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  1. Bernhard777

    Open the FMS-window

    Hello Bryan,that would be wonderful if you could implement such a clickspot. If it only works with the middle mouse button over the PFD it will be ok also ! :(ThanksBernhard
  2. Hello Bryan,I have a request concerning the FMS in the Maddog. It has nothing to do with FS2Crew: When I'm in the VC there is no clickspot to open the FMS in it's own 2D-window (like it is possible in the 2D-cockpit). For me I cannot program the FMS in VC, I need a 2D-window!But I see, that you have made an icon to open your FS2Crew windows when clicking on the PFD. Though, how can I make an icon to open the FMS in a 2-D window, if I click on the FMS in VC? Can you give me any hints..........or can you even program that icon for me/us? I don't think that this is very difficult (if one knows what to do). But it would be very convenient to open the FMS with a mouse-click instead of the shift-8 command.I see no chance to ask these question in the Maddog-forum, coz the Maddog developers are nearly invisible there and surely don't bother about my request.Bernhard
  3. Bernhard777

    SP1 and Blurries: a suggestion

    Hello,I've had also terrible problems with blurries in photo-sceneries. Getting used by FS9 to run those sceneries with unlimited frame-rates I've choosen this also in FSX. And after some minutes, the whole scenery was full of blurries.But by just limiting my frame-rates a bit, after some seconds, voila, all blurries have been gone. :) Bernhard
  4. Bernhard777

    Legacy by Wilco

    Tim, I already tried it 3 times, so no chance at the moment. And coz of weekend, I fear, noone will react at wilco :( This is realy bad for a company who uses download service.About download speed: others reported, that they could it download very fast (< 10 min).So maybe Feelthere should think about another publisher in the future?!Bernhard
  5. Bernhard777

    Legacy by Wilco

    No download possible since hours, allways stops at 30MB. And that with a download-speed of 6 kB/s. ;( And no confirmation-mail from feelthere forum. :( It seems too much people want this bird.Bernhard
  6. Bernhard777

    Still not sure

    Hello,after reading through the manual and hearing all those opinions here, I'm still not sure about buying this product. So I need some more hints from you.Studying the manual it seems to me that this program is a real click-o-mania. There are so much main, secondary buttons, hidden click spots, that I fear, I will be totaly confused when flying the airplane.Is it really fun to fly this airplane with so much more clicking and pressing buttons? It seems that whenever I press a wrong button at the wrong time I have to restart from the very start.Someone said, he needs a special checklist just for managing this program. That's what I thought also after reading the manual.It's said, that one needs 5 attempts to manage a flight without severe faults. But ok......after 8 attempts I will make a perfect flight. But after 1 month of not using the ATR I fear, I have to begin from the very start, coz of forgetting all of those special procedures used here.So is my fear real or will one manage the ATR with fs2crew after some time without any problem?Finally one question: there is no pushback procedure. Will the ATR never be pushbacked in reality?ThanksBernhard Scharbert
  7. Bernhard777


    Hello,Switzerland Pro is really a fantastic scenery. With a fine airport and some good autogen it is a place, where I spend most of my time. Take a look here:'s Lugano airport from cr-software and it's a freeware autogen made by me, special for that part of Switzerland around the airport and for low flying.Bernhard
  8. Bernhard777

    Autogen Trees

    George,I tried it with TreePlanter, but I couldn't see the trees. I know, it is a very easy program and I tried all to see them, but I had no success. I don't know where the fault was. But TreePlanter is not very practibel with photo-scenery, coz you see the result only when restarting FS again. There is no visual editor, like in Annotator or in Lago's FSE.Bernhard
  9. Bernhard777

    Autogen Trees

    Hi,thanks for your answers. Of course it works with other programs, I made it in the meantime with Lago FSE. But I hoped there would be another way, for that I could make it with FS-Autogen. Coz it's very easy to work with Annotator and then I could be sure, that all trees are looking the same way in every season.Bernhard
  10. Hi,at the moment I'm planting some autogen-trees on a photo-scenery with MS Annotator. I want to place them very near to the ends of the runway of an existing MS-standart airport. I can place them left or right the runway without problems, but I cannot place these trees before and after the runway. There is a distance of about 1/2 mile behind or in front of the runway-end, where no trees are visible, although I placed them with annonator at that place. There must be an stadart-exclude for that place. Can I change this exclude by myself, or is that not possible?Thanks.Bernhard Scharbert