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    GPS for A2a Cessna 172.

    Hello, The best and quickest way to get help is to write a post ont he official GTN support forum, someone will help you and will get your problem solved. http://simforums.com/forums/
  2. tiberiu11

    GTN750 in 3.3.5 latest version problems

    Yes, that is a permanent solution. It is not something temporary and the GTN will work the same way, regardless of legacy mode or not. It is just that on some systems (a few), the screen won't click only in P3D(any version, not just the latest). Setting the GTN to legacy mode solves this problem. Again, the functionality is the same.
  3. tiberiu11

    GTN750 in 3.3.5 latest version problems

    You need to enable legacy mode. More info about how to do this is found in the manual and in the official GTN support forum. This will solve your problem.
  4. Hello, The best thing that you can do is test this on your own, download the free PC Trainer from the Flight1 sales website. Then run it alongside FSX, while in flight, with your regular flying conditions. If you do not get any performance or memory problems, then you can purchase the Flight1 GTN.
  5. tiberiu11

    GTN PC Trainer 2.00.3 for Flight1 GTN 750

    The 998MB is the correct download size, so if you manage to download 998MB, you are fine. The installed size is bigger, of course, which is probably why the website says 1.4GB.
  6. tiberiu11

    GTN PC Trainer 2.00.3 for Flight1 GTN 750

    You could install the browser to download that file, then uninstall it once you got it. Once you have it on your system, you won't need it again. You should really try that download manager since you are losing packets and a download manager would always continue the download from where it got stuck, while checking the file to be sure that all is well.
  7. tiberiu11

    GTN PC Trainer 2.00.3 for Flight1 GTN 750

    Try installing Firefox and download with it. The download link is fine, so it is something on your end. Or if not, try a download manager like this: http://www.flashget.com/index_en.html I would suggest that you sign up for support at the official forum: http://simforums.com/Forums/forum_topics.asp?FID=54&title=f1gtn-series-support-forum
  8. tiberiu11

    Lear 24 and Flight1 GTN 650/750

    It seems to accept the Flight1 GTN just fine, as seen here: http://forum.avsim.net/topic/450711-lionheart-lear-24-released/page-5 You can certainly ask Ray for help. Also, it can be installed in as many aircraft as you want, it is like any other gauge.
  9. tiberiu11

    FSX Expansion Pack : Acceleration

    Hello,I found this on the web, only in French, but the pictures look great, it is the new expansion pack for FSX.http://www.clubic.com/actualite-76474-e3-f...nsion-pack.html
  10. tiberiu11

    Feelthere problems

    Thanks, nobody replied.Can anybody that is a beta tester or that can talk to Victor just send him a link to the post so he could contact us ?By the way, I do not have a support question.I really hope that someone with a kind heart will help me.
  11. tiberiu11

    Feelthere problems

    Hello,I have tried registering on the Feelthere forums, but I did not get any confirmation email. I am using a Yahoo account. I also tried Gmail or Hotmail, but none work. A friend of mine needs to get in touch with him, but it is impossible. Victor or anybody that can help, could you please email me at tiberiu11 at yahoo.com ?Thank you very much in advance. Every time that I email support at feelthere.com or Victor's address at Geelthere, I get my email back.If any of you have another address that Victor uses or can forward this to him, I will appreciate this.Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you very much in advance.
  12. >>Path clipping.... yup..... no sweat. As for text.... well>I>>did use GDI+ for the text portions... until I built a>routine>>that compiled glyph paths for all the fonts I wanted using>>path arrays, and by golly, the guage began to react alot>>faster once I dumped gdi+, and all I needed to do was call>one>>function with a string and the location of that string in>>respect to the pixel location I wanted it at, WITH the>option>>of appending it to a storage path.>>Having to spend the time to create your own text rendering>routine goes against the concept of an API ready to use. As>for path clipping, sorry I can not locate that in the AGG>documentation. Of course the documentation is positively>horrendous, to be honest.I agree with you, the documentation that AGG has is very bad, that was my reason for abandoning Agg 6 months ago. Now look at Fraser's post. He is offering to help anybody that wants with problems like this. I think that this is a generous offer that replaces the documentation, since he is a real person and not a book.>>I haven't insulted you, I'm just pointing out your errors as>>you list them here....... Your out to trash agg every way>you>>can because obviously you think GDI+ is a very superior>>product to use. Agg can do everything gdi+ can do only>better>>and faster... at the expense of a little more complexity to>>develop it. I'm game to keep my customers happy.>>>Yet again, you prove my point. AGG isn't ready-to-use. Nor>is AggPlus. Both will require a significant amount of>developer effort to fill in the 'holes'. For those that want>to spend the time, sure... fine. However, you're here touting>it's a ready-to-go replacement for GDI+. It is not. And it's>not a "little complexity", not by a long shot. ;)Ok, maybe you do not understand this, but Fraser is right. Let's take a very good example: Reality XP. They developed their own API just like GDI+ and Agg, but much faster and better than GDI+. Look at what they achieved with it, now they can really brag about having the best and smooth gauges, because they are. As an owner of their Jetline 2 and 4, I was impressed by their near minimal frame rate impact and of their smoothness. It is worth to develop the AGG api(not AGG plus, I am not talking about that), as when you are stuck with a project that requires 8 GDI+ gauges, nobody can help you optimize that, since there is not much that you can do. This effort can lead to having users that are satisfied with the product, that praise you for good frames, not unhappy ones that always say that the frames are low, that they have stutters, etc. Do not look at Agg from your arguments, think outside the box, there is much more that Fraser wanted to say and express with his example, not how easy or hard it is for the developer, but how it can lead to a better product, which should be the developer's number one goal. I would rather do a little more work than to have angry users.>>As for imaging, well how come 95% of the functions within>agg>>are for vectorial type graphics? The answer is..... several>>folks wanted an alternative to using other vectorial api's>>that cost a fortune to license and did not have everything>>they needed...... and had performance issues, with gdi+>being>>such a very limited beast for such.>>>Once again, I'll point to the examples... image manipulation.>>>You have made it very clear that you will not endorse agg in>>any way.... so be it, stick to gdi+ as obviously you>>understand it better. But you don't need to tell people>that>>Agg doesn't do things, when in fact it does do them.>>>I certainly can't endorse it as a ready-to-go replacement,>it's not.Let's not forget AGG's advatages when compared to GDI+. Everything has a bad part in it, but in AGG, you can change that by having the source code, in GDI+, you are stuck with it. Ok, a person that has time and knowledge can do whatever he wants with AGG, but a person that really needs a FD asap, should stick to GDI+, as that offers speed. (honestly, I learned GDI+ very fast and I also was disappointed by the examples, documentation, etc of AGG.) But now that I think of it, Agg is freeware, so most of this can be explained. GDI+ is also freeware, but Microsoft is behind this, not a person that has a family and a job.>>In the end, its up to the other developers if they want to>>learn and use agg because it does have alot of potential for>>gauges, and heck I've only scratched the surface. So lets>>leave it be between us 2, you stick to GDI+ and I'll stick>by>>Agg and help those that are interested in using it.>>>I'll stick to what provides the most capability with the least>manhour/maintenance cost. Your PFD code is about 10x the size>of mine.>>>To the others, I apologize that this thread that was>intended>>to be an intro to something new and exciting has led to this.Well, I was interested in learning more aobut Agg from this thread, not seeing arguments againt it. By doing this, nobody benefits from the purpose of the thread, to promote a product that can help programmers.Ok, let's take a practical example. The first person that can prove that he can convert his PFD from GDI+ to Agg without any tradeoffs or failures will prove that Agg does indeed have potential. I am talking about a complex PFD here, not just an AH. I am not asking anybody to do this, just saying what I think that would be the best course of action in order to settle this.I did not come here for any flame wars, or to argue with anybody since I have better stuff to do, like to work on my projects.Sincerely,Tiberiu Nicu
  13. tiberiu11

    What is with Payware addons these days?

    Shad, Trust me, after making a model and now working on gauges. It is more complex debugging a perfect PFD than making a picture perfect virtual cabin. Maybe simple gauges are not that easy, but my proof is seeing so many beautiful models that are for free, but not so many C++ panels.
  14. tiberiu11

    What is with Payware addons these days?

    While we can model and texture however we want, gauge programming is a lot harder. A modeler can make the best model, since he is not restricted by some of the sim's restrictions. That is why you see better looking models and panels that do not have exactly 100% perfect systems. If there would be a team of programmers working on getting the panel/systems right to the smallest detail, then you can argue your point, but since programming is so difficult, there are a lot more modelers than programmers in the field (how many freeware FMC's have you seen compared to GOOD quality freeware models)You have to understand that Feelthere or any other company can justify the price, since a lot of work has been put into this aircraft, even if it is a minor change in the visual of the panel or even gauges, think that a lot of these things go in the back of the scene, which you do not see. Before you know how much is involved into making an aircraft, please do not just jump to conclusions, as that might not be the right choice. I know since I do both models and panels and from my experience, a model is a pleasure compared to a panel.
  15. tiberiu11

    New Screenshots

    Etienne, Yes, those are self shadows, as previewd in some previous FSX screenshots, mostly a C172. Yes, they are very cool! How have you been? I haven't talked to you in a while. When you have the chance, please send me an email at tiberiu11@yahoo.com