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  1. https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/incorrect-units-of-measurement-needs-addressing/399944 I might take up drinking if MSFS2024 doesn't improve on this.
  2. Although impressive, of course in real life you do not have a tablet to monitor the inside of the engine during startup. Therefore I doubt I'll use it much, if at all. Same as with the A2A Comanche.
  3. So what are you suggesting. Come on, lend them a hand!
  4. Yes! Sabre is nice for now 😁 Remember how A2A used to tease with development of a T-33? I hope someday that will happen.
  5. LOL, It's actually happening 🤣🤣 On topic. Good for X-Plane they continue to expand. Looking forward to future progress.
  6. Oh dear, that should be read to you in hPa, as that is the unit for QNH in Europe... I sincerely hoped these new advanced ATC tools would at least get this right...
  7. No e-mail here either. Their website also not updated yet. Happy about their commitment to the 414 though. It's a fabulous addon.
  8. It definitely is. A friend sent me the official aircraft manual of PH-DTM, a 2006 DA-42. The manual states it is meant for DA-42 without AP or with KAP140; it also mentions a separate manual is available for GFC700 equipped DA-42 aircraft, so it appears the GFC700 was an option from early on. But I agree when googling panel shots you come across a lot of KAP140 in the older aircraft.
  9. Ah ok, thanks. So basically all aircraft built before 2009. @JYW I also found N49LU, a 2007 TDI but with a GFC700, so COWS got it right.
  10. Here's a 2009 DA-42 NG with a GFC700, so I think older DA-42's are not exclusively equipped with the KAP140: https://www.plane4you.eu/en/offers/71-diamond-da42-ng-sp-atn,222 Come to think of it, which variant is the 'TDI' anyway? It is not specifically mentioned on the Wikipedia page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diamond_DA42_Twin_Star
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