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  1. I tried using the A1 Pilot 'AP", but to no avail. Using EGGS I could hear the morse on 110.50 as I manually entered the Green Feathers for Rwy 22, then switched to A1 Pilot, but the A1 Pilot AP locks Hdng, Alt & Speed so it overflew at 1,800' without slowing down. N1 & the Frequency work, but I couldn't set the approach bearing, or rather , if you are on A1 Pilot AP & change the heading, nothing happens. If you are not on A1 Pilot AP then there is nothing to hold it on the approach track, as far as I can find, so far. T45
  2. Jack - pleased to see your perseverance rewarded. Oddly, from watching LAX Live & other Live Airport streams on YouTube, I have noticed there are a number of pure white aircraft out there. Primarily freighters, but all they have is a Reg. code. T45
  3. Interesting question. Will try & test ILS later today. T45
  4. I've have had no problems taking off or landing. Need to keep the rudder in play on take off. If you get it & find its fishtailing on landing then maybe have a look at your control setting sensitivities & dampen that down a bit.. Overall, its a nice aircraft to fly & priced fairly. T45
  5. Not sure. However, I have found a serviceable substitute "AP", - The Flight Assistance A1 Pilot! Read about it elsewhere & it works. Basically, take the C195, [& I suspect, any MSFS aircraft without an AP], & fly it to the altitude you want, on the heading you want & settle it down at the speed you want. Then in the top of the MSFS screen menu find the Captains Cap, drop down the Flight Assistance menu & then slide the A1 Pilot slider to turn it on. This appears to lock your speed, Hdng & Alt settings as they were at the moment you turned the A1 Pilot on. It is important to be flying level, if you have a climb going it may lock that in. I tested it in a 4 kt cross wind & it held everything steady. Going to Live Weather & a 20kt wind at 2 O'clock had it bouncing a bit, but it held the Hdng & Alt & Speed. All I need for long trips while my eyes are rested.😄 T45
  6. To be fair, the textures are good, sound is good & the engine has some power. It is nicely balanced in the air & has that retro vibe. AvAngel's review points out some of the things that are missing from the P3D version T45
  7. Morning Jack Another throw of the dice. I googled "Your organization does not allow you to place this file here" Quite a few hits, including this: Good luck T45 https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/all/your-organization-does-not-allow-you-to-place-this/15ea1837-d8b5-454a-95ee-aeb4cb036028
  8. To answer my own question, after opting to purchase the C195 as I am a sucker for Radial aircraft - No, the Keyboard AP doesn't work. I had look in the file structure & there is no System.cfg file, so you can't get in & tweak for an AP. Appears that the MSFS C195 is a somewhat emasculated version of the P3D version. Pity. T45
  9. Jack, if you Google, "My MSFS Community Folder is Locked', there are quite a number of articles out there. Such as this: Community Folder not working - Community / General Discussion - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums T45
  10. Do you start MSFS "As Administrator"? [right click on the MSFS icon on the screen & select ] Also, a bit left field, but perhaps have a look in MSFS Profile/Content manager to see if that looks ok. It should say how many Installed items there are, Not Installed & Updates Available. Nothing weird there? & l;eft of left field, the drive that you have the Community Folder on, is it full? T45
  11. I just had a look at that on my set up & my App Permissions is On, but it is labelled Background Apps". Which I take to mean that I can run other Apps in the background while MSFS is running. I also noticed further down the page the App Permissions appears on is the Option to Reset/Repair MSFS. Have you tried that? {not Reset at this stage as it could take out your data. T45
  12. If you can, turn "App Permissions" off & then see if the Lock symbols have gone. I will have a look at my setup re your Menu trail above, a bit later today & report back. My inclination would be to avoid uninstalling/reinstalling MSFS. I would put FSTL aside for a few days in case the issue is there & they fix it. The uninstall/reinstall route may leave you bald😀 For me it is a last resort. T45
  13. Perhaps pick a Community folder folder in File Manager with a lock on it, then right mouse click on the folder & then select "Properties" in the drop down menu & look through the Tabs to see if anything to do with, say, Security, is ticked. T45
  14. Do you know what has Locked/Encrypted your Community folder? I have the MS Store version of MSFS & when updates arrive I rename the Community Folder, run the Update, delete the empty Community Folder the Update creates, then rename the original Community Folder back to Communityfolder, & it all runs ok. So the Community Folder is not locked as such, I can add to, & delete from, it. T45
  15. Anyone purchased it? I understand there is no AP, but will it respond to the basic keyboard AP commands such as "Z", AP On/Off, & Ctrl + A [ALT HLD] & Ctrl + H, [HDG HLD] Handy for the long flights, curious whether they allowed for that. T45
  16. I think they should have released the Milviz Beaver with WU Canada & put the C195 in the 40th Anniversary collection. T45
  17. Anyone tried getting off the US East Coast server & joining a different one? Or are they all concurrently constipated? T45
  18. Anyone else getting this today? Have not had this message since SU10, until today, but flights in USA, Canada & Europe all interrupted. Located NJ. T45
  19. Thanks Bernd Superb rep. of a Tiger Moth at a give-away price. T45
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