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  1. Some people have gotten it to work but I'm not at the moment able to update it to suit v2 (broken leg). I'm targeting mid to late April to issue out a new v2 + bert's upgrades compatible set of mods.
  2. Great stuff Bert! Sorry for the delays with the ITT etc fixes, as I'm currently unable to do any work as I'm nursing a serious leg injury. In 4 weeks time I'll be reviewing all changes with v2 and will be adapting the old fixes over to the new model. This will include flying performance fixes as well as ITT and voltage/amp display modelling and some other minor fixes as we had in v1.8. It will be compatible with all fixes that Bert is making for v2
  3. Bert if I recall, you did fix the pitot heat problem. I believe there was a line in the code that you added as pressing the pitot heat button in VC wasn't actually triggering the pitot heat command, so even though it appeared turned on, the FSX engine never saw it as turned on. If memory serves me correctly that is...
  4. So they finally released version 2.... Was wondering if we'd ever get it!
  5. I haven't flown in awhile but I do recall the AP struggling to maintain the set IAS. It was never off by as much as you seem to be getting. Try trimming the airplane and set the target altitude before engaging AP. I don't recall if it was ever fixed.
  6. Don't use rudder trim to counteract yawing forces of take off. Use rudder itself. The rudder required varies with torque and speed so trimming is not going to really stop it. You need to vary the rudder trim til the airplane gets up to speed and into a consistent climb. Best to do that manually.
  7. Very very simply: A lot of aircraft have a trim wheel or gauge. Often a default or neutral trim and a take off trim is shown, usually with an arrow or other mark on the wheel or gauge. Zero or the default trim is often associated with cruise flight at typical power settings at a clean configuration (no flaps, spoilers etc) Usually you trim nose up for take off, which is again based on a typical take off profile and power settings. The trim's purpose is to take load off the controls so you don't have to keep pressure to keep the yoke or joystick where it is. In video games it's slightly different because it feels like you can release the yoke or joystick back to center. In reality it's about the pressure you exert in keeping the yoke or joystick in a specific spot. In essence it's to help you maintain the attitude of the aircraft. For most aircraft, you hand fly then trim to neutral pressure. Whether you are climbing, flying straight and level or descending. The only exception is take off, where you trim the aircraft first to help with the initial climb. The above refers to elevator trim, which is the most used. You may also have rudder and aileron trim, which again is for helping you maintain attitude.
  8. Well I'm back and I'm awaiting v2 to be released before I fine back into recoding some things. In the meantime I'm setting up v3.2 with my Oculus Rift and will get back to the paints I haven't finished.
  9. It applies to the fuel flow as well. It's whether you want the fuel displayed in kg units or lbs units.
  10. It shouldn't mess up your gtn install, just don't change the panel.cfg files. The installation instructions are included in the Readme. I haven't updated it to be compatible with v3.2 although I'm slowly in the progress of upgrading to that version myself so new files will be coming eventually.
  11. This quirk sometimes seems to happen when running full throttle for awhile. You shouldn't be running full throttle anyway, as ITT should limit at altitude. If you don't mind slightly less accuracy you can elect to use the default .air file. That will fix it up. It's a bug resulting from throttle and torque calculation tables. I'm not sure of a fix but I've encountered it myself.
  12. They've changed some of the pathing for v3.1. I think some others have figured out how to install it a few pages back. I've been totally underdelivering on updates but I'll have a new v3.x compatible version and readme out in the next few months. Haven't had time to get v3 yet.
  13. Best to contact Carenado through their ticket system. I don't think they read these forums.
  14. Yep that can be done. I'll need to dust off the old file but it should be easy enough. I've been tardy on PC12 changes but then I personally haven't had time to do any flight simming myself since June last year. But this should be a quick change.
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