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  1. My reason for having P3Dv5 still in my rotation is because it still provides me the best and most stable airliner experience among the 3 desktop flightsims. The PMDG 777 and 747 is still not yet in MSFS and also the FSLabs A320 family is still unmatched so far. There is also the Majestic Q400 that I keep coming back to. On the GA side, P3D has the entire A2A fleet which i find more immersive than most MSFS GA planes so far (This will change when the A2A comanche releases for MSFS). Also I cannot bring myself to uninstall P3D, because of the upcoming FSLabs Concorde which I have been waiting on for a longtime.
  2. You can even go full flaps, throttle to flight idle, and it can sustain level flight during cruise and save fuel 🤣
  3. 516.93 is mentioned as a Studio Driver. I think we have to wait for the Game-Ready driver.
  4. PMDG has been teasing development of a 757. Probably after they port their entire product line though. So maybe looking at 2-3 years away.
  5. Hi @byork, Enjoying using Pushback Express so far, really useful utility. But in the 1:33 mark of your video, I cant get my pushback menu to appear like that inside the FS2Crew Command Center menu, I always have to use the external window that opens in the desktop to setup and start the pushback. Is there an option I can change to make it appear like in your video? Thanks!
  6. You have to select APP in order to arm the FINAL APP mode and for it to follow the glidepath down. Do it before the FAP which is BO708 in that approach.
  7. Flightsim hobby is like pokemon. You have to buy them all! 😆
  8. In addition to this, I'm finding some complex procedures that the Fenix fails to draw correctly in the ND and fly correctly. Hopefully this can be improved with feedback from general users. Texturing and Modelling though, it is heads and shoulders above the FSLabs. It just loses out on the Flight model like you mentioned. With further refinements, im sure it can surpass FSLabs, but not yet at this point.
  9. Not exactly, they said the testing of the RC is expected to be a day or two. But the release itself is TBD. Aamir said they will announce in advance if they are confident in a release date and time.
  10. That last panel state is present in the P3D version. Turnaround mode. Unfortunately it is not yet implemented in the MSFS version, but it will be in a later update 🙂
  11. Up to $140 is acceptable in my opinion, similar price to the FSLabs A320X. Below $100 would be excellent though 😄
  12. I know of a couple of simmers who have speech problems who are able to fly on Vatsim because of the Text only feature. Removing it will only alienate and be unfair for simmers like them. It can also be an important step while learning vatsim because new users might lack the confidence to immediately go to voice transmission. I started the same way until I gained the confidence to actually speak to ATC using the mic. If you really want an all voice ATC network, then Pilotedge is available anyway.
  13. That is hilarious 😄 On some of the screenshots, it still says "BOEING 777" under the center display 😄 talk about low effort/laziness 🤣
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