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  1. Excellent! Appreciated T45
  2. Great! Any more in the works? T45
  3. Good FDE & visuals. Reading the manual is beneficial. Not as nimble as the Beaver, but realistic performance. Watch use of full throttle on take off as there may be smoke & flames, from exhaust, but it may be linked to comment below re Carb Heat If its the same set up as the Beaver, then you need to have Carb heat on in Winter. ) This may be the smoke & flames issue source - i need to fly it again Excellent full flap performance - you can head down at 60 kias at 45 degrees under full control, good for getting into tight strips. I would liken the sound to a tractor that's lost its muffler - enhances the ambiance. T45
  4. Very impressive. What X-Plane 11 add-ons did you use?? T45
  5. Looks very comprehensive. Thanks T45
  6. culley38 Very useful list, thank you. Is the MD80 in there somewhere? T45
  7. For Xmas I received a Patent application blueprint 3 view for a 9 cylinder radial single engined bi-plane. The patent application is in the name of W.D. Clark, is dated August 20, 1926 & appears to be Patent # 1,723,678. I am curious as to whether the aircraft actually was built & flown, & if so, what it was named? I have had an initial look in the Internet, there is material about the Patent, but so far I haven't found anything on a built aircraft. Thanks T45
  8. Excellent
  9. Excellent resource. Is it possible on P.15, after 'Speed', to put a range or some indication of what the approach speed should be [Granted it varies with weight & other factors], but its something I sometimes have difficulty finding. T45
  10. Anybody successfully using FreeMeshX in v4.1, & in particular, the North American beta of FMX? T45
  11. I came across the Group via an Avsim notice. Have had a quick look & there appears to be some really good work there, but as far as I can tell so far its only for FSX? No P3D? T45
  12. Thank you T45
  13. Good point. I have tried putting aircraft specific queries in their particular forum, but have often found that unless it is a new release or has a hot topic fault, there can be little traffic, particularly for older releases. Whereas this Forum seems to have a good mix of experience with a wide range of aircraft. T45
  14. There are knowledgable people in this forum Using P3D v4.0 Picked up the Hawker Beechcraft H2B H850XP in their sale. Can anyone flying it advise on the following: - Elevator trim for takeoff? - Rotate speed? - Landing speed - Any other tips/settings, things to watch out for? Thanks T45
  15. I should have said Ctrl + F2 to reduce Prop %, Ctrl + F3 to increase Prop % Good luck TTM