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  1. Rimshot

    Realair Lancair Legacy

    Hey Ryan, I managed to get the RXP v2 GNS 530 and 430 to work in the Legacy,as single units, but it seems impossible to do make a double setup indeed. Nevertheless I'm happy with my panels now 😊
  2. Rimshot

    Which GTN750

    RXP all the way.
  3. Unless you are using the Global or Full dynamic themes ASCA doesn't change anything upon starting alongside Active Sky. So when you are satisfied with a fixed set of textures and you have installed these in your sim there's no need for ASCA to start alongside Active Sky every time..
  4. Rimshot

    ENVTEX SP2 Released

    Well Jesse, this update is a little more than a changed GUI. Every texture has been redone and there are now 6 GB worth of extra textures! Besides that, cloud textures ARE integrated dynamically in ASCA similarly to the sky textures now. Your realization is wrong.
  5. Rimshot

    ENVTEX SP2 Released

    And quite a nice servicepack too! Even integration with REX Skyforce clouds is added. Thanks TOGA!
  6. Rimshot

    First reactions to P3Dv4.4

    Duh, for instance what kind of sound issues some folks are experiencing, which you are still being vague about. And I'm the the curious type .. 😊 But thanks anyway, it has become clear later in the thread...
  7. Rimshot

    First reactions to P3Dv4.4

    Come on! Are we trying to be vague here? Be specific, informative. What is this about?
  8. Rimshot

    GTN Trainer download not found

    Thanks guys, I was indeed trying the installation with an older installer.
  9. Hi, After a fresh install of Prepar3d v4 and my addons I ran into an error with the GTN750 and 650 installer. When it tries to download the Garmin GTN trainer I got a 'file not found error (404)', so I cannot finish the installation.
  10. Rimshot

    First reactions to P3Dv4.4

    Well Jeroen, it may seem different this time.. Besides that, personally I think folks who ask for folks to be banned should be banned first 😎
  11. Rimshot

    First reactions to P3Dv4.4

    I bet Simicro knows what a déja vu is, and that he's curious why Ed is experiencing it 😉
  12. Well, give it to me then! 😋 Wow, what a beauty! Instant purchase.
  13. Rimshot

    Realair Lancair Legacy

    Thanks for that tip Jean-Luc. It doesn't make a difference however. Using the latest P3D v4 compatible installer of the Lancair Legacy its config tool still only finds a f1 GTN, which isn't even installed on my system... I'll uninstall the Lancair and try again with an older installer, compatible with P3D up until v3.
  14. Rimshot

    Realair Lancair Legacy

    In version 1 of the Legacy you could configure a panel with Reality XP GNS. See the screenshot in this old blog You can also get v2 of the Legacy to work with Reality XP by fooling its config app by adding a GNS530 or 430 in the config.ini. If you open the Legacy config tool after that you can arrange your panel with RXP GNS. Unfortunately I have never been able to configure a stack with a double GNS layout this way.
  15. Rimshot

    Realair Lancair Legacy

    Thanks Frank, I'm aware of that. The point I'm trying to make is that with the latest installer of the Legacy for P3D v4 (which was created and made available by Sean of Realair after the closure of their company).the config tool only let's you select f1 GTN units, meaning you can only adapt the VC model to fit the bezels of GTN gauges. With older installers I was able to add (old) RXP GNS units to the panel, so in other words the VC model had GNS bezels as well. That way I could also use the RXP v2 GNS units in the Legacy, but with the latest installer I can't get it working like I had before...