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  1. blahhhblahhh

    Hawker Stunning must see

    lol sorry guys, i'm not an native english speaker, so maybe it's strange (anyway I am) ;-) but thanks to Rihard ;-)
  2. blahhhblahhh

    Hawker Stunning must see

    thanks for sharing Richard! you ######in rock!
  3. blahhhblahhh

    Hawker FLC does work

    @tgarris56 wow so nice man! thanks for this video! and thanks to richard for sharing!
  4. blahhhblahhh

    Hawker with GTN 750

    AHAH, manual from carenado, what a joke ;-)
  5. blahhhblahhh

    Hawker SP 1.2 Out

    thanks guys!
  6. Good question. but never found the answer :/ There is no perf page on the fms so...
  7. blahhhblahhh

    Hawker SP 1.2 Out

    Hi Does someone know where can we found the changelog of the 1.2 release? cheers
  8. blahhhblahhh

    Hawker paint up for grabs

  9. blahhhblahhh

    CPU load

    Thanks a lot for all these explanation! Some people said that it might be better to use an external fps limiter. Is it true? Other people recommends to set a max fps in p3d (eg 30) and use also an external limiter (set to 40 for exeample). What is the benefit?
  10. blahhhblahhh

    CPU load

    Are you sure that scenario are managed thru the main p3d thread? Cause now i've 3 cores used at the same time (first one @100%, the 2 others @60-90% depending the flight phase) and it's so beautiful
  11. blahhhblahhh

    Cold and Dark Start up - Pictures

    nothing, it's not simulated... more info:
  12. blahhhblahhh

    CPU load

    Effectively, thanks for sharing. Finally I still have some fps drops after applying these tweaks. I have decreased the scenery complexity and autogen to normal and I installed Prio then set high priority to the p3d process and set the affinity mask thru this tools (cores 1, 2 and 3 ; core 0 is free). Right now I've 40 to 60 fps (limited to 40) without any drops with the carenado hawker (pilot view, 60 to 80 on external views) on a busy photo scenery. Core 0 seems to be used by pro atc, asnext and ezca. It rocks! my cpu now loads to 70-80% each core is used.
  13. blahhhblahhh

    Bad performance all of a sudden

    Don't worry 35% OC is not too much. I oc my 3.3Go up to 4.8 without any problem. Just have a look on your cores temperatures, and on the chipset also. bluescreens or graphical bugs or reboot if you have some troubles, just increase the core voltage according to core temperatures.
  14. blahhhblahhh

    Cold and Dark Start up - Pictures

    I'm thinking that electrical systems are not modeled. Everything is on the same bus, the valves are dummies and APU is like BAT ON...