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  1. Nav-to-Nav function has been implemented ever since the v1.2.0 version last July 2018, as mentioned in the changelog for that update. So there should no longer be a need to switch nav sources. Whether it is implemented and working properly though..
  2. It is pretty smooth flying for me so far. What I did after installation is that in the control panel, I set the timing source to "queue timer" and FDE FSX Sync to "Enable" Your mileage may vary and take note that I never ran the plane in the opposite modes so I am not sure if that is what's causing the problems on some hardware.
  3. I wonder what is the common denomination among those having problems.. Just did a flight and everything went smoothly, no jumping hydraulics or anything..
  4. I also have it from Just Flight and I was able to install directly to v5 with the installer 🙂 as long as it is the 1_021 version, you should have the v5 option when you run it.
  5. Just received email that a new version of the amazing Majestic Dash 8 is now available and finally with official v5 compatibility! I wonder what other improvements they made. I cant seem to find a changelog from the majestic forum.. EDIT: Found the changelog Prepar3D v5 support Weight on wheel detection logic improvements Shared cockpit interface stability fixes Fixed a crash of the FMS caused by certain Navaids Fix, related to the incorrect simulator rate with the new Windows 10 2004 update Dynamic flare, approach and taxi lights
  6. Did anybody try the Immersive Audio 737NG CFM Immersion Soundpack V2 if it is compatible with the new v5 version? 🙂
  7. With SLC, it can detect what phase of flight you are at and will play the announcements accordingly. Just at the start, you have to input your flight details (Flight number, airline, departure time, expected arrival time, etc). But after that, you just start the flight, open the doors and it will initialize automatically. You can set the level of automation in the settings, you can even set it to automatically handle your fasten seatbelt sign setting. You can set it that the cabin crew themselves decide when to serve meals and drinks. Or you can make it all manual and you decide through the interface, which is simple and intuitive.
  8. Search for Self Loading Cargo. Payware and definitely worth it. It does what you are asking for and a lot more such as passenger satisfaction simulation, flight reports, emergencies, divertions, etc. A lot of soundpacks for airlines are already available for it 🙂 soundpacks are even user customizable and shareable.
  9. Well as you said, you are an airbus person, so you just have to experience the FSLabs. There is nothing quite like it in the market in terms of simulation and is a huge step up from the ToLiss that you were flying in XP11. The price is well worth it, especially the recent update that has a lot of improvements and it is finally a great performer now in terms of FPS in P3Dv5 DX12. But if price is really really a factor, then I also suggest the MaddogX. But my heart is in the FSLabs 😄
  10. Yes because beta reallight and beta trueglass combination is very VRAM heavy right now. So only way is to do that, or upgrade your GPU to another one with 11GB or more. Even then, it does not guarantee you will not run out.
  11. PBR for now is just for A320 and A321, not for A319 yet. You do get PBR even on v4.5HF3 (Just on A320/A321).
  12. First impressions. Its surprisingly light on VRAM. Plus with DX12, performance is better. Will check further after I take it to known heavy hitting airports.
  13. What program do you use for your takeoff calculations with the NGX? That in itself is a big upgrade that EFB brings for me. I can calculate any performance settings right there inside the cockpit, especially useful when there is a sudden change in runway/intersection takeoff assignments. This is among other things.
  14. With the Flight1 Purchase Agent. After the initial setup, no need to enter your registration info all the time now for the Flight1 Products. Just download installer and run setup.
  15. You can turn off real time protection of Windows defender before you install it. Just remember to turn it on afterwards 🙂
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