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  1. If the dev hasn't programmed that functionality into BATC, it won't do it. Doesn't mean it can't be done, or he won't do it for the next iteration.
  2. Thanks. That's NEXRAD data, correct?
  3. Sorry to hijack, but the product page for this plane on Simmarket states the weather radar isn't functional. Can someone please confirm this? Thanks
  4. Not yet, but it's being worked on. I believe they have a working proof-of-concept.
  5. IIRC, it will inject and control AI traffic, yes. They showed a video a while back of that process.
  6. I was planning on using this tool, or the first variant, with capped FPS. My intention was for your tool to jump in and lower the settings as soon as the sim can't generate the FPS I want, and the FPS return to the desired value.
  7. That's great for me, as that's how I use your tool at the moment. I have one LOD set for 0 AGL, and use the FPS adaptation function to reduce it and/or the cloud details.
  8. I'll just say this: I get where he's coming from.
  9. He wasn't trying to "limit" you, he just asked a question.
  10. Haven't seen that effect in P3D in ages. In fact, I personally notice rapid changes in cloud formations more often in MSFS than in P3D with AS.
  11. I've practically stopped buying airport add-ons for P3D, but mainly because I have 1,5 years worth of airports I haven't even used yet. After I realised that, I put the parking brake on further purchases...
  12. I see this, too. For me it happens soon after clicking on "Fly". A minute-long freeze, sometimes two, but then not again.
  13. As a company, I think they do need to test the products before declaring them compatible. Which takes time and costs money. From what a lot of developers have said here, most customers aren't willing to pay even a small fee for such a service, and i'm sceptical that Orbx will do it for free. But maybe I'm wrong...
  14. It might have something to do with the “Dynamic Reflection“ setting, IIRC. Try turning that off.
  15. Sorry, one more: Should these new voices come, will the P3D version also receive them?
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