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  1. The Twinkie and Bobcat V5 installers are now up in their respective support sections.
  2. FYI: The cockpits are a bit dark in V5 but in case you missed it there is a "fix" http://www.prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=242942#p242942 This user provided shader mod will brighten up the VC's on these older products.
  3. B55 is available now in its support area. Bobcat and twinkle are being tested, no eta on the 310R yet.
  4. UH-1, PC-6, DHC-3T, DHC-3, DHC-2 V5 installers can now be accessed via the MV support forums in their respective areas.
  5. Please email: info@milviz.com with your purchase details and you will be granted forum access.
  6. V5 B55 update is out in our support forum for the product. Please Keep in mind these are only updates to install it to V5, there will be no additional bugfixes or texture updates unless otherwise noted. http://milviz.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=59&t=13113 (You need forum access)
  7. Add PC-6 and turbo otter to the list. CJ is a busy man 😉
  8. That would be highly unlikely as they are being adapted to MSFS with full PBR treatment etc. That would be essentially shooting ourselves in the foot. I could imagine that there would be half baked MSFS ports within days if we were to do that. Some like the Md530 and Porter I believe are already PBR. On the 737 the textures were already done but other problems surfaced and it never made it to release stage before MSFS hit.
  9. I know some of you have been disheartened with lack of V5 updates as of yet but I can tell you that we now have 3 of your favorites in beta now. DHC-2, DHC-3 and the Huey. Please keep in mind there will be no new additional features, bug fixes or PBR updates with these. They are simply to allow you to use the existing products on V5. Stay tuned for additional info.
  10. All I can say is that is is being worked on but priority is now on the 310 and the Beaver.
  11. If this is the case and the 310 will work I may be able to get you guys an updated installer. V5 tends to break stuff though like lighting. I made a test installer for the Porter and the MVAMS setting don't get read in V5 and also the external lighting is horrible. I will take a look at the 310 and see how hard it would be to make a v5 installer and if anything is broken.
  12. If it were just updating an installer I could do that but I think there are other issues that crop up in V5. Do your MVAMS settings take in V5? I suspect that the module needed an update too.
  13. Rex sold the original version. The version on our store is V5 only. 2 different products.
  14. A few of you have been asking when it was coming and that day is today! https://milviz.com/flight/products/A1H/index.php
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