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  1. snapshot21

    Falcon 50 - AP Unstable Intercept of GS.

    I also experienced the same symptoms also during an LPV approach with the RXP GTN750. Huge oscillation in the glideslope and it will surely crash if i let the AP continue. The aircraft is very stable though in ILS approaches.. I think the issue is just with RNAV LPV approaches.. Will test more later.
  2. snapshot21

    What will be the next project by PMDG?

    MD11 too i hope 😂
  3. snapshot21

    Twin Turboprop (Not Carenado)

    Check the products of Flysimware. Not as good modelling and texturing as carenado, but far better systems simulation 🙂
  4. snapshot21

    Unable to update B744 in Ops Center

    That usually happens if the version of the plane installed is too old. Just uninstall the plane. Re-download the latest installer from your PMDG account. Install it. Then try updating through the Operations Center.
  5. snapshot21

    Milviz KingAir

    They recently released an alpha build to their pre-order customers. Nothing new at the moment after that 🙂
  6. snapshot21

    Next aircraft

    They actually had their JS4100 for P3Dv4 in beta before concentrating on the 747-8 and GFO I believe. Hopefully that is still on the menu!
  7. Can confirm I also have this issue. Using latest navigraph airac.
  8. snapshot21

    Looking for something fast, fun, and powered by propellers.

    Get the A2A P51 Civilian and outrun them all 😁
  9. snapshot21

    I want a PMDG 787 Dreamliner

    Aside from the 787, A PMDG quality modern long range business jet would be amazing!
  10. Have you guys tried delidding? Its now safe with all the delid tools currently available. It did wonders to my CPU temps. Around 20c drop.
  11. For pure quality, I would vote for Orbx LOWI.
  12. snapshot21


    Do you have FSL spotlights installed? EDIT: Disregard, didnt see that you already found the cause 😄
  13. I hope so. We may have a chance of it. I cant think of the connection of Pigeonworks to the GFO system 😂 Hopefully, we get some light into this soon.
  14. Bittersweet product announcement for me. This product will be great as what PMDG products always are. Just not the product for me I think. But it will have its fair share of users who will enjoy it tremendously im sure. Its just that this was not the "Shut up and take my money" kind of presentation/product that I was hoping for 😄 A question though for @scandinavian13, was this the Pigeonworks project all along? 😀
  15. Only a few hours left now before they announce my PMDG 787 😄