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  1. I never received an email regarding the voucher for Pushback Express….
  2. I have just stumbled on this plugin...... it looks perfect for me.... but im struggling to get anything to work.... can anyone help please.....
  3. I am trying to set up an MCP for FSLabs A320 using Mobiflight but this relies on FSUIPC or EventID's to work. Does LINDA work with Mobiflight or can someone point me in the right direction as the best way to proceed in getting things working....
  4. I am late to the party and have just got xvision…… I cant get it to activate as it says the KEY is incorrect......
  5. I know some time has passed since the last update here, but is there going to be a new version of this addon manager?
  6. I am wondering if there is a way to view the flight displays in a separate window without undocking the main ones as it' a bit silly flying with black screens in the cockpit.
  7. I have been trying since last night to log into my account to redownload my aircraft. I can access www.pmdg.com however when I click on the link to login/Register I keep getting a "webpage unavailable" or words to that effect. I have tried IE11, EDGE and Chrome all with the same results...... Is there an issue with the store?
  8. I have installed this to try and solve any stutters I have.... EVERYTIME I run the software my P3D will NOT start..... If I strt P3D first then run this then P3D crashes....
  9. Looking for a license for 777 right now, and later the 737...... cant see how to get one though....
  10. Am I to assume that the liveries for the MD11 and 747 v1 have been removed from the site? Can I also assume that as a customer who bought those aircraft I have now also been dumped. I still regularly like to fly those aircraft and I would prefer to still be able to pick and chose which livery I fly in...... Due to my personal circumstances now and my disability I am unable to afford to update the aircraft I love to fly...... now it seems I can no longer change its livery either.....
  11. I too was looking for these liveries. It now seems like PMDG have dumped all their 747v1 and MD11 customers......
  12. I have finally taken the plunge and purchased this aircraft. I did wait however until I upgraded my PC so now I can get the whole benefit of a PC that can the run the game I want at a detail and smoothness level I am happy with. ZERO stutters, jumps or freezes.......took spending nearly £400 to get to this level but I think it is worth it...... PMDG, thank you for an amazing product which performs, for me, straight from the download (so far). Any updates and improvements are always welcome though. Only thing I do wish I had was an instruction manual.......whats the key for the brake release again.............
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