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  1. Treetops45

    D18S Sound & Dynamics 'Fix' video

    Dave Did the recent Carenado update for the D18S address any of the issues you raised in your work arounds? T45
  2. Treetops45

    Ford Tri-Motor Project, P3D v4??

    CR-1 or the Ford-Trimotor Project team? I think they are different entities. T45
  3. Treetops45

    The Invisible Curtiss-Jenny, (almost)

    Appreciate your input Bob. I have the Tiger Moth & GAS do port well. Must look for TPC material, that is new to me. T45
  4. The Freeware Ford Tri-Motor project had quite a few other aircraft in there. It was aimed primarily at FSX, but I did manage to get the Curtiss-Jenny running in P3D v3. I tried again today in P3D v4 & found the following: - The aircraft loads, but is invisible - There is engine sound that changes with throttle movement - It can take off & flies around quite sedately, with all external views of the aircraft being invisible. - However, there is 1, & only 1, view that shows up: Cockpit View, looking straight ahead from the pilot's perspective, showing dashboard & gauges, & the scenery out in front of the aircraft I have hunted around in aircraft.cfg, but cannot spot that View's coding. I know it wasn't designed for 64 bit, however I am curious whether any code fiddling could make more of it "appear" by putting View codes into aircraft.cfg? T45
  5. Treetops45

    Ford Tri-Motor Project, P3D v4??

    Thanks, yes I have it. It works in v4. I am primarily looking for the Curtis-Jenny as it has some great liveries in the set. T45
  6. Has anyone been able to get any of the aircraft that reside under the umbrella of The Ford Tri-Motor project, to work in P3D v4? Particularly interested in the Curtiss-Jenny, which I enjoyed flying back in FSX. Thanks T45
  7. Treetops45

    CS L-1011 in P3D v4??

    Anyone managed to get it flying in v4?? T45
  8. Treetops45

    Carenado H25B & EMB505 - the rough & the smooth?

    Well put😊 & agree Jim, H850 throttles are the more sensitive of the 2. I need more finesse there. T45
  9. I recently updated the H25B H850XP & EMB505 Phenom 300 to P3D v4 & flew them after they had sat unused for quite awhile. The Phenom was as smooth as I remembered it & a joy to hand fly. The H50XP was twitchy on the elevator & the throttle range was tight & compared to the Phenom, not such a joy to hand fly. Anyone else noticed a flight performance difference between these too? I am wondering if I have some of the H850XP FDE settings out of skew. T45
  10. Treetops45

    D18S Sound & Dynamics 'Fix' video

    You Tube Search 'Beech 18 David Womacks' T45
  11. Treetops45

    AS CRJ SP1 Released

    I'll be a contrarian grumpy b-tard & suggest it perhaps shouldn't have been released needing all those things fixed, & I'm on P3D v4.2 & not inclined to go 4.3 just yet.😐
  12. Treetops45

    D18S Sound & Dynamics 'Fix' video

    I was tossing up whether it was worth paying full boat then needing to make your suggested tweaks to get it 'right'. ie, does it have any redeeming features?😂 T45
  13. I was considering the recently released Carenado D18S when I ran across a video on You Tube that offers fixes for the sound & flight dynamics, neither of which the author, David Womacks, found impressive. Has anyone got the D18S & agree/disagree with his assessments? T45
  14. Treetops45

    Madrid Barajas for P3D v4?

    Interested in how you got it to work. I presume you downloaded the FSX version from Aerosoft? When I went to install it gave up when it couldn't find an FSX installation on my PC. So I couldn't point it to the P3D v4.2 directory. T45
  15. Treetops45

    Madrid Barajas for P3D v4?

    Yes, duplication is always a head scratcher. Perhaps the developers could meet once a year & pick airports out of a hat & you develop what you draw out & no one else does that airport.😂 Pipe dream , no doubt. T45 T45