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  1. Its worth the price now in my opinion, especially with the discount from the previous version. Although they could have modeled the bridge to Macau better. Its an underground bridge in real life between those 2 islands/structures. Its very noticeable as it is right under the approach path to both 07 Runways.
  2. New update out now! VHHH V2.2 CHANGE Log -Fix crash detection -Fix taxiway alignnent -Fix missing taxiway signs and wrong placed taxisigns -Add some color changes on asphalt -Add PBR textures -Add midfield terminal inteiror -Add some shadows -Add antennas on gp runways -Add some ground details -Change of some ground textures -Add new jetway models -Fix sode jetways that dont appear on sode list -Representation of bridge that conect to Macau extended PBR Finally 😄
  3. I had a GSX CTD like that once while calling for pushback but with the PMDG 747. Run FSDT and I no longer encountered it. With the acars one, I advise posting it directly to their support forum, you will get better visibility from the devs there regarding issues with the plane.
  4. The PMDG has situations where it will wander left or right of the magenta line. It also does not simulate some RNP Specific functions like Radius to fix legs. Even the iFly 747 simulates this and flies it better. In terms of LNAV, PMDG still has a lot of room for improvement. Fortunately though, they are currently working on rebuilding their LNAV Code from the ground up for all their planes. When will this release though is anyones guess, but they are working on it and it should be better when that upgrade comes.
  5. Thats weird.. Can you try to attempt a reinstall or repair first of the client? then see if that fixes the missing uninstallers.
  6. It requires HF3 and you can safely upgrade to HF3. Latest FSLabs has compatibility with HF3.
  7. Still no luck on mine even on freshly installed plane 😞 instant CTD upon loading the islander.. Maybe there is a dependency or runtime files I need somewhere 😞
  8. it looks like the Icon A5 by rikoooo 🙂
  9. Did you change anything from nvidia control panel for prepar3d.exe v5? I find that any changes to that affects v4..
  10. Yeah it mixes upon install of both. Only way is to uninstall, then install seattle airports by itself 🙂
  11. @ErnieAlston Just tried it. Is the file compatible with v5? It crashes my v5 upon loading the islander. Event viewer faulting module is the kln gauge. or is this for v4 only? thanks 🙂
  12. Finally I can get my airbus fix for v5. But hopefully FSLabs follows in the next few days 😄
  13. I believe its only for registered users/comes with the plane upon install.
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