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  1. Has anyone seen an update on this? All the Florida keys are looking a bit poor without the masks and I’ve stayed away from the Bahamas and Cuba since the WU but a “few days” seems to be becoming a few weeks.
  2. Really hope this comes soon to flightsim. The Boeing market desperately needs more aircraft. PMDG have been resting on their laurels for too long and are high on their own supply and we need another Dev to come along like working title have done and show what’s possible.
  3. I think they said virtually all marketplace add ons would be compatible? Maybe not though. Seems like most will but it’s hard to tell tbh. I expect they’re just covering themselves for any issues tbh. To answer the question though, I’d get it now. It’s a great game and tbh I’m not convinced that the new version will be trouble free for the first few months anyway, based on what FS2020 was like at the start. I’ll be keeping both for a while and expect many others will also.
  4. Parts are good, other parts aren’t. Remember it’s the poster you’re quoting that nearly got banned from the PMDG forum for pointing out some of the failings in the 737. I think the PMDG 73 is good and was the bar to achieve but it’s been left behind now by other developers especially on Boeings with the ability to fly RNP ar approaches and rf legs etc. PMDG seem to me, to be a company that made something great in the past and then haven’t improved it and are just focusing on churning out the same old content on each new sim or the developer that did much of it left and they don’t know how to fix all the things that aren’t right that people now are increasingly pointing out. The noise and reaction from PMDG seems to indicate the new 777 will just be a rehash of previous versions and still have the same old LNAV, this might be ok for people who aren’t that bothered by realism or don’t want it for more focused training but it’s a real shame they’ve given up on improving their products and instead are focusing on sales of the same old ones.
  5. Agreed, to me the big difference is that in E racing your ability is actually assessed regularly in the results, so elitism is far less whereas in flightsim elitism is more prevalent due to lack of self awareness and without any actual basis and unfortunately also encourages huge amounts of dunning Kruger. In the same way, that’s way IRL professional flying is often quite different to private flying as your competency is assessed regularly, keeping you grounded, plus your peers and employer will give you feedback if your behaviour and attitude becomes suboptimal. like in flightsim, private pilots can buy there way into the perceived (not real) ‘higher levels’ of the hobby and enthusiasts can massively over estimate their ability often resulting in negative outcomes. The massive focus on fidelity in some (serious) simmers and scorn of others who are less focused than them (gamers) also often possibly indicates various personality disorders. Flightsim elitism reminds me very much of some flying clubs or gliding clubs and golf clubs where people who often have been a bit financially successful think they are also successful in their other hobbies and this often results in elitist attitudes.
  6. Awesome summary lwt1971 I read it all even though I watched the livestream! These dev livestreams are always fascinating. Amazing to see the enthusiasm from everyone involved and working titles involvement increasing. Slightly disappointed to not see any of the upcoming WU CU announcements in the roadmap but still there was loads of other great information in there.
  7. If you look at a map of the Caribbean It’s almost exactly half the Caribbean split at Puerto Rico that’s lost the water masking I wonder if there’s 2 sections Caribbean E and W and something went wrong with Caribbean west. Still from PR east it all looks great. All the POIs and elevation and satellite data is there on both it’s just the watermasking missing.
  8. I don’t know, I don’t think it’s ALL the world watermasking that goes I’ve still seen some outside the region. It does disappear in the Bahamas Cuba Jamaica and possibly the Dom Rep. Outside the WU (but nearby) it also vanishes in the Florida keys and up the E coast. There’s loads of new watermasking in the Eastern part of the Caribbean. so it’s not a total deletion of it. I think it will get fixed soon though? Seems like lots on the official forums are commenting on it.
  9. Barbados looks really great. It’s obviously a bit flat to notice the terrain but the satellite imagery and water-masking is definitely improved. St Lucia also looks fantastic. For Barbados and realism try the RNP 09 inbound from BENUK as the ils has been out for a while. You can get a shortcut to ELIXA or they’ll offer a visual also. It’s pretty busy there at the moment with all the cruise flights still coming in and out.
  10. OVERALL depth perhaps but not in replicating certain types of common approaches using GPS which might be what others like me want the sim for. Don't get me wrong I think the PMDG aircraft are great I love the DC6 but they’re no longer leading innovation and some of their systems replication like LNAV is now old and far behind what others like WT have achieved. This is what seems to upset PMDG and some on here perhaps, people like stearmandriver are asking genuine questions here and on their forum about if this (lack of fidelity in some important areas) is going to continue into the new 777 and the answer unfortunately appears to be yes. If you or anyone else find the PMDG aircraft realistic enough overall for what you want then that’s great. Others are looking for different things though and anyone commenting on this fidelity shouldn’t take away from your enjoyment one bit. It’s just different opinions on the fidelity of an aircraft in the sim and also it’s possibly based on differing wants or needs?
  11. I was responding to the poster threexgreen, who wrote this statement. ”They're the kings of Boeings because there is no one else, no matter the quality.” WT make the B787 which is a common type rating with the B777 for many of us for fly it, or them. I think you might be busy if you quote every post that isn’t directly about the 777 though? I’m only answering his/her question really.
  12. Like I said ”It all depends which aspects of the aircraft you want to be replicated in the most detail” Sure PMDG has far more working switches etc but the lack of fidelity in LNAV for me makes Working title aircraft a more realistic experience and more useful to use for practice in the IRL sim. For what you want the sim for, you obviously find the PMDG more realistic. Each to their own.
  13. You’re not really incorrect, they barred you and then decided they’d made a mistake or it looked bad and undid their mistake/decision. Either way, now you know they don’t like experts and people that fly these aircraft for real, pointing out things that are broken or missing on their aircraft so you’re (or other experts) now less likely to join in or criticise anything they do. Now the PMDG forums are likely even more of an echo chamber and those that run it will become even more high on their own supply.
  14. A lot of the existing water masks in the Caribbean have somehow been removed especially around the Bahamas. Some posters on the forum are saying they’ve noticed other water masks around the world outside the region also vanishing since the WU. Some areas like St Lucia and Barbados look better though and have new water masking. Hopefully it’s just a bug and there’s a fix on the way.
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