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  1. I believe it is on Eastern but no matter our devs are scattered all over the world so I don't think it really matters.
  2. Not sure what you are doing wrong but I just tested it on my system and it started fine for instance If I started the right engine on the blue set to right main. If you need further support please ask on our product support forum for the 310R and we will be happy to help you. Thanks.
  3. You can enable developer mode and turn on the FPS counter, in there it tells you if its CPU bottleneck, GPU bottleneck or main thread overloaded. No matter how many cores get used if the main thread is bogged down , nothing else is getting fed. Same as it was in FSX and P3D...
  4. We have a new guide available on the operation of the FMS and MV21 that covers some of the most asked questions, how to's and explanations of functions to get you up and flying in no time. A link should also be on the product page. The file can be downloaded from: https://milviz.com/Online_products/Manuals/FMS-MV-21_User_Guide.pdf
  5. This update seeks to address a few snags we've seen recently. As was the case before, the high resolution and low resolution options are now included in the installer. You can select "Custom Install" and unselect the "High Resolution" features to install only the low resolution options. Note: If you have both V4 and V5 installed you must pick "Custom" install to select which simulators to install to ("Typical" is V5 High resolution ) PL21 Changes -Fixed stuck chart loading message FMS-3000 Changes -Fixed incorrect naming of pilot defined waypoints Other Changes -Fixed broken readme in installer -Fixed incorrect TrueGlass/RealLight installations for V5* *This fix also now means the improvement in VRAM consumption should be in effect. The file can be found in our support forum for the KA350i
  6. A new beta version of the 350i has been released for V4 + V5 in the Milviz support forum. Change log PL21 Changes -Added ability to select other charts by pressing and holding -Added ability to select any charts from charts page -Added functionality to ALTN charts portion FMS-3000 Changes -Fixed several "GNSS1" references in the FMS-3000 -Added missing DSPL TMP text to DEFAULTS page -Added missing COM1/COM2 CONTROL text -Added ability to enter/select airports on the FREQUENCY DATA page -Added TUNE page 2 -Added PROG page 2 Other Changes -Included new TrueGlass/RealLight (significant V5 VRAM improvements) -Included new model to fix lighting issues We welcome you to leave any feedback or bugs you may come across in our support forum Thanks
  7. Hi guys, if you are interested there are some update files for RealLight and TrueGlass in the beta 1.1.34 version thread on our support forum. Initial testing shows a drop of nearly 1GB of VRAM usage for most people. Again it is still a Beta but we welcome any feedback.
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