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  1. By AS I meant Active Sky, or HiFiSim. I think it's really difficult to say what "most" simmers want, or what are the "edge cases". It probably also differs from sim to sim.
  2. I really doubt that. I like to re-enact flights I did years ago. I believe AS has the data stored for back to August of 2014 or so.
  3. Obscure? Not really, for a number of us it's fundamental.
  4. Maybe not, but they will only continue developing for it, if they sell for it. Don't get me wrong, I've also been waiting desperately (more or less) for the missing OpenLC parts, but these things take time. I remember first hearing the announcement about OpenLC in 2013...
  5. I have 4 airports in my virtual cart. I of course don't know about future backward compatibility, but you can always stay with the newest sim version that suits you best. Furthermore, I'm convinced LM is still developing P3D - it's the add-on developers I'm more worried about. So why not let your wallet talk to show them that the P3D market is still lucrative?
  6. Me too, but a quick search and a scan of the first part of the manual didn't reveal anything...
  7. I'd verify that, before a innocent guess turns into a “fact“. Happens all the time.
  8. Be that as it may: Even if a lot of "hardcore simmers" (for whatever that's worth, like you said) aren't interested in it, it doesn't disqualify the aspect "historical weather" from being a sim prerequisite to some of us. Of course, it that case it would also make sense for the MSFS devs to concentrate on more “pressing” matters, but as long as they do that, MSFS just won’t be a fully “legitimate” alternative for some of us. Now, does that mean MSFS isn’t the perfect sim some want it to be? Yes, but why not just acknowledge that like a grown-up and enjoy your favorite sim anyway? No sim is perfect, nor will there ever be a perfect sim. (Not directed at you, abrams_tank)
  9. Plus, some driver versions actually have security vulnerabilities.
  10. Biggest factors in sim performance in my experience: Cloud layers, cloud draw distance, and cloud resolution. I've set them to 3, 150 and 512 respectively.
  11. A lot of people like good visuals. Others are looking for other aspects - historical weather would be one example. No sim offers all, hence different people use different sims. Everyone has a “best sim“ for their use case. Arguing over that makes no sense and only leads to hostility.
  12. As a cross-check I set up my old TV today. No visible drop in the FPS with active mouse pointer, (unlimited) framerates of 45 to 65 (hard to tell with P3D's display). Other programs don't flicker, the cores loads don't go up and down with or without an active pointer. Why does my setup struggle this much with a mouse pointer over a 4K screen? 🤔
  13. Okay, thanks. For me and my two mice, it always showed exactly 125 Hz. I guess it might be severely limited at higher polling rates.
  14. Does the website I posted report the correct rate when you change it in the Logitech software, could you please check that for me?
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