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  1. dismisses everyone that doesn't think or have the same experience as himself.

  2. But his experience was not 3 mins, was it? You are one of the reasons why Avsim is like it is.
  3. The "solution" is to use xp 11 version of navdata, not 11.50.
  4. what's up with the screenshots here http://www.blackboxsimulation.com/index.php/products/fs2020/cessna-l19/ 🤣 Edit: Screenshots were from p3d at the time I linked.
  5. ignore him everyone, avsim'll be a better place for it

  6. congrats on ignoring everything that was said. Minor issues, right...
  7. Frigging sensitivity menu is missing since the patch, stop being apologists for companies.
  8. https://www.boldmethod.com/learn-to-fly/aerodynamics/why-you-need-right-rudder-on-takeoff-to-stay-on-the-centerline/
  9. I've had so many crashes and had no idea it was because of LNM plugin. Logs kept blaming "XPLM_PLUGIN_XPLANE" and I couldn't find the cause until today by luck the logs did mention LNM was the cause. I wish there was a way to notify users, I do follow the github releases page on my rss but this update wasn't there.
  10. It's clear from SDK and ingame dev mode, you can't have proper biplane. As you can see there is only one wing. I believe there can only be one vstab too.
  11. It needs to be implemented in the sim first. You can turn off AA.
  12. @Nyxx Constructive critism is nit picking for you? And I agree about the rdr clouds, they look fantasic even though It released on a console. And rdr also has cirrus clouds. 🙂
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