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  1. annber

    Huge drop in FPS after utility install

    That did the trick Dave, at least for now. Had the same advice at the Prepar3D forum as well. FPS are back at the range we were getting before installing the product, around 80-90fps. Thanks for the help!! Bernardo.
  2. annber

    Huge drop in FPS after utility install

    That makes sense since the utility addon in question does affect panels. Would deleting and reinstalling all addon airplanes help?
  3. Hello, we are encountering a frustrating issue. One of our testers installed a utility addon, which I hesitate to name as I am not sure it is the culprit and also hate to be negative about a fellow developer, but will be open to discuss via pm. His frame rates went from 80-90fps before the utility install to 40-50fps, nothing else was installed. The sudden drop seems to affect all airports, regardless of them being default or custom made. The utility has been deleted, but perhaps some files remain, or something was changed by it. This affects my release dates until I solve it, and it is the only tester reporting that issue, and the only one who installed that utility. I am thinking of having him reinstall P3D, but he is hesitating taking that step, so my question would be, is there a less drastic step that would basically erase any tweak or file install by an addon? Thanks!!
  4. Hi Bert, do you have a GTN750 mod? if so can you share? Bernardo.
  5. Hello, I need some caribbean liveries, specifically those either charter or commercial that fly in and out of The Bahamas. Please either pm me or contact me via my facebook page here: Thanks, Bernardo.
  6. Scott, the thing is that I want the static models to reflect the actual floats that fly into the area, so I need someone to create the liveries that I will put on them. Using the default floats would work if someone does the paints. BTW, posted more pics at FSdeveloper. Thanks, Bernardo.
  7. Hi, I have been developing scenery for the Bahamas area, some of which I have posted previously. I really would like to have a few static seaplanes and commercial aircraft stationed in different parts of the Bahamas. I am currently getting ready to release MYBS, MYBC, MYCC & MYZ3. There are a few seaplanes that serve those locations and also commercial planes that serve MYBS. If there is someone here willing to help out please contact me via a pm or through my facebook link, Thanks Bernardo.
  8. +1, although I still have FSX installed to test new scenery.
  9. Hello, I am working on the Bahamas Islands Scenery, and I am close to releasing Cat Cay & Bimini. Is there anyone willing to create the livery for Fly The Whale Charters? Here is a link: Thank you. Bernardo.
  10. Thanks Matt, much appreciated. I would use paypal, but I have it strictly set up for business only, unless I find a way to justify this for business use.
  11. Matt, could you please look at this, I have now tried twice to purchase and I am getting the same error, yesterday and this morning: Oh no, an error has occurred An error has occurred during the transaction. You have not been charged at this time. Please quote code TRSRSP1<br/>Processor Response: Do Not Honor Thanks!!
  12. Just tried myself and got same error as above using a debit card (US).
  13. Thank you guys, much appreciated. I had the tool for P3D v3, but it is version 1.2, so I was looking for the latest version of it for v3.
  14. Hi, yes, I am aware of it being sold to Matt for P3D v4 development. However, for those who own P3D v3, the PTA toll is nowhere to be found, and I find that a bit disconcerting given that it had always been free and supposedly Matt's version works only for P3D v4. Is there a link to previous versions of PTA?