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  1. What will P3D have in a year? No one can say, and that goes for both sims. So, I think there's really no sense in talking about that. Compare both sims and what they can offer in their current states, and in a year, we can reconvene and compare again.
  2. Michael, I'm guessing you, or better your plane, was stationary while taking those screenshots. Start moving, and you will see P3D using the other cores as well, namely to load new scenery.
  3. Jeez...makes me wonder which updates I missed 🙄
  4. Hello, a bump for this topic. Plus, a problem I am encountering since As soon as MCE starts up, it seems to cycle the info text (shift + Z). Sometimes, it gets interrupted (?), and I am stuck with the info displaying GPU memory, FPS, Gs, fuel and health points. The thing is: Using shift + Z won't cycle the info, it's like the key combination doesn't do anything anymore. Ending MCE unfortunately doesn't help, I have to shut down P3D.
  5. I also prefer a clean installation of add-ons, everything in one place and perfectly sorted. But, technically, AFAIK it's fine if some add-ons install “externally“, and some in P3D's folder structure, as long as the latter don't overwrite P3D files. It of course used to be some add-ons did that, and some maybe still do, but e.g. ORBX install their texture replacements where you want them to be, and P3D's “new“ method incorporates them without a problem. That makes re-installing P3D a 5 minute ordeal.
  6. This can - and to my knowledge should - be done in P3D as well. Unfortunately, not all developers adhere to the “new“ (it's been around since what, V3?) add-on activation method.
  7. Hi, an update from my side: Re-instating the P3D demo VKPs didn't help, but doing to so with the MSFS profiles did. Seems MCE is loading the FS2020 profile.
  8. May I kindly request a link to that? I can't find it in their forum.
  9. That's one thing (and it certainly has, nobody is denying that), but to say that it will end every other sim is something very different.
  10. If my last experience is any indicator, 90 % of those add-ons will work, with or without an official update.
  11. There's really no sense asking this question, as nobody can tell the future, and threads like this are destined to sink into a visuals vs. substance war. I'll just say this: Everyone is saying good planes will come to MSFS, and I don't doubt that. But by that time, better visuals will come to P3D, I don't doubt that either.
  12. Roger. After typing my last post, I thought about the demo VKP... I'll try that at get back to you - thanks
  13. I'm using P3D V5.1 HF1. Yes, a custom profile. If I hide the profiles for FS9 and MSFS, MCE throws an error, so I'm guessing it's trying to load one of those...?
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