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  1. callegro

    How to properly transfer fuel?

    Correct, XFR pumps were on (lights out) think it could have anything to do with the C/D buses?
  2. callegro

    How to properly transfer fuel?

    P3d V4.5 F35 on default startup Booster pumps were on That is correct, the only thing that worked for me today was using the emergency fuel transfer on the main pane.
  3. callegro

    A few other bugs....

    Ah okay that makes sense. My C and D buses were tied. Yeah, my GW counter isn't counting down. Do you think having those C and D busses tied has something to do with that fuel system as well? Thanks Al
  4. callegro

    A few other bugs....

    I noticed that my N2 gauges aren't working and also, when I switch the fuel intercons or a x-feed switch and looking at the tank gauges on the fuel manager, the numbers are off or the digital readout is messed up. Not sure if thats a bug. Also, when you set the GW counter, is it supposed to reset itself during the flight, or do you have to manually do it? Thanks
  5. callegro

    How to properly transfer fuel?

    Hey there, I've been having problems with the fuel transfer system in my Falcon 50. I have done a clean reinstall and still my wing tanks don't transfer into my feeder tanks after 600lbs. Also, my "Fueling" light has remained illuminated on the annunciator panel.
  6. Can someone give me a tutorial in how I properly transfer fuel to the feeder tanks when my wing tanks are becoming low? Reading the manual and its somewhat confusing. Thanks
  7. callegro

    Environment Force Discussion Thread

    ....this might be a stupid question, but how do I reset all my shader programs...if I have them. Can't remember if I have TS, PTA, ENV or all 3. LOL. Thanks
  8. Hi Guys, Was wondering if anyone has created or has found a good jet soundset, preferably for a Citation 550. I know TSS has one, but it seems too loud and unrealistic for my taste. In cruise, there should be more wind noise than anything. I have the Carenado S550 that I have been flying a lot, and the engine noise seems very quiet. I guess it is hit and miss with sound sets these days.
  9. callegro

    P3d V4 New computer out of disk space

    The Samsung EVO850 is selling at best buy for $350? Is that the right one?
  10. callegro

    P3d V4 New computer out of disk space

    Do you have a recommendation on the type of hard drive? Or does it not matter on the brands...
  11. callegro

    P3d V4 New computer out of disk space

    So I am a little are my specs to my new rig: Specifications Brand iBUYPOWER Type Gaming Desktop Form Factor FULL ATX Tower Chassis NZXT Phantom 240 White w/ Smart Lighting Processor i7-7700K Processor Socket LGA 1151 Processor Main Features Intel Kabylake Architecture Cache Memory 8MB L3 Cache Cooling 550LC 120mm Liquid Cooler Motherboard Z270 Expansion Bays Total 2 x 2.5" & 6 x 3.5" Internal Bays; No External Expansion Slots Total 7 Interfaces RAM 16GB DDR4 Storage Controller N/A Hard Drive 1TB SATA-III 7200RPM Graphics GTX1070 Video Memory 8GB Digital Video Standard HDMI/ DVI-D/ RGB Ports Power Supply 600 Watts Audio Output ALC887 8-Channel High Definition Audio Codec Networking 802.11 AC Front Ports 2 x USB 2.0 2 x USB 3.0 Audio Ports Rear Panel I/O PS/2 KB & Mouse DVI-D D-Sub HDMI LAN USB 3.1; USB 2.0; Audio Accessories Included 1- Smart Lighting Controller 1 - USB Keyboard 1 - USB Mouse 1 - Quick Start Guide 1 - OS Reinstallation Disc 1 - Power Cord 1 - Drivers Installation CDs Operating System Provided Microsoft Windows 10 Home Manufacturer Warranty 1-Year Part/Labor Country of Origin US Don't I already have 1TB hard drive? Its just SATA...
  12. callegro

    P3d V4 New computer out of disk space

    .....and if I got another SSD, is that an internal or external thing? Do you recommend one in particular pertaining to my specs?
  13. callegro

    P3d V4 New computer out of disk space

    Hard Drive 1TB SATA-III 7200RPM That is what I have on my hard drive...does 1TB equate to 120GB+whatever is on the D drive? Do you think I would be okay with moving everything to the D drive or would I have to buy something extra with the computer?
  14. Good Morning Guys, So after 8 years of having my Alienware Aurora, I gave in and bought an ibuypower desktop. However, I am now reinstalling P3d V4, Activesky, REX, Orbx, etc. and I have already ran out of disk space. It is all on my C: drive. I don't remember having this issue with my Alienware, but should I uninstall and then reinstall everything on my D: drive? That has 934MB available compared to 111MB on my :C
  15. Hi guys, I have been out of the hardware game for a while because I have had an Ailenware Aurora for about 8 years. It finally gave out today. Just for space reasons, I was looking into gaming laptops. I was wondering if anyone has had any good reviews on these. I have been looking into Origin Laptops, I want something high end that can run P3d V4, high end add ons, Orbx, etc. Suggestions?