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  1. Last couple of updates for the PMDG 737 line have been bug fixes for the UFT/EFB.
  2. - PT-6 Engine simulation - Flightmodel, specifically how floaty it is.
  3. It probably went the way of the dodo. Sorry ill show myself the way out now.
  4. I would not get my hopes up for the fenix Block 2. Dev said October is still the target but not a hard deadline and it will change if they decide it is still not at the quality they want. Just manage expectations and it will be a pleasant surprise when they do deliver 😄
  5. Love the changes with the 1.1 update. The takeoff roll feels much better using the recommended takeoff trim settings. A couple of issues noticed during first flight though: - Why is the NG rising during climb to cruise level? NG should remain constant due to the PT-6 being an NG Governed engine. - Pressing the TOGA button still does not give a TO pitch guidance.
  6. Also regarding the takeoff trim setting. Setting the rudder trim to the recommended takeoff range made for a very sketchy takeoff roll. The flightmodel seems to not have enough yaw tendency to the left when on takeoff power.
  7. First flight so far, great plane but it really needs an improvement in the PT6 Simulation. 1. Taxi Range is unusable, it needs too much throttle to break away and start rolling forward. Even Taxi range should be enough to taxi as that is the purpose. 2. Noticed not much TRQ decrease during climb to cruise level. Im really glad to finally have an analog TBM so I hope the PT6 simulation gets improved and it will then be the perfect plane 😄
  8. What in the.... I thought I woke up in a parallel universe where McDonnell-Douglas merged with Airbus instead of Boeing.
  9. No need to worry, the Majestic Q400 is one of the best planes in P3D in terms of Performance (FPS)
  10. My reason for having P3Dv5 still in my rotation is because it still provides me the best and most stable airliner experience among the 3 desktop flightsims. The PMDG 777 and 747 is still not yet in MSFS and also the FSLabs A320 family is still unmatched so far. There is also the Majestic Q400 that I keep coming back to. On the GA side, P3D has the entire A2A fleet which i find more immersive than most MSFS GA planes so far (This will change when the A2A comanche releases for MSFS). Also I cannot bring myself to uninstall P3D, because of the upcoming FSLabs Concorde which I have been waiting on for a longtime.
  11. You can even go full flaps, throttle to flight idle, and it can sustain level flight during cruise and save fuel 🤣
  12. 516.93 is mentioned as a Studio Driver. I think we have to wait for the Game-Ready driver.
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