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  1. Treetops45

    Wonderful airplane..

    Anyone have the Carenado C421C & the Alabeo C441, & have some thoughts on their relative flight sim performance? (Appearance, FDE etc) T45
  2. Treetops45

    [P3D v4.2] CTD on Startup

    Somewhat left field - have you done any recent updates just before this started? I am getting CTD on P3D v4.1 after updating Windows 7 & Nvidia. About to try the System Restore to an earlier date route to see if that fixes it. T45
  3. Treetops45

    Just Flight Traffic Global (Early Access) Available

    I've looked online for a manual, but can't find one, hence this question - does JFGT need to be loaded onto the same drive as P3D?, or can you choose where to install it?? Thanks T45
  4. Treetops45

    Just Flight Traffic Global (Early Access) Available

    Has anyone installed the update, (v1.1.0.3) & run it & observed the presence of the new AI GA aircraft? Also, can JFGT be set up so that if say, you are flying Orly to Berlin, only aircraft along that route & coming into Paris & Berlin load up, as opposed to traffic all over the world loading? T45
  5. Treetops45

    QW787 P3Dv4 - first impressions?

    I've had the 787 for a couple of days now & just flew Porto to Madrid while I had breakfast. I don't have a fireball system, (P3D v4.1, Envtex, Skyforce, AS16 on an i5-4690K, 16 GB Ram & Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 setup), but the 787 flies nicely. Hand flying is very smooth & it has an elegance & gracefulness about it in the sky. I have yet to delve into the Manuals, that will come, but with my set up arranged for hot starts I wait the 20 to 30 seconds the aircraft takes to initialize & then adjust the fuel & loading. Via the cockpit AP panel I load a target altitude, a VS & heading & auto throttle desired speed, then depart. I hand fly it on to the Heading then turn on the AP & auto throttles & enjoy the scenery. So far all the hand landings have been good. I am flying it at a basic but enjoyable level, but can see there is a lot more systems depth to explore. If you are on the fence on this one, remember, as has oft been quoted in this thread, there is a 30 day try/buy or return. Give it a shot. I already know I won't be asking for a refund. T45
  6. Treetops45

    yes, another AI traffic thread....

    Do you get any GA traffic? Can you tweak it so that only AI near your flight plan/path, airports show up, rather than the whole world is populated during your flight? T45
  7. Treetops45

    Orbx May Sale - 47% Off

    Seems to have knocked the site over? T45
  8. Treetops45

    Carenado SAAB 340 FMC Doens't Work For Me

    Suggest you have a look at this Forum & see what comes up there. Avionics are not always Carenados strong point. T45
  9. Treetops45

    Nils-D BK-117 works in XP-11??

    That did the trick. Once I took any 412 ticked items out & set the Throttle as you said, it began to fly! Thanks for your help. T45
  10. Treetops45

    Nils-D BK-117 works in XP-11??

    Thanks Paraffin. On the Bell 429 I have the 412 drop down menu with throttle set to control both engines & observing in the cockpit , that is working. However, I don't have the Collective hooked up anywhere, so I'm spinning blades with no pitch.. If I can figure out the Collective I think it will work. Is there a 'lock' in the 429 that could affect the Collective? (The 'hand brake" type control goes up & down & the 'twist grip" on it, [throttles], twist ok], but there is no rotor 'bite' T45
  11. Treetops45

    Nils-D BK-117 works in XP-11??

    Ok Thank you Paraffin. I D/L' d the Bell 429 & it looks pretty good. I need to figure out how to set up the throttle. I am using a Logitech joystick & the throttle are on the normal slider. I can spool up the engines but I don't think I have enough blade angle of attack to lift off. Not sure how to adjust that. I also have a problem with the XP-11 Sikorsky, it wants to run almost full throttle when the throttle is shut off. So some control assignment/tweaking to sort out. T45 (Don't know where th line strike came from)
  12. The store shows it as XP-10, but there is an August'17 video review that appears to be using XP-11. Is it XP-11 compatible?? T45
  13. T45
  14. Received an email from Simmarket, (where I originally purchased it), advising it was available. T45
  15. Ok. When I looked in files the dates appeared not to have changed from previous version. However, just been flying it & saw that I had more then 1 wing view, so I knew then it was ok T45