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  1. So you can leave the rest of us hanging 😁😜
  2. So let me get this straight; there is an alpha I can sign up for???
  3. That sounds awesome! Please Asobo 🤣
  4. Given the fact a lot of third party developers are already cooperating with MS/Asobo it may very well be we'll see the first addons available shortly after release of MSFS.
  5. Yeah. They should have hired you. You could make some planes for them at the same time! 😁😉
  6. Yeah, definitely. But trees in the way on short final are part of the MS flightsim legacy 😄
  7. Everything? The sky is blue. That looks absolutely spot on!
  8. Good idea! I second the motion.
  9. Fair enough, but it's hardly the fault of Asobo that your expectations are not met. Tone them down and all will be fine 🙂
  10. What about the arrogance of some of the forum members here, of which you are displaying a fine example, lol
  11. Agreed. My findings were with only Orbx Southern California and KHAF installed.
  12. Definitely more FPS! On my modest system at Orbx KHAF in P3D v4.5, when looking towards the hills in the east where San Fransico is lurking behind. my frames (locked at 30) would drop dramatically. This does not happen in v5; they stay at 30 (same settings with a highly reduced level of AA and AF). It's definitely a lot smoother than v4.5, but I requested a refund anyway, because my videocard is not up to the settings I would like to use.
  13. You will be disappointed, no doubt about it.
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