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  1. I thought I would ask this here as the MSFS Forums are a heaving tempest of dummy spitting & plastic buckets flying out of sand pits at the moment. General Options Data Consumption Current Data Consumption (CDC) Is there any way to set back to zero? I thought it measured for a month but mine seems to run longer than that & keeps climbing. I'd like to start again😀 T45
  2. Thanks😀 Way back I tried the linker & managed to tie it in knots so didn't persevere. I just added the PMDG DC-6's back & that took the load up time out to about 3.5 minutes. (The DC-6 has an update after SU5) I think I will end up with a pared down Community folder. I have a DC-6A heading from Vancouver to Anchorage, flying very nicely, no stutters etc. & I can't get multiplayer. BTW, are your servers greyed out top right of your screen? TTM
  3. Asobo Kingair 350i in Sweden. Weather set to Rain. I found I can get MSFS running ok by pulling the Community folder aside & adding back discrete items. So far all the Orbx airports & mesh I have are back in & 'Fly' button to 'take off time' is about 2 minutes. With complete Community folder it would not get to the departure airfield. T45
  4. I put my Community Folder aside & now it takes about a minute to get to the Scenario Screen & about a minute from hitting the Fly Button to open at the chosen airfield. Currently flying in South America in Offline Mode as the Servers are greyed out. The Carenado M20R wants to behave as if its a tail dragger & goes nose up at lift off/unflyable. Using an X-Cub Tundra, which is flyable The scenery appears visually 'better' & I am getting 38 FPS where I used to get 30 FPS & its Limited by Main Thread now, used to be Limited by GPU. T45
  5. Same here. Gave up after 20 minutes. I did notice before I hit the 'Fly' button that the top right Server options were greyed out, yet it appeared to be hooked to the internet. I wonder if that is a factor? T45
  6. I'm looking at 620mb from Store & 22.86GB load from Game. Was your 40GB one d/L or split? T45
  7. I was watching some YouTube videos covering the arrivals at Oshkosh 2021 & there were some stunning C195 liveries coming through, with a focus on art deco colors. This lead to me hauling out the Alabeo C195 for a flight out of Old Warden in a classic vintage radial powered aircraft. T45 (P3D v4.5)
  8. Interesting owner - a checkered business history. Had the Force India F1 team if I recall correctly. T45
  9. He was over the side adjusting the trim😀 There are a few of these FSX conversions where getting a pilot in them has been an issue. Maybe an update will rectify this. T45
  10. Did you look at the Carenado Arrow III before choosing the JF version? I am wondering how they compare as regards visuals & FDE performance? T45
  11. Sporting one of the more flamboyant 727 liveries, Kingfisher Breweries Holdings Super 27, (727-44), before it went into storage at Kingman Mohave County Airport - KIGM, USA - Arizona. It started out as ZS-EKW, South African Airways,1967-01-06 and was sold on several times to end up as part of Kingfisher Airlines, a division of an Indian Brewing conglomerate. T45 (P3D v4.5)
  12. Another FSX to MSFS conversion by DonFanucci. Shots at Queenstown, NZ. Wheels down, wheels up, & on the water. Unfortunately, no wake or spray effects available yet. T45 (MSFS)
  13. Some of the Golden Age Simulations vintage aircraft are being converted to MSFS from FSX, with GAS permission. This is the Aeronca C3, converted by DonFanucci. (Freeware at .to) Flies nicely. Sound reminds me a bit of a VW. T45 (MSFS) Lots of turnbuckles & bracing. Departing from a Napa Valley airfield. GAS followers will recognize the signature leather satchel. Heading up Napa Valley
  14. United Cargoliner DC-6A, out of Houston T45 (MSFS)
  15. Yes, JF have some good sales. A matter of patience.😀 T45
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