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  1. In the folder "aerosoft-airfields-east-frisian-islands\SimObjects\Misc" deactive the folder "Library_SimObjects" by renaming it for example to "_Library_SimObjects" and you have much better fps. Bernhard
  2. Sorry, but I can't understand some people. If people claim here that the Gaya version looks like freeware just because Microsoft gives it to us for free, then they must be crazy. What Gaya has delivered here is absolute payware quality. There is no doubt about that at all. The AFCAD certainly has its flaws, heavy gates are completely missing. I'm sure there will be an update for this. And also the night version could do with a bit more luminosity. But otherwise, there is absolutely nothing to criticise in my opinion. It is clear that Dreamflight delivered an absolute top quality in P3D at the time, which still looks very good today. Especially in view of the favourable update price for P3D users. But they don't come close to the new version of Gaya. If you compare the individual buildings side by side, it quickly becomes clear that Gaya has designed the better scenery. The ground markings are also much more natural and the colours are more restrained. The driveways/bridges behind the main terminal are accurately built and the interiors of the individual terminals are detailed. By the way, the heligrill is completely missing in the Dreamflight version. I want to say it again: please remember that we got Gaya-LSZH for FREE! Bernhard
  3. Ok, I just found a discussion in the simforums of F1. Must really be a problem with the 2004 version of win10.
  4. Hello, is there a solution in the meantime for the slow running GTN trainer 6.62? Coz I have the same problem as Kaan, my trainer is also soooooo slow and sluggish. It is the trainer itself which is so slow - without runnig P3D. Using Trainer V6.2 is ok but not 6.62. Sorry to misuse this thread, I'm a F1 user, but this speed problem here with the trainer is like my problem and F1 has no interest in helping with the trainer. i7-8700K , 16GB , GTX1080Ti, 11GB VRAM, Win10 V2004, P3DV5 Bernhard
  5. For sure it's the best! But as flotmangooner said: absolute no traffic on the apron. SimWings made a very complete traffic on teh apron and on the streets outside the airport. To say that they oimtted it coz of performance reasons is ridiculous, the scenery has a great performance and some driving cars didn't ruin that. Also the ground lacks of a "wet" surface during rain. It looks totally dry when it's raining. So there is still some place for improvement. Apart from that 2 things it's really a wonderful scenery!
  6. Bryan,of course this is no bug. But I would be interested, how someone with normal eyes can use windows7 with a 1920x1200 resolution with fonts in small fontsize (100%)???!!!??Since long times it isn't possible to change every text in windows. Yes, you have the option to change the displays, you can change font size in dialog, in menu, in title. But you cannot change EVERY text size. There are lots of text, which remains in their original font and which are unchangeable.Original windows was developped for resolutions like 640x480, or 800x600. With such resolution there was absolute no problems. But with all those newer and higher resolutions like for example 1920x1200, readability is getting worther and worther, coz you have to handle with tiny textes. Young people may have no problems with that, but older people will suffer more. And the ONLY solution is to change font size to 125 % or higher. This will enhance readability for ALL text in a very easy and comfortable way. But of course, programs must be able to handle that. Fortunatly I have no problems with my programs and there are very very few, which cannot handle it and which cut off text in some frames (like in your main menue).As I said, I have no problems with it, but I hope you can now understand why a normal 100 % fontsize is no option for me.Bernhard
  7. Damien, thanks for your help.But as I said, it has nothing to do with screen resolution.The problem is in the font size. When I use normal font size (100 % standard) than everything is ok, but when I use middle size (125 %) or greater size (150 %) the text is cut off.But it's just a minor bug and don't disturbs me much.Bernhard
  8. Screen resolution is 1920x1200. FSX is in windowed mode.But I don't think that this has something to do with it.Bernhard
  9. I have the same problem. I installed again, but text is still cut off.Could it be, that the problem is the font size? For better readability I'm using middle font size (125 %).Bernhard
  10. I had the same problem. What I did was copying the FSVM.gau from the folder: Microsoft Flight Simulator XFSVideoMarshallerGauge into the folder: Microsoft Flight Simulator XGaugesBernhard
  11. OK, I sorted it out. I made some modifications in my panel.cfg before (installing RealityXP weather gauge and an ACARS) and it seems that FS2Crew-configurator has some problems with that. After some changing of the lines it works now. Also PA-window now closes in the right manner.But but but................I have now problems with the video marshaller. I can open the Video Marshaller panel, but whenever I click on the left scew, nothing happens. Normaly a video panel must open here, showing a marshaller (I'm in windowed mode and pause on task switch is unchecked). Anyone has a clue?Bernhard
  12. Damien, thank you for your answer, but I wrote that i HAVE this entry in my panel.cfg. But it doesn't work !And another problem: if I open the PA panel I cannot close it. When clicking on the top right hand screw It just flickers, but the window stays open. Also a second click on the main panel PA-button doesn't close the PA window.Bernhard
  13. For me the same. Click spot works in 2D panel but not in VC!There is the following entry in the VC section of my panel.cfg://////////////////////////////////////////////////////// VC SECTION 36// Third Party Addon///////////////////////////////////////////////////////[VCockpit36]size_mm=8,8pixel_size=8,8texture=$ThirdPartybackground_color=0,0,0gauge00=FS2Crew2010VersionsPMDG737NGXGaugesFS2CrewNGXVoice!FS2Crew_Icon, 0,0,8,8Is that correct?Bernhard
  14. Try Flight Assistant 2. That's an old, but very neat small programm which transforms your voice commands into keypresses. And with it you can handle RC4 very good. It works in FS9 and in FSX. And the best: it's freeware !!!Bernhard
  15. Hallo,I haven't yet the J41 FS2Crew-version. But I own the Maddog-version of FS2Crew, also a voice-driven application. And although my english is not very good (I'm german) after some short time my voice-recognition is nearly 100 %. I also have a headset, so with a headset you will also have success ! :( Bernhard
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