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  1. Back to P3D v5.3 HF2 to allow me to fly the JF DC-8-53, in a Delta livery. T45
  2. I also hope it comes to fruition. There is a shortage of Vintage Jet aircraft in MSFS. Any of the following, [source: Historic Jetliners Group], would be interesting to fly in MSFS. AEROSPATIALE/BAC CONCORDE, AMD MERCURE 100, B707, B720, B717-200, B727, B737, BAC ONE-ELEVEN, BAe-146/ARJ, C-135 (SERIES), CV-880, CV-990, DC-8, DC-9, DC-10, DH COMET, HS TRIDENT, L-1011 TRISTAR, MD80/90, SE CARAVELLE, and VC-10 T45
  3. If you choose an AIG flight plan then does AIG inject AI aircraft into that route & in particular, inject Static, Arriving & Departing aircraft at the destination airport? T45
  4. I see this has been due for awhile. https://www.justflight.com/in-development/fs-traffic-microsoft-flight-simulator Anyone know anything about it, what it will do? T45
  5. I tried LEPA & watched aircraft arriving on Flight Aware & changed the MSFS time to match FA/Mallorca, but alas no landings in MSFS. But I don't have AIG models installed. Could that be the missing piece of the puzzle? T45
  6. Its a 3rd party KLAX. I'll try an Asobo airport. Thanks T45
  7. I tried your settings at KLAX & after leaving it 'on' for 2 hours came back to find very few aircraft at the gates & only 1 taking off. Nothing landed within 1/2 an hour. I wonder if there is another setting I am missing? For instance, do you have "Multiplayer" On? T45
  8. Thanks for this. I just set up an ILS flight in the Canary islands & couldn't get VNAV or LNAV to engage after T/off & with AP On. I will have a closer look at my FMC settings & the PERF page. If VNAV won't engage, what should be checked 1st?? T45
  9. I also found that for a Direct Departure, VNAV will not engage if the FMC Legs altitude at the first Waypoint does not match the Altitude in CLB or Cruise. T45
  10. I got it right the 1st time, but not subsequently. Setting up a STARS ILS flight via the FMC, I then set a Top of Climb Altitude in the AP that matches the FMC ALT, & check the FMC Legs for discontinuity & so on, & that the Waypoint altitudes are reasonable. Save the flight & Execute Flight Plan ok in the FMC. Take off & go on to the AP, running VNAV, LNAV. The 600 climbs to TOC ok, but further into the flight, when it is passing waypoints where it should be losing altitude as part of the descent process, it holds TOC altitude. I am trying to figure out if I have missed a step in the FMC as regards triggering the descent from TOC? T45
  11. What MSFS Traffic settings are you using, & Data settings? Thanks T45
  12. I've been watching the KLAX arrivals & departures via LA Flights YouTube channel, [currently Live on RWY 24R-24L ], & I wondered if there are any 3rd party products that would allow me to observe KLAX RWY: 24R-24L in MSFS, in real time, & see an emulation of what is shown on YouTube, ideally down to the correct aircraft & liveries. If so, what MSFS settings would I need to engage for this to work? T45
  13. Yep, the 1st one worked well, this one tried to do a go around at about 50' ilo flaring on to the tarmac. I think I altered the runway height in error while tweaking VNAV heights. T45
  14. Practicing Autolanding into Sapporo, Japan, indifferent weather.. Not the correct livery, but it was the closest to hand😀 Autolands nicely if you have the FMC properly set up for the flight. T45
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