that small elevation. I did experiment with creating an artificial height, but there were to many jagged edges, like for example around the harbor. In any case, in order to get support, please email your order number to photosimlabs@gmail.com
  4. Announcing the formal development of The Island of Cuba. Development started today, with some work already done to lay the groundwork to develop the entire island. The project will be divided into three separate sections, with the first section to be released sometime in February 2020. The initial release will be for Prepar3D v4 and above. We do plan to release all our scenery sets on all platforms, including MS2020. Each section will have at least three airports, many helipads, and more.
  5. Got your email, thanks. When you downloaded Bimini, you should have had 5 folders, one of them being MYBS, which Is where all scenery files for Bimini are, do you have that folder? What you sent me via email is the Bimini ground poly, which covers the airport grounds. Please let me know if you have MYBS. The five folder you should have are: ALT.bgls bimini_gp CAT_GP MYBS MYCC plus the EULA agreement and install instructions.
  6. Hi Rightseat, please email me at photosimlabs@gmail.com with a screen grab of your installed Bimini scenery folder. I will open a ticket and resolve the issue. It seems that you are either missing the updated .bgl for the airport buildings or the textures. Thanks.
  7. Again, I am sorry you feel that way. Going with a retailer is not an option at this time due to the cut in profits. The info was indeed put on Facebook, clearly stating that it would be a manual download, and if I am not mistaken, it says so on the product page as well, but I need to double check. Nevertheless, I do want everyone who buys my scenery to be happy with the product. I tried to get an installer done, but the third party that was doing it abandoned the project and it was full of glitches. Hope to make it up eventually.
  8. I am sorry that you have had that experience. Could you PM your order details so that we can take a look at it immediately. Or do messenger at Facebook. Thanks.
  9. Hi Rob, looking back at my records while beta testing many months ago, there was someone that reported a similar issue of his plane “crashing” while loading. The solution was to turn crash detection off in Prepar3D settings. There are a few posts about similar issues with PMDG, and in P3D regarding complex addons, and while their advice is to turn crash detection off, I will continue to investigate and see what can be done. It doesn’t seem to be an issue related to another addon. i have asked a couple of ppl in the developing community to look into this as well. however, as I said, for the time being, crash detection should be off when using my scenery. additionally, while researching, I found this at Orbx: Due to unresolved issues for P3D versions 2.4 and above, we recommend NZ Regions and Airports have crash detection disabled.
  10. Hi Rob, I will work on my end and send you a file to try in a day or so, although it will be hard since I can't duplicate even with crash detection on. Try running the Orbx elevation tool and let me know. Several users of South Bimini & Cat Cay do own Orbx as well, so I doubt they are the culprit. You do have Pilots Global mesh, I don't use that. try deactivating that mesh and see. Have you tried loading at gate 1 in South Bimini? If not please try doing that as well, and just in case, deactivate LVFR Key West and Bermuda, one at a time though. Thanks for your patience Rob, Bernardo.
  11. There have been two issues reported so far. -the lack of shadows at MYCC. It has been looked at and solved. A new MYCC ground poly has been created and will be available for download. -a report of airplane crashing upon loading the scenery at active runway. It is the first time that has been reported, and so far involves one user. I am not able to replicate that, but it is being looked at. User comments: I seem to have a bit of a problem with my new scenery, when I load in a flight at MYBS (active runway) right after the flight loads the plane crashes, I don't even have time to start the engines . It just says "Crashed". Any ideas?
  12. Hi, this section is dedicated to addressing all questions regarding scenery installation, compatibility issues, or other issues encountered.
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