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  1. I want to display the map screen of little NavMap on my iPad. I have gone to the Tools menu, enabled the webserver, and have opened the webserver page in my PC browser (Google Chrome), which displays the map page of Little NavMap. I then copied that web page address (http://lantzpc:8965/index.html) into Google Chrome on my iPad. It comes back with the message that "This site can't be reached" , that "lantzpc's server IP address could not be found". ERR_M+NAME_NOT_RESOLVED Both the PC and the iPad are connected to the same local network using a WIFI connection. Are there any other steps I need to take to display the map on my iPad?
  2. I’m trying to create a Weight and Balance profile in ForeFlight for the Black Square C208B Analog Caravan. I have created one using a C208B Analog Grand Caravan POH I found on the internet but the results don’t seem to match the results when I compare to the weight and balance page in MSFS 2020. It’s probably because I don’t have the actual figures Asobo has used for Empty CG weight and arm. The figures I got from the POH for all the pilot/passenger stations, cargo, and Cargo Pod stations may not match either. Have any of you successfully created a weight and balance profile for this aircraft or know where I can get this information?
  3. I give it a try but it might be beyond me. I actually looked at he area around Colorado, USA using the Open Topo them and that was still in meters. That does not match the US system.
  4. I am using Little NavMap to create routes in the mountains of Papau New Guinea. Both OpenTopo Map and Tiler Map Topo show the elevation lines in Meters, not Feet. I believe I have the units of measure set properly in the program. I assume it is the map product as drawn that has to change. Does anyone know of a Little NavMap Topo Map Theme that shows Papau New Guinea elevation lines in feet?
  5. Finally found them in the manual.
  6. I’ve looked through the manual and can’t find them. Is there a list somewhere of accepted Ground Crew voice commands for the Dash 8 Q400?
  7. RXP, many thanks for the quick response. My apologies, there appears to have been a lot of discussion on the issue I failed to find while searching on AVSIM. It appears I’ve been quite spoiled by the F1 GTN 750 and I now must embrace reality. I understand the Reality XP GTN 750 fully emulates the necessity of proper EFIS and Garmin autopilot for enroute autopilot controlled VNAV to function. That is something no P3d aircraft has (as far as I know). It would be a nice feature for the developers to create an option in the software to emulate the necessary equipment so that we could see the full functionality of such a system. Given the well thought out options available in the AFMS section, it would seem that this should be possible.
  8. I’ve been using the Garmin GTN 750 for several years now in Prepare 3d, so I’m quite familiar with how it operates. During a recent upgrade to P3d v5.3, I could not get my present installation, a F1 GTN Complete to function. Assuming that the new sim version was the cause, I ran the updater/went to the F1 website. Unfortunately, I ultimately discovered that support for the F1 GTN Complete had been discontinued. Luckily, I also had heard that the developer had joined the Reality XP team. So since that day, I’ve been happily (for the most part) using the Reality XP GTN 750. I’ve found it works quite well, and in some places better, than the F1 model. One thing I cannot get to work is the VNAV function. On the F1 unit, I used either the autopilot APR or VNAV button (depending on the aircraft model) to activate VNAV once the unit announces “vertical track”. The glide slope would then pop up on the HSI. I cannot get the Reality XP GTN installation to do this. I assume I’ve set something up wrong in the Configuration Panel. First off, my system: Prepar3d v5.3, Reality XP GTN 750 only –fully updated as of the January 2022 update. Aircraft tested = Carenado PC12, Alabeo C404 Configuration Panel Settings: Panel Instruments = all boxes are blue Device Options = all boxes are blue AFMS Main Indicator CDI Key Enabled Selected Course for GPS Enabled Selected Course for VLOC Enabled V-Flag Declutter Normal Main System GPS Selected Auto Engage Autopilot APPR Enabled Airspace Labels Enabled Navigation Features Vertical Navigation Type VNAV Transition to Approach Enabled VDI Scale feet:500 Transition Altitude FL: 180 RF Procedure Legs Disabled Mark on Target Disabled Can anyone suggest what I can do to get the VNAV connection to the aircraft to work? It seems that I’ve read that others have had success at this and since it used to work with the F1 version of the GTN 750, I’m sure it should work with the Reality XP version.
  9. I was able to fix it. I think it was a bad zip extraction from the download. I extracted the zip file again and it installed correctly.
  10. After a successful installation (antivirus off, ran as Administrator) of the Carenado Phenom 300 v2.1 in Prepar3d v5.1 (Windows 10 fully updated), I could not see any interior walls of the plane. Cabinetry, seats, instument panel are all there. Can you tell me what might have gone wrong?
  11. I tried CTRL + shift + G, but all it seems to do in the PC12 is turn the flight director on.
  12. Has anyone had issues using the Alabeo C404 for Prepar3D v4 with Prepar 3D v5.1? I keep having it crash to desktop after screen freeze a few minutes into the flight. The last one threw an error that my video card quit working, although I saw no evidence of that.
  13. I’ve had a bit of a lay-off from flying the Carenado PC 12. Does it have a TOGA button and where is it located. Lantz
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