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  1. I have the MilViz Beaver, Comanche, Cessna 310R Redux and others as well. All work pretty well on my low end system except for the KA350i. I have an Intel i5-7400 processor, 16gb RAM and a GeForce GTX 1060 3gb video card. The PA-30 Twin Comanche (aka Twinkie) is nicely modeled but I recommend the 310R as well. It’s not much harder to learn, is faster, and has some deice capabilities whereas the Twinkie has none. Keep in mind that neither of these are P3DV5 compatible and there’s no telling when, or if, they will be. I’m sticking with P3DV4.5 specifically for my MilViz fleet.
  2. On the product page it says “Prepar3D v4 compatibility You may install the 180 EVO in v4 using the supplied installer. However, product support is restricted to v5 only.” I have 4.5 and plan to get it as soon as it’s released again.
  3. Where did you hear P3DV5.1 for the Avanti?
  4. Really looking forward to the Avanti. Will there be a low res option as with the KA350i?
  5. ORBX has a 30% off sale that ends tomorrow.
  6. Great shots! What scenery add-ons are you running? I’m not a military jets fan (which is odd since I’m retired USAF and worked on them) but the scenery really caught my attention.
  7. I'm staying on 4.5 for now but am careful to buy only addons that are compatible with both 4 and 5. Seems to me last summer MilViz announced a pricing structure for V5 upgrades with a volume discount/cap for those of use with several models. Seems I recall they said they were working on it, but then MSFS 2020 was released and the race was on.
  8. Nothing but crickets here or at MilViz.com but I got a solution from a member of the Prepar3d P3D Users Group in Facebook. "Under Panels folder in 350’s directory there is a Legacy Renderer folder. Try taking all those files and overwriting stuff in the panel folder." Worked! I had already resolved the lights problem with a complete remove/reinstall of all addons and P3D.
  9. IMHO MilViz is on par with A2A and light years ahead of Carenado. My MilViz favs are the King Air 350i, Cessna 310R Redux, PC-6 Pilatus Porter, Piper Twin Comanche, and de Havilland DHC2 Beaver, in that order. I also have the Beechcraft Baron 55, it’s an early MilViz model and not the same quality as other MilViz aircraft. The KA350 and C310R get the most hours. The 350 is more taxing on my i5-7400 system so I have to throttle down the P3D settings to accommodate it. The 310R is my go-to and made even better with the RXP GTN 750 & 650 installed, which I have in all my MilViz and A2A aircraft, except the KA350i which has a great functioning PL21. The A2A Beechcraft Bonanza V35B and Cessna C182T are my next favs. I have lots of Carenado aircraft that I fly on occasion, the Cessna 421 Golden Eagle in particular but a few others also. In hindsight I wish I’d gone right to MilViz and A2A from the start rather than thinking they were too expensive and settling with the likes of Carenado and others initially.
  10. I have a dead instrument panel and interior lighting on the KA350i, and interior lighting problems with the 310R, PC-6 and Piper Twin Comanche as well. (B55 and DHC-2 are ok.) PFDs and MFD don’t work, weirdly show magnified portions of the instrument panel. RTU, ESIS and FMS are also inop. Switches on the instrument panel work, (I can start the engines blind) but no lights on the panel, not even press-to-test. No cabin or cockpit lights work either (exterior lights do work). With Avionics Master Power on I can hear fans/gyros but nothing visual. I’ve been flying the excellent King Air (and other MilViz GA aircraft) for months. After cloning my 1TB HDD to a 1TB SSD about a week ago all appeared to be working well but now this. I have tried multiple uninstall/reinstalls. I’m quite adept at it after keeping up with every beta this year. Uninstalled via Control Panel-Programs and Features. Deleted any remaining folders in C:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4 and C:\Users\.....\AppData. Rebooted computer between each uninstall/reinstall. Disabled anti-virus before reinstalling. Tried a previous version too with the same result. Also removed all other troubled MilViz aircraft and MVAMS as well. Other aircraft are working fine so I’m hoping to find a solution that doesn’t include completely uninstalling P3D. I have posted this in the KA350 support forum on MilViz.com but thought I’d try my luck here too. Thanks for any advice you might have. Gerry P3D version, 64 bit Windows 10, i5-7400 @ 3.00GHz, 16GB RAM, GTX 1060 3GB Video
  11. I would first try tweaking your mesh setting.
  12. Thanks for reminding me about the Bonanza. I finally picked it up and it’s fantastic. Best lighting for night flights I’ve ever seen. As with their C182, everything just works like it should. I’ve had a Bonanza from another dev and I’ve kept telling myself I don’t need two of them. I’ve had the A2A C182 for years so I know the quality but collecting models from MilViz and a few others has kept me busy. My MilViz C310R now has some competition in the hangar.
  13. Anyone know when the sale end? Disregard: On Facebook it says through to the start of 2021.
  14. Tough call, my favorite changes depending on where I feel like flying, the weather, and how well P3D is running. Most hours would probably go to the MilViz C310R. I’m really in love with the MilViz B350i but it can be rough on my i5-7400 system. Then there’s the Vertx DA62, A2A C182T, MilViz PC-6 and MilViz DHC2. But then there’s also the Alabeo C421 Golden Eagle and the Carenado PC12. I have the RXP GTN750 in all of these except the B350i and the DA62.
  15. Looks like another great livery! I had my Skymaster out just a few days ago. Although I am spoiled by some of the high-end publishers there are a few Carendo/Alabeo models that are quite tolerable after applying Bert's mods and your liveries. Thank you for all your time and effort.
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