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  1. LZScout

    Middle Mouse Button Not Working

    Bump, anyone that can help with this?
  2. After a recent reinstall of ChasePlane v0.4.206 Beta, my middle mouse button no longer allows me to “look around” when I hold it down. I can’t find anything in settings that isn’t turned on. MB Pan, MB Hide, and MB Zoom are all green. What could I be missing or what else could be conflicting? I have disabled Controls in P3D v4.2 as most functions are covered by fsuipc5.0 and SPAD.Next. Lantz
  3. LZScout

    Difficulty in starting engine

    That seems really strange to me. But if it works, why not?
  4. Is it possible to set a decision height in the Carenado Baron? I see the indicator in the artificial horizon but since there isn’t a radar altimeter, I assume it isn’t functional?
  5. LZScout

    Dual GTN650s in the Baron

    Bert, can you tell me how you turn off the 3D knobs without the pop up window?
  6. LZScout

    Dual GTN650s in the Baron

    Bert, I just tried to modify the Carenado Baron with the panel.cfg sections you’ve shown above. I’m running P3D v4.2. One of your instructions is to turn off 3D knobs. The only way I know how to do that is to use one of the pop-up windows that you’ve deleted in favor of a pop-up GTN650 window. This might be causing my bigger problem in that the grey background of my panel has become transparent. Before and after pics attached. The photos are of the panel displayed on two monitors I have built into a flight deck panel. If you saw the same display on my main monitor, the black areas actually become outside scenery. https://www.dropbox.com/s/l8auakln7i9g2q3/2018-03-05 21.13.05.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/bwn8jhti2s3g6ym/2018-03-05 21.16.13.jpg?dl=0 The first photo is stock, the second is with your mod. Any idea what my problem is?
  7. Next time I started the sim, the GTN 750 worked fine. Not sure what was overloading it before.
  8. Ok Bert, I loaded your latest panel with the built-in avionics switch fix. The GTN-750 starts up just fine now. Unfortunately, I now seem to have another problem. The GTN-750 works very sluggishly or not at all. When I mouse click on a button, it either doesn’t work or takes several seconds to activate. This happens whether I leave it in the instrument panel or the pop-up panel. Has anyone else seen this type of behavior? It makes the GTN pretty unusable.
  9. LZScout

    PC-12 Cabin Temperature

    I must have mixed up the original install. After substituting the new Panel folder Bert sent me, it looks like the Cabin Heat readout is working.
  10. Is it possible something has changed in version 2.1 that I downloaded today?
  11. Bert, I’ll check this tomorrow and report back.
  12. Bert, I’ve installed your mod you sent me for the GTN750 for the Phenom 300. Now, I confess I know very little about the Phenom. When I turn both battery switches on, the avionics displays come on as well as the engine readouts in the center display. To the right of the engine readouts is a dark area the size of the GTN750. I seem to remember the GTN would come on with the battery switches. Am I missing a switch somewhere? This isn’t my first aircraft with the GTN750. I have it working on the A2A C172 and the Carenado PC12. BTW, this is Carenado’s Phenom 300, V2.1, running P3D 4.1.
  13. LZScout

    PC-12 Cabin Temperature

    I need someone to refresh my memory. At sometime in the past year, I believe Bert came up with a fix to make the Cabin Teperature Display actually appear to function, at least when the cabin temp knob was incresed or decresed. I am running Berr's panel mod so I should have it. Looking in his GAUGEPC12 folder (as installed) I found the file Gauge_AIR_TEMPV4.xml. It contained: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <SimBase.Document Type="AceXML" version="1,0" id="Gauge_AIR_TEMP"> <Descr>AceXML Document</Descr> <Filename>Gauge_AIR_TEMP.xml</Filename> <SimGauge.Gauge id="Gauge_AIR_TEMP" ArtDirectory="."> <FloatPosition>0.000,0.000</FloatPosition> <Size>384,187</Size> <Image id="Gauge_AIR_TEMP" Name="Gauge_AIR_TEMP_BGNOP"> <Transparent>True</Transparent> </Image> <Update> <frequency>2</frequency> <Script> (L:ASD_BTN_PC12_HEATING_CABIN,number) 0 &gt; (A:GENERAL ENG1 OIL TEMPERATURE, celsius) 60 &gt; or (A:ELECTRICAL MASTER BATTERY,BOOL) and if{ (L:ASD_KNOB_CABIN_TEMP,number) 10 / 18 + (>L:cabin temperature,number) } els{ (A:AMBIENT TEMPERATURE, celsius) (>L:cabin temperature,number) } </Script> </Update> <Element id="VIS_GAUGE_AIR_TEMP"> <Visibility>(A:ELECTRICAL MASTER BATTERY,BOOL)</Visibility> <Element id="AIR_TEMP"> <FloatPosition>100.000,60.000</FloatPosition> <Visibility>(A:CIRCUIT GENERAL PANEL ON, bool)</Visibility> <GaugeText id="AIR_TEMPT"> <Bright>True</Bright> <FontColor>0x005AFF</FontColor> <FontFace>LCD_MONO</FontFace> <FontHeight>70</FontHeight> <GaugeString>%((L:cabin temperature,number))%!3d!</GaugeString> <HorizontalAlign>RIGHT</HorizontalAlign> <Size>150,70</Size> <Transparent>True</Transparent> </GaugeText> </Element> </Element> </SimGauge.Gauge> </SimBase.Document> As far as I can observe, the cabin temp value stays at 23 degrees C. I've tried the ECS switch in Auto and Manual positions. I've turned the heater on in the overhead panel. I've selected HOT and COLD on the switch next to the ECS control. I've rotated the knob in both directions. No change in reading. Is there a particular combination of switches that must be set in order for the Cabin temp value to change? 23C is a warm temp to have on the ramp in the middle of the winter.
  14. LZScout

    Carenado PC12 Poor Tracking with GTN 750

    I personally have done dozens of flights with the PC-12 and the GTN750 and have never experienced any of the problems described above. I do make a happen of having the heading bug in sync with the heading the autopilot is using to track the GPS course. Whether that helps enroute, I don’t know. It definitely makes a difference tracking the final approach course. Also, the PC-12 is very picky about proper speed when tracking a glide slope. I am employing all of Bert’s mods.
  15. LZScout

    Difficulty in starting engine

    I have been using the Carenado panel to bring the plane to a Cold and Dark state. Does anyone know why this would cause a problem?