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  1. tyrodes

    Airport changes when zoomed in

    Is this scenery supposed to be compatible with the version of P3D you are using? Implementation of ground layering has changed.
  2. tyrodes

    strange shadows

    An artifact due to shadows being clipped outside the display radius? Try making the shadow display radius larger.
  3. tyrodes

    P3D V4 speculation thread - may as well

    I agree, and I am worried LM will not have a problem clamping down on this.
  4. tyrodes

    P3d volumetric fog and AS16 settings

    If you haven't done so already, take a look at the settings for AS16 in the newly minted P3D guide by Rob (pinned)
  5. tyrodes

    Replacement for Plan-G

    I had the same problem until I turned off AI in Plan-G. Give that a try if you haven't done so already.
  6. tyrodes

    Change airport grass color?

    Hi Ron and Mike, Sorry, but I have not even turned on my sim computer the last few days. I did this a long time ago before I purchased the ORBX global textures. This topic should help... http://www.avsim.com/topic/64356-fsx-airport-base-texture-fall-winter/ Ken
  7. tyrodes

    Change airport grass color?

    Hi Ron, I don't remember the exact texture because I'm not at my sim computer. But, if you are not already aware, I believe Global ORBX fixes this and you get very nice replacement texture for all other land classes. Ken
  8. I think administrator rights are required, not login. If your account has admin rights then that explains why it would work. Thanks for letting me know. Ken
  9. Good to know - thanks Thanks for the suggestions. I checked their forums and no answers how to run without admin rights. The vendor also says run as administrator is a must, no workaround (no help there). UAC always off, antivirus off - and I installed as admin. Its good to know that it should work. Just need to figure out how. Thanks for your help. Ken
  10. It's not just cost. For example, regretting the time and frustration spent trying to get it to work and/or fixing things it broke. Regretting trust (for support) given to a vendor. Good to know. I will look more into that. You don't login with administrator privileges or run as administrator? Thanks
  11. I purchased the 727 and I regret it. It seems running as administrator is an absolute must.
  12. I cannot get the 727 to run without administrator privileges. I'm curious if any one else can? Being old school I just don't feel comfortable (for security reasons) running any thing other than an install as administrator. I don't have a ton of addons, but this is the first that seems to make this a requirement. Thanks Ken
  13. tyrodes

    ORBX removing scenery on P3Dv3

    I noticed that It removes OZx NA freeware, which goes very nicely with my purchased PNW region. This was suprising. But, I guess it doesn't matter if its paid for or not - its their decision on how it can be used.
  14. tyrodes

    V3 Developer updated software thread

    In case you didn't know already, Sim Director can now place scenery (library ?) objects and export a corresponding BGL file.