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  1. Yes, but please keep open the ability to revert back to MSFS data for those not interested in a Navigraph sub.
  2. Does Simbrief use the most recent navdata (as MSFS does) or do you need to pay for that?
  3. Not much that is obvious now, and some of these lingering bugs are really staring to get annoying (waypoint runaround, broken navlog when starting from ramp/gate). Here's to hoping there are significant improvements being made under the hood that will be more apparent later.
  4. New Hand-crafted Airports Barra Liverpool Land’s End Manchester-Barton Out Skerries
  5. That looks nice. Did you just put in floating light orbs or poles with lights?
  6. You are probably correct. Also, maybe people spawn and end their flights on the runway, which in my opinion looks pretty good for most stock airports. Once you taxi (taxi light chaos) to aprons (dark) the immersion is lost for me.
  7. This is true for a lot of stock airports and it has not been solved (depending on how you define solved I guess). I'm not sure why more people don't complain about this. Maybe too many other issues.
  8. I saw this in the 152 today. What was even more puzzling was that the prop stopped when viewing externally from the front and resumed spinning when viewing from the rear.
  9. This is why... https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/ever-wonder-what-the-ground-crew-look-like-without-their-sunglasses/322437
  10. There is a great set of tutorials that go through the basics and then on to some more advanced techniques. There is about 10 of them in the series and the first two (5-10 minutes each) will have you making your own airports. Below is the first.
  11. In my opinion it is easier to get something that looks very good. Having good background textures built in and the ability to blend taxiways and aprons with the background (amongst other nice features) is part of the SDK. The SDK is a work in progress, it has some quirks, and there is a steep learning curve. Once you get past that, you can make a simple airport (without any custom buildings) in one evening.
  12. I was referring to the Working Title mod. Is this what you mean?
  13. I think you can do this in the G3000 mod that is now compatible with the Longitude. I haven't tested this but the option exists.
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