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  1. P3D v4.5 I would appreciate some help with a couple of Scenario Settings matters: (1) Options/Display/Display Global Settings/Display: I have many named Display options listed in the drop down menu from experimenting with various settings. Is there any way to remove the ones I don't want, won't use again? (2) Realism/Crashes & Damage: For the sake of expediency i tick the "No Crashes & Damage", (C&D), box & include it in the named Display combo I am trying at that time. However, when I start P3D again & choose the named Display combo, I find Realism C&D has reverted to Crashes & Damage 'On". Can I set C&D somewhere to "Off", permanently? I also run Simstarter NG & I am not sure if it is interfering with the C&D setting. T45
  2. I understand Orbx have an Objects Library update in the works due to the number of issues being reported in v5 T45
  3. Couldn't run v5 HF1 without it, so yes, definitely interested. T45
  4. So far Active Sky P3D, Active Sky Cloud Art, Envshade & Envtex have been released for P3D v5. Rex Sky Force for v5 has yet to arrive. Has anyone put together any combo of the Active & Toga Products offerings & have any insights into what works with what & what combos to avoid? I know ASCA won't work with Enhanced Atmosphere On. Thanks T45
  5. I've spent a couple of weeks getting various aircraft flying in v5. If an aircraft flies in v5, will it also fly in v5 HF1, or does it need to be updated & reinstalled in v5 HF1? T45
  6. If you are using HDR lighting suggest you experiment with the Brightness/Bloom/Saturation settings as changes there can make quite a difference. With HDR & Enhanced Atmosphere on, see what you get with 1.1/0.8/1.0, then try 1.1/0.0/1.0. Some people are getting good results with Bloom = 0.0 If you are getting fluorescent greens on the terrain, try easing Saturation back to see what happens. T45
  7. I've been waiting for more P3D v5 aircraft to become available. I looked at Simmarket this morning & there were 9 listed. I'm beginning to wonder if some aircraft developers with product that works in v4.5 are going to skip v5 & focus on MSFS. T45
  8. Perhaps both work? What do they do? T45
  9. Longshot - did you remove any aircraft since yesterday? Sometimes Sound files are proxied off other aircraft & if that aircraft is removed, there can be problems. To check if its proxied have a look in the SimObjects/Aircraft/Electra10A/Sound folder T45
  10. Thanks Was up around 1.2 & now down in the low 0.9's. Makes a huge difference. T45
  11. On a top down view of Orbx England set in Spring, the green paddocks are almost fluorescent green. A very bright green. Is there any way to tweak the color palette in v5, or is that where shaders come into it? T45
  12. If you have purchased any of the South African airfields & are running them in P3D v4.5, would be interested in your thoughts on the quality. I notice PC Aviator has around 130 airfields from this developer , many USA medium sized regional fields ones are covered. I haven't heard of the developer before. T45
  13. Not a stellar teaser. Are the changes of such magnitude that all 3rd party add-ons will need to be upgraded, re-installed etc, to work with V5?? T45
  14. There are on Youtube a number of videos on "Best Freeware Aircraft/Scenery/Add Ons for P3D , XP for 2019, 2020 etc & viewing those may be productive for you. T45
  15. Sim-Outhouse can be tricky to get on to initially Need to the logon to the Flight Center. Sim-Outhouse.net Then you logon separately to the Warbirds Library, Sim-Outhouse.com which is where the Manfred Jahn files are kept. I think, under P3D/P4D Add Ons - Civilian Aircraft. T45
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