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  1. +1, although I still have FSX installed to test new scenery.
  2. Hello, I am working on the Bahamas Islands Scenery, and I am close to releasing Cat Cay & Bimini. Is there anyone willing to create the livery for Fly The Whale Charters? Here is a link: Thank you. Bernardo.
  3. Thanks Matt, much appreciated. I would use paypal, but I have it strictly set up for business only, unless I find a way to justify this for business use.
  4. Matt, could you please look at this, I have now tried twice to purchase and I am getting the same error, yesterday and this morning: Oh no, an error has occurred An error has occurred during the transaction. You have not been charged at this time. Please quote code TRSRSP1<br/>Processor Response: Do Not Honor Thanks!!
  5. Just tried myself and got same error as above using a debit card (US).
  6. Thank you guys, much appreciated. I had the tool for P3D v3, but it is version 1.2, so I was looking for the latest version of it for v3.
  7. Hi, yes, I am aware of it being sold to Matt for P3D v4 development. However, for those who own P3D v3, the PTA toll is nowhere to be found, and I find that a bit disconcerting given that it had always been free and supposedly Matt's version works only for P3D v4. Is there a link to previous versions of PTA?
  8. Question, PTA for previous versions of P3D were absolutely free, so for those who do not have P3D v4, are previous versions of PTA still available or has Yuri's free tool for previous versions been made unavailable now?
  9. annber

    Bahamas livery request.

    Hello, I own a few of Carenado's planes, the PC12 being one. Would anyone be interested in creating a livery that serves or flies around the Bahamas? It could be the PC12, Dornier, or other. I have been developing a project that covers all the Bahamas Islands with photoreal water and land textures, custom vegetation, airports with custom ground polys, and hand placed autogen. If any of the talented people here is interested please let me know, thanks.
  10. Hi, this past weekend my Flight1 GTN750 was having problems, so I had to update it and reinstall the trainer. Upon testing it, I noticed that I was getting a windshear warning while taking off and landing. I was flying the Conquest and using ASN. Never had a warning before in 7 years. Does the warning come with the Conquest? Bernardo.
  11. Before I take out the wallet, can someone here confirm that it works on P3D 3.3? Flight1 website says: NOTE: These Downloads Are Below Are For Prepar3D 2.2+ and Version 3.0 No mention of 3.1, 3.2, or 3.3 Bernardo.
  12. annber

    B350i King Air GTN 750

    Hi Ryan, here it goes, BTW, the screen you posted looks great, look forward to trying it and thanks for sharing your work. Bernardo.
  13. annber

    B350i King Air GTN 750

    Ryan, just tried sending you a pm, unable to do so. Regards, Bernardo.
  14. annber

    Hawker with GTN 750

    Thanks Bert, just reinstalled the Hawker and it looks wonderful with your mods. :smile:
  15. annber

    Carenado AC500 Repaints for download

    Thank you, you have made a great looking plane look even better, great work. Bernardo. btw, I wanted to upload an image of your work over Norman Cay, anyone knows how I go about it here?