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  1. Concerning ATC especially that annoying fault pressure is only given in Hg, no matter where you are in the world and no matter what your settings are in the sim...
  2. Thanks for the insights Bert. Of course! The TDS GTNxi won't load the MSFS flightplan automatically; it is based on an external trainer. Hadn't thought of this before, this unit may suit my needs. I still do hope though WT will also consider an option to not automatically load a MSFS flight plan. I can't seem to find how to export a plan as a gpf file though when using Little Navmap? Plan-G fortunately also offers this option.
  3. Thanks for all the replies. So it depends on the aircraft whether or not a flight plan is automatically displayed. Unfortunately my preferred aircraft for my renewed IFR adventures is equipped with a Garmin GTN unit. I will try to see if I can get ATC to follow a plan I have entered in the PMS50 GTN, as I understand that is the only Garmin unit for MSFS that allows this? I hope it will one day be possible with the WT Garmins and the TDS GTNxi as well.
  4. Hi fellas, In recent years when I was behind my sim I have exclusively flown VFR to uncontrolled airfields. In the old days I used to do IFR as well, but that goes all the way back to FS2000 and FS2002, so that's a pretty long time ago and you could call my skills rusty. With the recent news that WT are upgrading the CJ4 I'm tempted to pick up IFR flying again. I do have a question though; as far as I can tell you have to create or import an IFR flightplan in MSFS before you hit the 'fly' button. This means that when you startup your aircraft the flightplan is automatically loaded in your GPS/FMC. But this is not realistic, because in real life you would have to create the flightplan in your GPS/FMC (or load it when you have created it before) when sitting in the aircraft. Ofcourse you could do this in the sim as well, but the question is will the sim then 'understand' I'm going to fly this plan, i.e. will ATC pick it up? Or is there no other way than creating/importing a flightplan before the flight and just accept it is being automatically displayed in your avionics? I hope you guys can enlighten me.
  5. See below checklist for the start of a real C172S: 1. Throttle……OPEN ¼ INCH 2. Mixture……IDLE CUTOFF 3. Propeller Area……CLEAR 4. Master switch……ON 5. Flashing Beacon……ON If engine is warm, omit priming procedure of step 6, 7 and 8 below 6. Auxiliary Fuel Pump Switch……ON 7. Mixture…..SET to FULL (full forward) ……until stable fuel flow is indicated (usually 3 to 5 seconds), then set to IDLE CUTOFF (full aft) position 8. Auxiliary Fuel Pump Switch……OFF 9. Ignition Switch…..START (release when engine starts) 10. Mixture……ADVANCE In the offering by WB-Sim there is a default startup procedure, different from the one above. Compare the above to the WB-Sim checklist. For instance, you have to add full throttle and full mixture when engaging the fuel pump. For the start you still need ¼ mixture input, otherwise she won't start. A2A Simulations had it right with their 172 for FSX/Prepar3D. I remember having read somewhere WB-Sim would implement a correct startup procedure at some point, but I can't find that anymore...
  6. Nice. I hope they will implement the correct startup procedure in the next update.
  7. I suck at helikopter flying, nevertheless, looking forward to this!
  8. First, you saw it coming, but flew through it anyway. Second, you were high enough, so what's the problem?😜
  9. You wrote: "I have two students right now using MSFS as training aid. I'm signing both of them for solo." I figured you meant the use of MSFS as 'training aid' is a key factor in letting a student solo. Of course it isn't, as you explained appropriately 👍
  10. I may misunderstand what you're saying here, but as an instructor myself I sincerely hope MSFS is not a rating factor in a decision to let a student go solo 😮
  11. Is the coloring optional? Personally I find the late autumn shots posted earlier to brownish. Like I said before, where I live grass stays green during fall and winter. If the autumn coloring turns the Netherlands into a brownish landscape I'd rather turn it of. I like the October shot though! Is that early, mid or late fall?
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