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  1. Go to the freebies link at the bottom of our main webpage ,for the PC-6 there is an unlimited use key (if you mouse over the PC-6 pic) Same goes for any of the other stuff that needed a key. The old forums are locked from posting - view only.
  2. Might want to check our old forums. I'm sure the answer is probably in there. http://milviz.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=150&sid=79d44e3d21c839fd37ed027ea56f10d9 Must run FSX and MVAMS as an admin. or XMLtools didn't install properly. Just a guess.
  3. On the KingAir 350 I believe there were some legacy render files included. Can't remember if they had those included for the 180 though. Maybe dig around in the files?
  4. The flight model will be direct from P3D and adapted into MSFS - Since it is an external FM it should be 99% the same. The next answer is no, there is no external program that runs. Everything will happen within the confines of the sim.
  5. Happy Friday everyone! Here is a peak inside our upcoming T6A ADV's cockpit! We're full steam ahead finalizing this bird, and can't wait for you guys to experience it
  6. Works fine here. Did you cycle the CDI to GPS? Are you using Honeycomb hardware?
  7. I've been running one for a while, great drive. Super fast.
  8. I believe that is an option in the installer. You just have to unselect one of the checkboxes during install and it will use the low rez textures,
  9. You may have to search the old forum for the FSX link.
  10. The WXR .dll only worked on V5 and 5.1 i believe. After that some major changes were done in P3D that would have required a total rewrite of the WXR code. Avoid any panel selection with the WXR as posted to keep from CTD.
  11. Make sure you have no spaces before or after the key or it will fail. As with everything P3D you may have the best results of running the installer, sim and MVAMS as an admin. Maybe the key couldn't be written to the .ini file.
  12. The projects that we worked on with other companies such as Nemmeth etc can't be offered as free because another party has interest in them. Same applies to KBAB. You'll have to check the archive on the MVAMS problem.
  13. Blackbird Sims / Milviz Forum Archive - Index page
  14. Should be the latest, there are some other downloads in old forum posts too. May have to do some digging.
  15. As you are aware we are no longer selling or supporting P3D products as of January 1. It was decided to give back to the community and we have released most of our products (a few exceptions) as a free downloads. The link for the freebies can be found on the bottom of our webpage and the old Milviz support forum is viewable by anyone as a read only archive. Thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing you in the skies of MSFS.
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