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  1. Thanks for this info guys, I really helps with my 2060. I'm holding my FPS at 30 because "m not seeing anything happening beyond that, must be these old eyes.
  2. Thanks Rob, Upgraded my video card to at 2060 8mb, and wante4d to get the best graphic settings I can in P3Dv5. Im talking about the display and world settings. Cheers, Ken
  3. Anyone have a handle on graphic settings for P3DV5?
  4. Many years ago I bought the Abacus FSrepaint, and enjoyed using in with FSX. Moverd over to P3D and found I had to got through the conversion process with DXTBMP - a great program. A couple weeks ago I went on a hunt for a 3rd party program - like FSrepaint - that would work with P3D. Found one; an updated FSRe[aint created by the developer that built the original sold by Abacus. Been using it these past few days, and what a wonder. It really works. If your interested in looking at it, and I'm not working for anyone to get this out, you can find it here. There's a notice, written in red, letting you know it will be up to 24 hours - once your buy it- before you get your download and registration. True story but it happened. Got an email the next day with everything on it.
  5. It's a bear. Lots of hours and back tracking. I ended up taking varouus pictures - P3DV4- of the 228 then finding continuing rivets and stuff to align things. Used a program called Snagit' can't live without it. Here's what I cam up with so far.om/EuF3kIa.png[/img]Silll have some tweaks and such
  6. Been away from flight sims for a few months after cleaning everything flight sim related from my PC . Short story; installed P3Dv4 and reinstalled everything. I did a couple of repaint of planes and helicopters. Moved their textures, and needed aircraft.cfg addon, into the appropriate aircraft.cfg places. Fired up P3Dv4 to find they did not show up. Bought a JSS simulations C-160, and using their paint kit, along with DXTbmp and paint shop pro, repainted the base paint. Saved, returned the mod to DXT.bmp and saved in in the AC textures-where it belongs. The problem is its not showing on the plane when I fire up P3d with that plane selected. Any thoughts, ideas or .. please let me know. Running windows10.
  7. Glad to read your okay David. I have been away from flight Sims for a bit and cannot get onto your site. Tried to get a new pw but the automated site doesn't respond with an email. I'll pm you. I love the BF Airlifter
  8. Well. problem solved. Uninstalled everything to do with P3D and reinstalled. It's all working.
  9. Fired up P3Dv3 a couple of days ago to find my joystick, rudder pedals, and mouse key press were not working. Mouse over a dial or switch I can hear the click and read the tips but no movement of the switch. My CH yoke and rudder pedals are dead as well. Shutdown and restarted the computer, but that didn't help. I'm trying to avoid a reinstall of P2Dv3 and all of my associated folder. I have cleaned out my latest installed- aircraft. Everything was working just fine four days ago. I did something but can't clear it up. Any ideas of how to clear this up will be most appreciated by this dweeb🤢 P3dV3 Windows10 i5 intel processor 16mb ram 1 TB hard drive
  10. Fired up P3Dv3 this morning to find my joystick, rudder pedals, and mouse key press were not working. Mouse over a dial or switch I can hear the click but no movement of the switch. My CH yoke and rudder pedals are dead as well. Shutdown and restarted the computer, but that didn't help. Looked through the P3D forum but couldn't find any direction. Sure appreciate and suggestions or help. Cheers, Ken aka Tenpin
  11. Don' kn ow if this is me or I have something wrong with the endine sound file. From startup to shutdonw they have the same pitch, no matter what the prop or throuttle settings are. Maybe I just need some educdation on this installed Honeywell TPE-331-5-251 single-shaft turbo-prop engine? Help
  12. Ken Alger aka Tenpin Today at 14:41 Going though my checks, and even though it's not on the list I powered the Avidine off; could not get it back on. My cursor did not go to the finger when I moved over the power button, or any function buttons. I loaded a different 690. Avidine had power. Clicked the power button and experienced the same problem. Regards, Ken Alger Carenado Support Today at 15:39 Greetings, Thank you for your feedback. We are going to check it and include it as a fix on a next version for this aircraft. Regards, Carenado.
  13. Powered the Avidine display off. Could not power it back up; in fact the cursor - normally a finger pointer for active buttons, etc, turn into the arrow. Reloaded another 690. It did the same thing. Headed for Carenado support now,.
  14. With virtual only pilot experience I'm not really qualified to get into the nuts and bolts. I did a 21 minute flight this morning for the sole purpose of it's flight dynamics, and, for me, liked what I seen. Maybe one of you RW 690 pilots can tell me if the sound's are on? I couldn't hear much difference when the throttle was moved to a notch - so to speak - above idle - for what appeared to be a longer than usual time for a turbo engine. The Carenado 228 is no where near that slow. There usual no paint kit. Will make a home grown one later. If anyone is so inclined to share there's?? Cheers,
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