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  1. GerryJ01

    Milviz KA350i

    I’ve had it for a few months now but don’t recall trying the Direct To, I’ll have to check that out. As for VNAV, it’s very smooth, I use it on almost every flight. I wasn’t aware that the landing/taxi lights are “default” they work well also. The systems depth is fantastic and they’ve made even more improvements with SP1 that was released last week. It’s definitely some of MilViz’s best work, which is saying something. I wasn’t keen on shelling out $80 either but very glad I did. If it’s lacking in anything it is documentation. There is a 67 page user guide but that doesn’t even scratch the surface on the PL-21 and FMS-3000. MilViz refers you to their YouTube videos. The good thing is that the systems are so well done you can use real-world documentation and videos to help you along. There’s an operators guide for the Collins FMS-3000 for the Cessna Citation Encore+, a Google search will pop it right up.
  2. You might take a look at the PC12 Normal Procedures checklists. If you're using P3D they should be at C:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Carenado\PC12
  3. I got them from Tim-HH, PM him or me.
  4. This is another plea to anyone out there in the AVSIM community that has the C441 Conquest Mods v1 (Or later) by Whamil77 to please share them. The link in previous posts no longer works. Help! Thanks
  5. Thanks Stew! I’ll PM you my email address. Have you used them in P3D?
  6. The link no longer works. Does anyone have these textures and care to share?
  7. I think I'm going with the Flysimware version but may end up getting both if I can find these mods. I like eye candy too but have been really disappointed with some Alabeo/Carenado models. I'm interested in this one though because the Alabeo C421 Golden Eagle is actually a great plane and most everything works well. A2A/MilViz/Vertx have me spoiled. Just Flight has some good stuff too.
  8. Does anyone have experience with Flysimware's Cessna 441 Conquest ll? I was looking at the Alabeo version but am seeing a lot of posts with problems such as taxi speed, startup/shutdown procedures, etc. I haven’t found any posts on the Flysimware 441 but a few posts on other aircraft generally say Flysimware VC textures are okay and although they don’t have the eye candy of Carenado their systems are way more realistic.
  9. Here’s a pic. P3D Version, Carenado PA42 Cheyenne IIIA N454KH https://www.dropbox.com/s/pib1wf6x1wnawxx/2020-4-2_12-23-49-379.jpg?dl=0
  10. They’re visible from the copilot view looking back into the cabin.
  11. From the description, the file carenado_ac500s_interior.zip in the Files section sounds like the one in this thread.
  12. Does anyone have the Aero Commander 500S (Cleanup 1.091 TAN Yoke).zip file? The link no longer works. Thanks. Gerry
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