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  1. In P3D v4.1 I use a small plug in AP/GPS unit from WeFly Works in aircraft that don't come with AP or GPS. Primarily older aircraft. It toggles as a pop up & among several things it does, I can set Vs & Alt, & the GPS picks up a flight plan & the aircraft follows it, levelling of at the Alt I have set. This allows me to set up a longish flight, depart, & then come back later for the interesting part, the landing. Is there an equivalent plug in for XP 11? T45
  2. I do a lot of flying & landings from External spot view, tucked in behind the aircraft. In P3D Shift + Z will give me the aircraft air speed in the top left corner of the screen, regardless of the view I have running. Is there any way to set that up, (air speed on screen, top left), in XP 11? T45
  3. If you can give notice of the upload in this part of the maddog x forum: then you'll have an appreciative audience. T45
  4. I am currently flying P3D v4.1 & learning XP-11 via the demo module. I intend to end up using both flight sims & am trying to get the Keyboard settings in XP-11 to be the same as those for P3D v4.1, where possible. The idea being to be able to switch from one sim to the other without having to recall 'differences' in the controls. At the moment I am focused on Views, & in P3D v4.1 keyboard Views, I have the S key set so that pushing it sequentially will cycle the View from Virtual Cockpit (Cockpit View), to Outside Spot, then Tower View & finally Angle view. When I am on any of those primary Views, by hitting the A key sequentially I can cycle through the sub-views associated with that primary View. Shift + A will take me back 1 sub-view & Shift + S will take me back 1 primary view. Is there any way to set the above structure up in XP-11 via Settings/Keyboard/Views? So far I have not been able to find the ability to run a sequence of views by hitting the same key. It appears that each view needs its own unique key stroke. Thanks T45
  5. Now the repaint kit is out & hopefully some generous folk are working on some repaints - is it possible to have a thread dedicated to advising the availability of the repaints when they are released, & where they can be obtained? Thanks T45
  6. MD80 routes [ Europe ]

    Thanks Printed T45
  7. Just Wondering

    In P3D v4 you can go to "Add Ons' in the Menu bar & the options you mention are listed under Maddog X T45
  8. P3D settings checked & ToolTips box is ticked. Other aircraft Tool tips are showing up. You are seeing Tool Tips ok in your MD 80? T45
  9. When I hover the Mouse Pointer over switches & controls in the Cockpit, it turns into a 'hand' shape, indicating a 'live' control, but there is no descriptor text identifying the switch or control. Is this how it should be, or should I see wording? T45
  10. Looking for info on routes flown by the MD80 when it was operational. USA , Europe & rest of world. T45
  11. Aerosoft An-2

    Excellent! Appreciated T45
  12. Aerosoft An-2

    Great! Any more in the works? T45