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    Previous Lead Designer Flight Unlimited III, Captain on Hawker 800 in MA. Been flying Falcon 2000 and Beechjets last 11 years / Love flightsimming still, trainsimming and time with family, outdoors and running

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  1. the aerosim 787 for FSX (the only one they make)
  2. installation halts, says there's no flight simulator X installed on my pc! help! this is crazy ...using FSX SE entirely, only ever had this on my pc since new! I am screwed? just spent $53 help! Windows 8.1 / FSXSE / Asus N550JK / Geforce 850M / all other addon's working great, I heard thru forums, that the 787 was working in FSX SE, so I bought it!
  3. I should do a tutorial. Right now I trying to redo the rolling sounds they're really nice overall but honestly the real jet is so loud , rattly , shaking and rides like a truck barreling down the runway wow ....nothing compared to the relatively quiet real sim at CAE I used. Shockingly the real jet's LVL CH function is as screwy as the carenado one ...it will porpoise and be sloppy and actually enter a dive to chase a higher speed desired... It's awful ....so maybe the Carenado one was good after all but I thought it was poorly designed lol!
  4. I just got my real HS125 type from CAE MMU NJ recently and am now a captain flying the real hawker series 800 ( for now ) but hopefully an 850 in the future - I did use this carenado 850 in my hotel for training etc and impressed other fellow pilots in training with me as well ( shown in a large hotel LCD TV ) ... Good stuff. Peter James
  5. In 30 years of simming, being a loyal PMDG customer from the beginning, this 777 is the finest production ever... no words to describe how thrilled I am (laptop flyer by the way - a new Asus 551JK) ... and the sound set is worth more than $90 alone!!! bravo.... can't wait for the 787 (hoping that is the one) Peter James previous Flight Unlimited III Designer Hawker 800 driver in real life

    Help missing parts after installing new livery

    Great thanks I had set the 777 to be in the default startup situation / Peter James
  7. The 777 works great but when installing a livery and after selecting that one I wanted the cockpit is dead, and the outside view only shows a body with wings and textures but the gear is gone and the plane is floating !! Why won't the add on liveries work? I just bought it yesterday for FSXSE and like I said it work great on the default pmdg livery
  8. Hi Bill, I am still here... just busy with family, work etc.. I have been flying Beechjets the last 9 years, then a Falcon 2000 - but that just ended the other day, now I am off to fly a Hawker 800 .... at a new job but a far better boss.
  9. you guys are funny, not real pilots, but learning to pretty close how the real FLCH mode works..not bad.... however, low and behold even the corporate jets I fly, FLCH is GREAT below 18,000 above that it gets kinda sloppy, "hunts" for the right pitch / speed, and often is so variable it would make passengers queasy... usually I'll use manual VS mode at high altitude rather than let FLCH go all the way up to altitude... 40,000 or more where I go... it would be to wobbly.... however, if I am busy "reading" or not looking too closely at the gauges, I will sometimes use FLCH just so my mind doesn't stray too far off the vs setting, A high VS down low like 3000 to 5000 fpm in a fast jet would be deadly to set and hold up high... most jets, even powerful up at high 30s... low 40s will not climb more than 1000 fpm heavy and often I have to climb to 45,000 at only 300 fpm, but Ill do that at M.75 however.
  10. Why does this jet wallow around too much when hand flying like the YD has no effect? Is this true or perhaps it's my joysticks rudder axis having an issue?
  11. Great paint but leading edges are black ?
  12. I'd love to sure ! Yes I use the jet when I can ( hotel room flying when on a real trip ) I do like it a lot ....
  13. Wow! I love the net jets as the falcon I fly in real life is an old net jets bird with that great scheme !
  14. PJAMES

    Hawker Stunning must see

    Traveling but will get them when I return home later this week ( I don't have my computer it's horrible )